What Are the Best K-Pop Songs of 2022?

What Are the Best K-Pop Songs of 2022?

If you do a deep dive into Spotify, you’ll find on your own the most popular K-Pop songs 0f 2022. However, I’d like to share my own personal playlist with you!

Blackpink – Pink Venom

Blackpink – Pink VenomThere’s no denying that the teaser did create a lot of suspense and excitement and the song did fulfill our excitement.

As always, YG put a lot of effort into the quality of the music as well as the set and costumes.

The choreo might be similar to “How You Like That” and “Kill This Love” but “Pink Venom” is one of the best comebacks of the Queens of K-Pop.

The intro, for example, is the best part of the song for me; the classic Korean instrument and the snake-charmer-esque chanting of “blackpink” to accompany the opening scene gave me chills. And, of course, Jennie slayed the walking red carpet and she definitely looked like the Queen of Gucci. The Jenlisa raps along with the powerful beat change transformed the song with a jaw-dropping bang. And, the instrumental on the pre-chorus part is like cherry on the cake and as usual, the vocals were just great. I really loved the “I bring the pain like” part and the way it transitions to the chorus – perfecto!

And, what can I say about the now-insanely-famous chorus; everyone thought that they’d go with a loud chorus but this time they went with something totally unexpected and different. The lyrics might not make any sense yet they are catchy and addictive. The chorus sung in a less high-pitched tone has made the song darker and more compelling.

Psy & feat Suga of BTS – That That

Psy & feat Suga of BTS – That ThatThis song is definitely a huge Bop and the best collab in the K-Pop industry; in fact, it’s way better than what I thought. Even on the first listen, you won’t be able to resist and you’ll just sing and dance along. This is the kind of carefree song that you can just jam to whenever you want to and trust me, you’ll find it hard not to like this song.

The MV is so enjoyable to watch and Psy looks really happy and excited that he’s able to go out in the streets and crowds and sing again instead of being confined to home. And, when Yoongi dropped in with his powerhouse rap, I was completely stunned and couldn’t keep my eyes off him.

In my opinion, this is the best MV of the year; you cannot sit still while watching it and the addictive line” can you feel it” is dangerously infectious. Plus, Yoongi’s cowboy look is definitely going down in history

BTS – Yet To ComeBTS – Yet To Come

Compared to their recent releases like “Butter” and “Permission to Dance,” “Yet To Come” is extremely minimalist, with a lot of blue skies, flowers, an amusement ride and a school bus. And, if you are an Army, you’d know that the simplicity was done on purpose and that many of the props are references to earlier MVs.

In general, this song represents a new beginning and at the same time conveys a message that says that even with all the fame and publicity, the Bangtan boys haven’t changed; they are still the young and energetic boys who love music.

Itzy –Sneakers

Itzy –SneakersWith the “Not Shy” album, a lot of people said that Itzy fell off, but I think “Sneakers” is going to get the girl group back on track. To me, it has the same addictive vibe like their old songs (Dally, Icy, Wannabe). The concept is cute and funky and even if the lyrics aren’t that great, the music video makes up for it.

Girls Generation – Forever 1

Girls Generation – Forever 115 years later and their moves are still as sharp and enthusiastic as ever!

“Forever 1” is a beautiful song that depicts the journey of the nation’s girl group and what now awaits them in the future. Personally, it also feels like a goodbye song to sones.

This song is like a perfect mix of a nostalgic K-Pop song and you can hear their emotions behind the lyrics.

Forever it’s Girls Generation!



K-Pop: A Korean Art That Influences The World

K-pop, for Korean pop, is a name that designates different musical genres, including dance-pop and pop ballads. This culture originated in South Korea. It includes not only pop but also rock, R&B, hip-hop, and also rap. K-pop is a way to keep Korea’s economy going and also to spread an idealized image of the country on a very large scale. From now on, it will be one of the main weapons for the Korean soft power. Discover in this article the details of this Korean culture. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about K-pop.

What is the history of K-pop?


When we talk about K-pop, we always tend to mention Hallyu, an event to which the history of this musical culture is attached. In 1997, following a financial crisis in Asian countries of which Korea was the great victim, K-pop experienced a great evolution. It first appeared in China before spreading to Asia and then to the whole world. This signified the popularity and success of South Korea’s media content.

It was brought to the fore by young people from the new middle class. This was the time when the democratization movement in Asia began, and it was also the period of the Korean revolution when the industrial society was transformed into a consumer society. During this remarkable period in Korea’s history, from 1998 to 2003, culture was considered an export product. As a result, the budget for it increased significantly.

Thus, it was an excellent opportunity for these young people to put forward their musical works. Today, several groups have been formed. In 2017, about 73 million people joined K-pop clubs. Currently, the K-pop industry is managed by the Korean Big Three, including JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and SM Entertainment. Modern K-pop is led by popular groups, Seo Taji and The Boys in 1992, H.O.T in 1996, and S.E.S in 1997.

How is K-pop in the world?

Korean music culture, or K-pop, is constantly growing in all Asian countries. It is also the kind of music that has gained a large audience in the world. K-pop has become a transnational phenomenon. This is because it was born in the beginning from the influence of American music, which is R&B, hip-hop, and electro.

But these music genres have adopted Korean characteristics. Nowadays, K-pop is very popular, even in remote areas. Its success came with the famous notion of girl bands and boy bands, to which is added the evolution of social networks and the web, allowing to set up a well-structured network of fans. If you ever come to visit Korea, don’t miss a K-pop show to make your vacation unforgettable.

What is the concept of K-pop?


Although the number of K-pop idols is constantly increasing, there are certain criteria that must be respected. K-pop is particularly designed for an audience that is interested in the smallest gestures of the artists. Indeed, it is a universe where each element forming it is codified and well thought out.

Generally, it is often organized in groups composed of girls or boys in slightly extravagant outfits, where each member has a particular role as a dancer, rapper, leader, or lyricist. The song’s lyrics must be in Korean with a few words in English to catch the ears of foreigners. They are often about love, break-up, friendship, etc. Sometimes, some social codes are denounced through K-pop.

Convergence strategy

To keep up with the Chinese and Japanese, the small country of South Korea (population 51 million) adopted a kind of convergence strategy before its time, similar to that of Quebecor: the government invested heavily in high-speed Internet to become the most connected country in the world. Public funds have supported the creation of recording studios and performance venues. The government provides $500 million yearly to the Ministry of Culture to stimulate exports.

The government has also created a $1 billion public-private partnership to fund the production of popular culture. Of course, all these artists sing, dance, and act in Korean-language TV series. And the audience follows their exploits on a flat screen “made in Korea” by Samsung or LG. The multiplication of bandwidth all over the world a decade ago has spread K-pop like wildfire. Artists like BTS, K.A.R.D, or Girls Generation are known first and foremost on YouTube.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about K-pop.


Should Children Be Introduced to Music?

Believe it or not, music can be a hobby, from listening to them playing an instrument or singing. But it is the simplest hobby out there; if you are only listening to it, you have to sit back, relax, and it to your favorite artist and listen to them. Listening to Music as a hobby can be as simple as that, but you can also take it a step further by analyzing said lyrics or music videos, leading to a future career path as a music critic.

Playing an instrument can also be a great add-on to your college resume and make you a more viable option to be chosen as one of the few students in a high-ranking college. Introducing a child to music at an early age is very beneficial. You don’t need complicated equipment or special skills to do this. Discover in this article the benefits of music for a child.

Music is a way to communicate love


A song or dance with your child will allow you to convey your love and affection. It is an excellent way to create a positive bond with your child. In the same situation, when you make music for your little one, it’s a great way to create a bond.

Music enhances children’s ability to learn

Musical activities (e.g., banging rhythms on a drum, listening to different music, etc.) stimulate the brain. They practice memory skills, attention, thought organization, and control of certain behaviors. If you want to ensure your children’s future, trust AcadémieLax.

Songs and rhymes improve language.

The words and lyrics heard in songs help your child build vocabulary. Hearing artists sing them to make sounds, say words, and form sentences. Also, your toddler will gradually learn that words are made up of syllables and sounds through songs and rhymes, which will help him later when he knows to read and write.

Music brings out the creativity

When your child reacts automatically to music or the discovery of the sound of an instrument, it encourages artistic expression. A child develops their imagination by making up song lyrics or gestures.

Develops his musical sense


Exposure to various musical styles (pop-rock, jazz, RnB, classical, etc.) enhances a child’s sense of music and musical taste.

Improves social life

Being in contact with other children allows your little one’s social development, such as sharing instruments, following rules, etc. No matter how old your child is, try to get them into training to build their brain.

Music teaches emotional management

Singing and making music promote the production of hormones associated with pleasure, well-being, and confidence. Music helps children calm down and manage their emotions. When premature babies are sung to, their heart rate stabilizes, and their breathing is calmer. The best ways to introduce your child to music

Take advantage of small, pleasant family moments such as diaper changes, bath time, putting toys away, and bedtime routines to sing to your child. Introduce your child to favorite childhood songs such as “Can You Plant Cabbage”.

Playfully transform songs and rhymes

Teach your child to pay attention to sounds when listening to music. For example, when they hear a song, ask them what they hear and what the music makes them think of. This will develop their auditory memory. For example, use a mouse or giant voice by clapping your hands and changing the words.

Give preference to real musical instruments


Piano, xylophone, tambourine, etc… These instruments produce better quality sound. If the child does not practice music very early, nothing is lost. It is not the same as learning a foreign language, where it becomes complicated with age, but music, the more you listen, the easier it is.

You can, for example, develop music workshops in kindergarten to allow children to define their intelligence in this area. Thus, it is important to follow the child so that they can blossom through music. Looking after the well-being of your child is an important task for parents. You must always be close to your child.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about music.


The Perfect Hobby: Listening and playing to Music

Believe it or not, music can be a hobby, from listening to them playing an instrument or singing. But it is the simplest hobby out there; if you are only listening to it, you just have to sit back, relax, and it on your favorite artist and listen to them.

Listening to Music as a hobby can be as simple as that, but you can also take it a step further by analyzing said lyrics or music videos, which can lead to a future career path as a music critic. Playing an instrument can also be a great add-on to your college resume and make you a more viable option to be chosen as one of the few students in a high-ranking college.

Music is a good stress reliever.


The key to happiness lies in the balance between stress and relaxation, which applies to the body and soul. Studies have shown that hobbies bring about this ideal balance in someone’s life. It doesn’t matter if these hobbies are creative, physically demanding, or intellectually challenging: the essential elements of hobbies are that they should be fun. What can make the hobby even more satisfying? For once, doing something that you like or always wanted to do is a must, and for me, music is at the top of the list when it comes to making free time meaningful and satisfying.


Brain researchers, neurologists, psychologists, and other scientists are becoming increasingly interested in the musical phenomenon and how music can affect our mood and boost our serotonin levels. Studies have shown a lot about the positive influence of music, not only party music or metal riffs, but also more melancholic songs. Personally, my favorite genre of music is old and depressing songs. Studies show that balancing your hobbies and practicing your passion can alleviate or even cure specific ailments and diseases.

It’s no surprise that music therapy is becoming a more common field of study in universities. So, run yourself a hot bath, light up your favorite candle, pour yourself a glass of wine, and put on your favorite album of the moment and relax because you deserve it. Even though I sound like a screeching car, I still sing along with my favorite artists.

It helps us express our inner and unspoken feelings.


Getting your emotion across is not difficult for some, but it is nearly impossible for many without the proper tools. An instrument or voice is a good way to evoke what is bothering us, torturing us, making us excited, etc. Sometimes a melody can be even more evocative or compelling than using words.

Let’s talk Eddy de Pretto, for example. He is my favorite French singer. He always said that Music was the easiest way for him to express his inner feelings and talk about everything from drug use to white privilege his queerness. Sometimes one note at the right time is enough to evoke an emotion and everyone connects. In this way, the instrument can be the perfect “emotional mediator” between the artist and the audience.


After the Manchester attack, which took place after Ariana Grande’s concert, she put up a show where a group of singers came together to commemorate the life of the people that died on that day. It was a way for her and her fans to process what happened and was a way to show how Music was a way for us to express ourselves. More intensely than in literature, for example, musicians use their own personal thoughts in their songs. The meaning of the lyrics can be emphasized by a particular phrasing, rhythm, intensity, or scale. A melody can draw the listener into a deeper story than just what the text states.

It allows us to grieve.


More intensely than in literature, for example, musicians use their own personal thoughts in their songs. The meaning of the lyrics can be emphasized by a particular phrasing, rhythm, intensity, or scale. A melody can draw the listener into a deeper story than just what the text states. Lyrics or recordings preserve a composition for eternity and ensure that the state of a particular moment can always be recovered, both for the performer and the audience.

One of my favorite singer, Adele’s latest album 30, is a nod to this and how one deal with grief, and she said in interviews that this album was a way for her to climb back the hill and get over her recent or not so recent divorce. Do yourself a favor and stream it on Spotify now.

For all your vocal coaching needs and instrument lessons, call Rakoon Sound Studios. With decades of experience in this industry, they will help you bring out your inner artist. So, why wait? Call them now and book your next lesson.

BTS “Smooth Like Butter” Habits

BTS “Smooth Like Butter” Habits

Are they “smooth like butter?” Oh. Of course!

Are they “hot like summer, making you sweat like that?” I’d say beyond the shadow of a doubt (Oh, can someone please turn up the AC?)

Do they have that “superstar glow?” They are everlastingly incandescent!

And, finally, do you think they are “Hotter? Sweeter? Cooler? Butter?” Not hundred times. But thousand times, yes, they are absolutely!

But, what really tears at our heartstrings is their adorable and sometimes weird habits.

So, let’s start with the world’s best leader:

#1. Kim Nam-Joon

Kim Nam-Joon

The Earth-Quack Snoring

Apparently, RM snores when he sleeps. But, that’s not all. It seems like every once in a while the members can get surprised by the loud noise. The first time the young members heard his snoring, they thought a “tank” was passing by.

However, recently, it was reported that Namjoon had a corrective surgery for sleep apnea and since then, no one really mentioned his snoring habit.

Covering His Face

Warning! Dangerous, really dangerous stuff ahead!

Who said Namjoon is not good at aegyo?

Well, I’d say his hiding is even cuter.

And, he doesn’t cover his face only after doing aegyo, but also when he is embarrassed.

Aww…what a cutiepie he is!

Namjoon and Knife

The precious leader of BTS can be sometimes quite…clumsy.

To be honest, I was laughing my ass off when he confessed how the members always tell him not to drive or cook for the sake of world peace.

Indeed, when RM is holding a knife, his IQ, I don’t know why, seems to be a bit lower.

I guess you would truly understand why the members always warn him not to cook if you watched the live broadcast where you can see Jin’s quick and adorable response when RM was holding the knife upside down.

But, no worries. When he puts the knife down, RM is back to his true self.

When He Transforms Into a Bunny

What do you do when you are filled with excitement?

Don’t know for you, but RM bounces and bounces…just like a bunny.

Hop, hop, there goes BTS’s leader.

#2. Kim Seok-Jin

Kim Seok-Jin

Now, let’s move over to our princess. Oops, I meant prince.

Blinking Habit

Any BLINKS out here?

No, it’s not just you. The worldwide handsome does blink a lot…too often.

He did mention a few times why he does that.

I think he said once how the eye contacts are not comfortable at all and bother him so much. Maybe he also said (if I’m not wrong) he winks when he is nervous.

Why doesn’t he simply wear glasses?

Simple: He feels insecure wearing them. Not that he looks ugly with them. Instead, I’d say every time he fixes his glass by twirling his writs, it touches a chord in my heart.

Taking Huge Bites When He Eats

We are all aware of how handsome this fellow is.

But, have you ever noticed how cute and attractive he becomes when he is on “eating” mode?

The star has a habit of always taking gigantic bites out of his food. And, when I said gigantic, I meant it.

He is not among those who bother cutting their steaks into small, bite-sized pieces. No sir. He will just chomp it down.

No matter how merciless this food vacuum machine might seem, his unusual eating habit is actually interesting and adorable. I’ll even say that he’ll make anything looks delicious and anyone hungry, especially with his cute puffed cheeks packed with supersized bites.

Plushies Are His Companions

One thing that fans have noticed is how he is always carrying plushies with him. He was even caught with one while being on his way to the airport.

A certified cutie, isn’t he?

If reading these quirky habits awakened that rising flame of love for BTS, you definitely need to come back for the second part. And, you know who’s next on my list: none other than our swag boy and sunshine hope.

It Must Be Party Time- K-Pop Songs You Need at Every Party

A party is all about fun. Your guests will remember the great ambiance, the bright decorations and the yummy food, but above all, what really makes a party successful is the music.

No party is complete without some ground-breaking music. But, rather than going for the typical Hollywood songs, why don’t you try some nice K-Pop songs that will make your guests groove till next morning.

#1. Fantastic Baby – BIGBANG

Big Bang - Fantastic Baby (Fanart) | Big Bang - Fantastic Ba… | Flickr

Trends come and go pretty quickly in the music industry, especially in the K-Pop world. However, we cannot deny the long-lasting power of “Wow, fantastic baby.”

This South Korean song grabbed international attention for some reason. It is not only that dynamic and boisterous music that can make us lose all of our sanity, but rather it’s that stimulating visual feast, portrayed in the form of rebellion. In a black and white suit and sitting on a stone throne, G-Dragon represents Lucifer, while Taeyang in his fluffy jacket and animalistic positions symbolize raw power and the human beast. But, what’s more, incredible is the liberation bash at the end of the video, where all the members come together as crowned kings upon thrones.

Trust me, if you don’t dance to the memorable catchphrases such as “boom shakalaka” and “I wanna dance, dance, dance,da-dance”, you can change my name.

#2. Butter – BTS

BTS Tease New Ed Sheeran-Penned Single 'Permission to Dance' - Rolling Stone

Smooth like butter, the new exhilarating BTS song took the K-Pop world and the music industry to a new creative flair. As the number one song in the U.S, the Bangtan Boys are once again dominating the whole world with their smash-hit single.

I will be honest, their pop music and their lyrics are so addictive that you will keep listening to the song over and over again (and even then, you won’t have enough of it).

With their charming and charismatic looks, they have already made us fall head over heels in love with them. But, now it seems that we can’t just stop side-stepping, right, left to their beat

#3. I Am the Best – 2NE1

File:2NE1 34th & 35th Cyworld Digital Music Awards.png - Wikimedia Commons

First off, for those of you who haven’t yet see the epic MV, just go watch it.

As powerful as any boy K-Pop group, 2NE1 is a South Korean girl group founded by YG Entertainment and consists of four members: Bom, CL, Dara and Minzy. These are the names who didn’t only revolutionize the K-Pop industry but also the fashion world. With their freaking amazing musical styles and their energetic live performances, this girl group has grabbed the attention of many, many international fans, including the famous Hollywood star Emma Stone. Yes, I am referring to the La La Land star. And, it’s not surprising for her to be a huge fan of 2NE1 as this group indeed deserves such attention.

If you are looking for an electronic and powerful hip-hop song to bring life to your party, you need this empowerment anthem that revolves around self-confidence and dominance.

#4. Boombayah – BLACKPINK

Which BLACKPINK Song Is Featured in Netflix's 'To All the Boys I've Loved  Before'

Blackpink is the revolution.

If you want to make your party vibrate with awesome and spicy songs, “Boombayah” is what you need.

Breaking over 1.2 billion views on YouTube, this irresistible song features four gorgeous and tempting goddesses of modern Korean beauty. With their pulsating beats and elements of rap and techno, they can add a unique flavor to the mood of your party.

#5. Fancy – Twice

File:Twice performing at SAC 2016 01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Usually, for a party, I wouldn’t have recommended Twice as it is a South Korean girl group from JYP Entertainment, which is more on the girly-girly side. With their “shy shy” and “cheer up baby” demeanor, their songs are more suited for a princess-themed costume parties (by now, you must have guessed the concepts behind their songs).

However, “Fancy” is a song where for the first time, the group explored another girl crush concept which is more dark, sexy and tempting. With their addictive chocolate-ice-cream lyrics and their provocative dance movies, Twice took their music concept to another level.


Don’t trust me on how good these songs are for a party? Put at least one of them on during your party and tell me if your guests don’t remove their heels to dance barefoot.








K-Pop Idols With Weird Habits

Whether you are a fan of the worldwide-famous BTS or the dashing Ateez, did you know that fans share one common thing with K-pop idols? That’s called weird habits.

BTS Members

Jungkook's Tough Water Shot for ON MV | Bangtan Bomb "BTS" -Superstars of today and music leaders of tomorrow, BTS is definitely conquering the world with their dynamic music, sensational songs and ground-breaking choreography. However, as they keep performing on stage and sharing live videos, there are some of their uncommon habits that didn’t go unnoticed by Army. And, as usual, on-stage mistakes or weird habits, they are all loved by fans. 

Kim Nam-joon (RM):

Starting with the leader of the group, Kim Nam-Joon, or most commonly RM, has a habit of raising his eyebrow, poking his cheek with his tongue and protruding his chin a little bit, all at the same time, in certain circumstances. Unconsciously or not, these are some of his critical habits for which he is known (especially that “eyebrow thing”).


Considered as the tsundere type (any anime lovers here?) of the group, Suga tends to express and communicate his love and affection more with actions (which are also sometimes rare) and less with words. And, this is where his habit comes into the picture: holding or wanting to hold his members’ hands.


Guess the habit of Mr. World Wide Handsome?

Due to his regular habit of winking at fans (on or off stage), Jin was given the name of “Wink Master” by fans.


I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope.”

Oh, sorry, that was more than me. I couldn’t stop myself from putting this quote out here, tee-hee!

The unusual habit of J-Hope includes patting himself while he sleeps. And, there’s no better demonstration than that of V.


The sexiest member of the group does not only have the habit of kicking and screaming in his sleep but also, ordering the other members.

That’s our Tae Tae.


The golden maknae does not have one but two, I won’t say weird but rather cute habits.

Ever since he was a wee little baby, Jungkook has an adorably sweet way of drinking water. He would wrap his lips around the bottle, as if he’s sucking on a pacifier. Fans have noticed his cute and childlike habit of drinking water and some even follow the evolution of his habit.

The all-around skilled performer has another habit of making blank or shocked faces, which is he is often called “blank prince.”


I don’t know if it’s weird or dangerously sexy, but Chimchim has a habit of running his fingers through his hair. When? Anytime possible, but whenever he does that, you can’t stop yourself falling for him, especially during the Fake Love and Mic Drop era (honestly, he killed me in those eras).


Blackpink: What You Need to Know | PEOPLE.com

Many Blinks found it extremely cute when the Blackpink member confessed in “Knowing Bros” that she had an old habit of placing things on her head. It might sound surprising that the frail-looking star can walk straight with a water bottle, cup and fruit on her head.

Hani – EXID

P1360168 | 14.02.14 (MangoSix Cafe) 망고식스 신림점 일일카페 EXID | EXID Hani | Flickr

You know what people always say how girls should sit. And, Exid is a girl K-pop group filled with classy ladies. Well, except for one, I guess.

Popular in the whole of South Korea due to her “Up and Down” fancam (which went viral and exceeded over 20 million views on YouTube), Hani has, unfortunately, a terrible habit of sitting with her legs wide open. And, in South Korea, this is considered as a pretty impolite stature (especially for girls) and is associated with old men/ajussis. Even though we may often find it cute, she is always scolded by the other members.


IMG_3073 | Subido por D.O. - Two Moons EXO Argentina | D.O. Argentina | Flickr

Did you know that Satansoo (yes, he was actually nicknamed as such due to his deathly and don’t-mess-with-me stare) has a habit of holding his nose while laughing? Well, maybe it was an ancient habit of his past life as the Crown prince Lee Yul.

We’ve all got at least one weird habit, whether it’s biting nails, grinding our teeth or playing with our hair. But, what’s really great to know is that your favorite K-pop idol might have one like you too.

Welcome to the K-Pop World – Best K-Pop Songs for Beginners

Honestly, let’s all face it. No matter how much you try, today, you will hear some K-pop song being played somewhere. There will be a K-pop fan somewhere. It might be your friend, cousin, beloved or even your parent. In other words, there’s no escaping from the K-pop world.

So, whether you are a new K-pop fan or just a friend trying to convince your friend that K-pop is the reason why you live, here are songs that any beginner should try.

#1. Blood, Sweat & Tears – BTS

BTS IPO: BHE struck the wrong note with its K-pop IPO | Fortune

To be honest with you, I was not even going to mention BTS. And, before you start cursing and swearing at me, let me tell you that’s because they have so many, so many great songs (actually great is an understatement) that I don’t even know which one to mention.

Written by “Hitman” Bang, Kim Do-hoon, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Pdogg, this song is a very special one for both BTS and Army (their fandom) as this is what made them climb up the music hierarchy.

When this song was released in 2016, they did not only reach number 26 on the Billboard 200 chart and won a Bonsang (some sort of excellence award) at the Golden Disk Awards, but they also won a Billboard Music Award the following year for the top social artist, which marked the first step of K-pop in the world.

Blood, Sweat & Tears has everything that makes a BTS song ground-breaking: sensational lyrics, bootylicious dance moves and stunning concept as always. And, if this song doesn’t make you want to listen to it over and over again, well, I will change my name then.

#2. Fantastic Baby – BIGBANG

File:Big Bang Lollipop 2 CF.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsBigbang is not any K-pop group. Debuted in 2006, this boy band dominated the K-pop world with its dynamic songs, energetic music and without forgetting the striking looks. But, Bigbang brought more than their good looks and music to the music world in South Korea.

Apparently, Bigbang is the first-ever group to write and produce their own music. They are also the first K-pop group who created the concept of colorful hairstyles. And, I have to give that honor to G-Dragon, who started this trend, when he colored his hair pink, blue, neon green, orange.

Without a doubt, I can tell you that it’s like a real feast to listen to their songs. But, trust me, out of all, Fantastic Baby is sure to make you dance, dance and dance.

#3. Playing With Fire – BLACKPINK

Blackpink release new music on The Album, next single Lovesick Girls | EW.com

Blackpink in your area…”

Come on, who doesn’t like some hot bad-girl songs?

Blackpink is a girl K-pop group that can make you easily addicted to it (whether you are a boy or girl). And, if you are a fan of explosive, energetic and empowering music, well, sorry, my friend, but by the end of the song, you will be more than obsessed with the four reigning queens of K-pop (and there you will start stalking them on social media – that’s a bet).

From the catchy opening music to the last dancing steps, you will be completely hooked (like a drug addict on cocaine).

#4. As If It’s Your Last – BLACKPINK

Here's How the BLACKPINK Members Supported Rosé Ahead of Her Solo Debut

This one song is too great that I don’t have any option other than to mention it (or, maybe simply cause I’m pretty addicted to it).

The pretty hot girls are back with another incredible song and this time they are a hundred times more tempting and irresistible than before (especially Jennie in her short, seducing dress and with a sweet ice cream).

This time their song will not encourage you to play with fire (or trouble) but rather to be more open, send flirty texts, enjoy your love life and, in short live your life to the fullest.

#5. Cheer Up – TWICE

Why is 'Protect Nayeon' trending? Fans seek protection for Twice member after 'stalker' issues death threats | MEAWW

I am sure you must have heard of BTS and BLACKPINK. But what about TWICE?

For those who don’t know, Twice is another amazing girl K-pop group. And, prepare yourself as this time, there are not four, but rather nine gorgeous girls with innocent-looking faces.

If you are looking for a more cute or girl crush type of music, you need to give this song a try. And, even when you are feeling down, you can trust Sana’ s Shy-Shy to lift up your spirits.

The list is not completed yet and there are many, many more. But, I guess for today, that will be enough. So, until then, I just hope you can fall in love with these songs.

Why We Love BTS More and More?

If I say I love BTS, it will still be an understatement. BTS is the beat of my heart, the breath in my body and the light in my soul. And, no, I am not exaggerating and here are some reasons why I stan BTS.

#1. BTS Is a Powerhouse of Talent

BTS Drop One-Minute Teaser for 'Break the Silence' Film: Watch - Rolling  Stone

Many are fans of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift. Why? Because they are great singers. Others are fans of Eminem, Drake or Kanye West. Why? Because they are very good rappers. All of these stars are famous because of their specific talents.

However, when it comes to BTS, we cannot deny the fact that they are men of many talents. They can sing, dance and rap. They are like a three-in-one package (that too an incredible package).

But, apart from their singing, rapping and dancing skills, did you know that the Bangtan Boys can be very good actors too? The proof: V (the hottest member, by the way) played the role of a bright and innocent boy in a k-drama called Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. And, honestly, both his character and his acting skills displayed his hidden talent. Plus, the “world wide handsome” member is an acting major.

#2. They Are Very Humble Boys

BTS Reveals How They Help Their Parents Financially

It is no surprise that with their global success, BTS is earning a lot of money from different sources. However, it is undeniably true that when people start to gain both fame and money, they start to ignore or disrespect their fans and show their ingratitude. For example, fans tend to pay good money to see their celebrities perform. But, honestly, you tell me, isn’t it true that many celebrities have kept fans waiting for really long period of time before performing or some have even walked off the stage during their concerts. And, how can I not mention how in November 2016, Justin Bieber went to the extent of punching one of his devoted fans.

However, with BTS, you may rest assured as the Bangtan Boys will never be rude or arrogant with their fans. And, what’s more, surprising is that, even after earning so much money, they are still working their butts off as if now they are starting from scratch.

#3. Every Performance Is Electric

Here's How to Watch BTS' 2021 Grammy Performance After It Airs

Listening to a BTS song on Spotify is already spine-tingling. Now, imagine watching their live performance.

The dance choreography of BTS is so energetic, powerful and amazing that it will leave you completely dumbfounded and wanting for so much more. Believe me, once they start moving and shaking, you won’t be able to remove your eyes from them. And, their ground-breaking dance moves are not only limited to snappy and dynamic songs such as FireOn or Boy in Luv but also for mellow songs such as Spring Day, Let Go, Butterfly and Black Swan. 

#4. Their Good Looks Can Turn Heads

How many tattoos do all of BTS's members have? – Film Daily

BTS members are not only known for their outstanding music and back-breaking dance choreographies but also for their good looks. Thanks to them, trends such as the Orange Suit Guy, White Suit, Black Hair Guy have conquered and ruled over Twitter.

And, let’s not forget Kim Taehyung, the band’s most drool-worthy member, who won the title of the “world’s most handsome man.” Yes, world’s most handsome man. And, honestly, with those elegant and stunning looks, smart outfits and cool attitude, he indeed deserves this title.

#5. BTS Is a Family

File:BTS win first Daesang (Grand Prize) at Melon Music Awards, 19 November  2016 02.png - Wikimedia Commons

Forget their on-screen camera moments and focus on their special off-screen bonding and you will see that BTS is much more than just a successful boy band. You will not only see how supportive they can be for each other, but there is also that love and caring factor (more like that bromance element). They consider themselves as members of a huge family and this family does not consist of only seven members. There are more….

#6. Army Is Part of That Family

How K-pop fans became celebrated online vigilantes | MIT Technology Review

BTS members have acknowledged several times that they are much more than seven artists and the success they have achieved is all due to their countless fans. There has not been one award show or interview where they have not mentioned the endless love and support of their great and powerful fandom. They always try to reciprocate that love and dedicate songs to their fans.

I don’t know what will happen in the future. Whether the members will continue to create magic with their music even after coming back from the military or they will disband. But, either way, we will never be able to forget BTS. 


Why We Love BTS?

Aaaah! – I can’t believe I am finally going to write on BTS.

BTS. The epic BTS. The heart-captivating K-pop group. The singers of the century. The drool-worthy members. The swag-wielding hip-hop role models. The wonderful source of inspiration. The powerhouse of talent. The sexy dancers. Ok, ok, I know I should stop now.

But, well indeed, BTS is smooth like butter and with their music, voice, dance and of course, their good looks and superstar glow, they can definitely melt our hearts into two. 

#1. They Are History Makers

BTS built an army. Now, they might get to defer military service | Fortune


Wone mani mani, mani mani

Wae nae mameul heundeuneun geonde

These are Korean words that maybe most people in the world wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for BTS. During these recent years, people have become more familiar not only with the Korean language but also with its culture, food, dressing code and so on. And, all that because of K-pop, yes, but mostly thanks to BTS.

We have to admit that BTS did not sweep only the world of music but also the whole globe with their unprecedented influence. When you think back to where they were and now, where they have reached, all I can is that they are the epitome of success.

Now, they have earned so many awards and broken so many records (too many that I can’t even count) that I don’t think I will be able to mention all of them. But still, here is a few of them:

  • BTS is the first group in Billboard history to spend five weeks at number one on the Billboard Artist 100 Chart.


  • They broke the Guinness World Records, including ‘Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours.’


  • As per Billboard, their album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’, which is sung in Korean, became “the first primarily foreign-language No one album in over 12 years.”


  • And, we can’t forget that amazing year (that is 2018) when the boys won a Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist, beating huge names like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez. They were actually the first K-Pop group to even win a Billboard Music Award.



  • And, when it comes to social media, you can say that they countless records on Spotify, YouTube, and Twitter in the blink of an eye (yeah, that quick).

And, now I am sure with their new song, “Butter”, they will set new groundbreaking records.

#2. They Are Part-Time Comedians

What happened with Mi Barrio and BTS? Parody backlash explained!Guys, seriously, if you are feeling down or you want a nice, solid laugh, you need to watch Run BTS or BTS: Bon Voyage, two awesome Korean variety shows based on BTS and I promise you will laugh till your stomach hurts (and even then you won’t stop laughing).

So, where do I start?

Well, let’s begin with the “World Wide Handsome” one!

  • Remember the time when Jin was rating all the members’ looks (and of course he rated himself as the most “handsome”) and literally sounded like a real-life Jenna Maroney.


  • Or, the time when he tried to came up with creative excuses to drink alcohol while live streaming. “Drinking alcoholic beverages to disinfect my throat.” I mean, come on!


  • And, of course, we can’t forget the time when he actually blew kisses to the backup dancer and the poor guys had to fake falling down.

But, wait, the entertainment does not stop only with Jin.

  • We all remember that famous Whisper Challenge game, don’t we? Well, who can forget Jimin’s “Lachimolala” and “Tony Montana” from the word “Carbonara?”


  • And, what can we say when an obstacle course at a water park turned into wall-to-wall slapstick comedy?


  • And, remember Jungkook’s “cool” look with that sexy leather jacket on a live stream? Well, if you watched the full episode, I am sure you already died then when he revealed he was actually wearing pajama bottoms.


  • Leave it to YoonJin for winning the excellent comedy award for that epic camera pose failure.


  • How can I not mention V’ s famous “sexy porn star” instead of “saxophone star” mistake?


Well, folks, all that BTS talk will make me insane if I don’t stop (not that I was completely sane before). But, please don’t forget to come back for the second part.