Why We Love BTS?

Aaaah! – I can’t believe I am finally going to write on BTS.

BTS. The epic BTS. The heart-captivating K-pop group. The singers of the century. The drool-worthy members. The swag-wielding hip-hop role models. The wonderful source of inspiration. The powerhouse of talent. The sexy dancers. Ok, ok, I know I should stop now.

But, well indeed, BTS is smooth like butter and with their music, voice, dance and of course, their good looks and superstar glow, they can definitely melt our hearts into two. 

#1. They Are History Makers

BTS built an army. Now, they might get to defer military service | Fortune


Wone mani mani, mani mani

Wae nae mameul heundeuneun geonde

These are Korean words that maybe most people in the world wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for BTS. During these recent years, people have become more familiar not only with the Korean language but also with its culture, food, dressing code and so on. And, all that because of K-pop, yes, but mostly thanks to BTS.

We have to admit that BTS did not sweep only the world of music but also the whole globe with their unprecedented influence. When you think back to where they were and now, where they have reached, all I can is that they are the epitome of success.

Now, they have earned so many awards and broken so many records (too many that I can’t even count) that I don’t think I will be able to mention all of them. But still, here is a few of them:

  • BTS is the first group in Billboard history to spend five weeks at number one on the Billboard Artist 100 Chart.


  • They broke the Guinness World Records, including ‘Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours.’


  • As per Billboard, their album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’, which is sung in Korean, became “the first primarily foreign-language No one album in over 12 years.”


  • And, we can’t forget that amazing year (that is 2018) when the boys won a Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist, beating huge names like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez. They were actually the first K-Pop group to even win a Billboard Music Award.



  • And, when it comes to social media, you can say that they countless records on Spotify, YouTube, and Twitter in the blink of an eye (yeah, that quick).

And, now I am sure with their new song, “Butter”, they will set new groundbreaking records.

#2. They Are Part-Time Comedians

What happened with Mi Barrio and BTS? Parody backlash explained!Guys, seriously, if you are feeling down or you want a nice, solid laugh, you need to watch Run BTS or BTS: Bon Voyage, two awesome Korean variety shows based on BTS and I promise you will laugh till your stomach hurts (and even then you won’t stop laughing).

So, where do I start?

Well, let’s begin with the “World Wide Handsome” one!

  • Remember the time when Jin was rating all the members’ looks (and of course he rated himself as the most “handsome”) and literally sounded like a real-life Jenna Maroney.


  • Or, the time when he tried to came up with creative excuses to drink alcohol while live streaming. “Drinking alcoholic beverages to disinfect my throat.” I mean, come on!


  • And, of course, we can’t forget the time when he actually blew kisses to the backup dancer and the poor guys had to fake falling down.

But, wait, the entertainment does not stop only with Jin.

  • We all remember that famous Whisper Challenge game, don’t we? Well, who can forget Jimin’s “Lachimolala” and “Tony Montana” from the word “Carbonara?”


  • And, what can we say when an obstacle course at a water park turned into wall-to-wall slapstick comedy?


  • And, remember Jungkook’s “cool” look with that sexy leather jacket on a live stream? Well, if you watched the full episode, I am sure you already died then when he revealed he was actually wearing pajama bottoms.


  • Leave it to YoonJin for winning the excellent comedy award for that epic camera pose failure.


  • How can I not mention V’ s famous “sexy porn star” instead of “saxophone star” mistake?


Well, folks, all that BTS talk will make me insane if I don’t stop (not that I was completely sane before). But, please don’t forget to come back for the second part. 






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