Can anyone film with a drone?

The drone is an electronic device more and more used nowadays. Indeed, it flies up to very high altitudes. Also, it is equipped with a camera that can take amazing images and videos. The shooting angle is just sensational. Some people wonder if everyone can film with a drone. If like many, you are part of this category of people, you are at the right place. Discover in this article some answers.

Learn from a specialist


Anyone can film with a drone. You just need to be trained by a specialist. Indeed, all the necessary know-how to film with a drone is acquired during a training course. A specialist in the field allows you to save a lot of time. Since this is his field, he knows the ins and outs of this business and will be able to show you with ease.

It is often said that it is better to learn from a master. That’s why it is recommended to use a professional in this field. In addition to saving time, the specialist in realization with a drone guarantees you perfect knowledge at the end of your training. Also, according to your progress, he will indicate to you the field (photo or video) in which you can specialize.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to find a professional in drone filming. Indeed, the Internet being the biggest database in the world, it is the one you will have to exploit. You can consult the professional directories available on the Internet. They inform on various artisans intervening in various sectors of activities. You can also ask around.

Learn from a professional photographer


To learn how to film with a drone, you can also go to a professional photographer. Indeed, in the context of the realization of his works, the latter uses a large number of gadgets. It may turn out that he uses a drone. There is no doubt that he has mastered this tool. He will be able to initiate you to the realization assisted by a drone.

After your training, this professional will give you complete satisfaction. With their experience, they will be able to share their know-how with you. If you pay attention, at the end of your training with him, you will master the revolutionary tool that is the drone. Once you have found one, you will only have to clearly state your needs and expectations at the end of the training.

Today, you can easily find a photographer. Indeed, there are several in each city. However, the professionals it does not run the streets. By professional, we mean an artisan who performs large-scale work. In order to find one, you will have to do some research. To do this, you can rely on the Internet or ask around.

Learn to film with a drone by yourself


You know without a doubt that we are in the digital age. This factor changes the game today in terms of learning. Indeed, you can learn everything today thanks to the Internet and social networks. The particularity here is that you can learn at your own pace. Also, you don’t have to travel to acquire knowledge.

You will find online courses showing how to learn how to film with a drone. Indeed, you will find them in writing (articles, PDF, etc.), in audio (memos), and video (tutorials). All you need is a computer (computer or smartphone), an internet connection, and that’s it.

You should prefer video courses. The reference in this area remains and will remain on YouTube. In summary, anyone can learn to film with a drone. You just need to follow a training course. To do this, you can contact a specialist in the field, a professional photographer, or learn it yourself.

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Top 3 Best Queer Indian Movies That Everyone Should Watch

As a queer person, I love looking for queer movies. I grew up In the Bronx, and my parents immigrated from India to give my sibling and me a better life. I grew up watching Bollywood movies, From the classics to Mera Naam Joker, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Om Shanti Om to newer films like Gangubai Katiawadi and Badhaii Do.

As I grew up, I started to discover my sexuality and gender identity, and while on that journey, I searched high and low to find queer Indian/Bollywood movies. I have watched all queer Bollywood movies out there, no matter how small or big they were. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the best queer Indian movies that everyone should watch.

Background on Queer Cinema


The image of homosexuality and queerness in cinema has evolved since the 1960s, when the LGBT theme, long censored, began to develop. The time of La Cage aux Folles and Pédale douce, which shared an extravagant, mannered, and reductive portrait of the queer community, is over. 

No, queer people are not depraved sex addicts, as depicted in the 1933 silent short film Lot in Sodom. However, it was not until Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain in 2006 that homosexuality became democratized and integrated into the mores. Today, cinema tends to be more truthful and respectful. 

If the representation of queer couples seems to be more common in TV series today, it has not always been the case. Prior to the 1980s, displaying sexual orientation, especially homosexuality and queerness, in a TV series was not a popular choice for society and viewers.

Except for representing a population considered at the time as marginal, unbalanced, sick, or asocial, same-sex love relationships were not put forward. The subject is still taboo. Everything must remain suggested or ambiguous rather than clearly expressed.

Fortunately, the representation on the screen of lesbian or gay relationships has evolved and been more and more present since the 1990s. Today we have the opportunity to discover some LGBTQIA+ series on Netflix that put forward interesting, deep, and less and less caricatured roles of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or trans characters.

1. Badhaai Do


This one is the latest queer Bollywood movie on our list, and it came out this year. If you have two and a half hours to spare, stream it on Netflix, grab a box of tissue because this movie will make you feel all the feels, and cry like a baby.

The story revolves around Sumi (portrayed by Bhumi Pednekar), a high-school PE teacher, and Shardul (played by Rajkummar Rao), a police officer. Both of them are queer and still closeted to their family and decide to get married to get their parents off their backs. Words can’t do this movie justice, and you have to watch it.

This movie breaks down so many stereotypes and is one of those movies that will go down in history as one of the best queer movies. Watch how Sumi and Shardul navigate their sexuality and find happiness in their fake marriage and how this all goes down to hell. Will their families accept them? Will they find their happily ever after? Will they ever be happy? You have to watch the movie to find out.

Raj Bansal, industry expert, says, “I am really impressed with the Badhaai Do makers’ decision to release the film on February 11, at a time when others weren’t ready to take the same call. It was a brave and bold decision and it has paid dividends.”

He further elaborates that “the film is doing very well, and the release date being close to Valentine’s Day was an added impetus. The film’s already collected ’11 crore plus in five days, even with the restrictions in most of the states. It was a master strategy indeed.” 

2. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga


This is another mainstream movie on our list, and you can also stream it on Netflix. It features some pretty big Bollywood stars like Sonam Kapoor as Sweety Chaudhary and Anil Kapoor as Balbir Chaudhry. The real-life father-daughter duo plays their roles to the max, and their relationship will make you cry.

As you might have guessed, Sonam isn’t straight and is in love with another woman (Kuhu, played by Regina Cassandra). As you can imagine, Sweety’s Punjabi family doesn’t take the news well, and it is their journey towards acceptance. The final 10 minutes of the movie will make you cry tears of joy.

3. Kapoor and Sons


This is one of my favorite movies out there because it reminds me of my crazy dysfunctional desi family. Like my family, Kapoor’s family is constantly at each other’s throats, but they deeply love each other, and you can see that in the way they care for each other.

The story follows the 2 Kapoor sons: Rahul (portrayed by Fawad Khan) and Arjun (played by Sidharth Malhotra), who can’t get along. Arjun falls for a girl who, in turn, falls for Rahul, creating a further rift in their relationship.

While using Rahul’s computer, Sunita Kapoor (played by the legend Patna Pathak Shah) discovers that her son is queer by seeing pictures of him and his partner on vacation. You can see where this is going if you have a conservative and traditional desi mom.

Fawad Khan had this to say about this specific role “Even if someone plays a character like that, why will he or she become an outcast? Give it some years, and things will become normal. In the future, everyone who gets worried about these things (homosexuality) will learn to accept them. If someone is a certain way, he or she just is.”

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Top 3 Best Tips For Protecting Yourself While Skiing

Skiing is an activity that children and adults alike enjoy. We associate the moments spent in the resorts with intense and unique moments to share as lovers, with family or friends, and with an exceptional panorama.

During the vacation season, we throw ourselves into the various preparations: searching for the most beautiful resort, booking accommodation and lessons, buying plane tickets, preparing our suitcases, etc. However, the practice of this sport requires preparation. You have to be in condition to ski.

What is skiing?


Alpine skiing is a sport that consists of skiing down a snowy slope using skis and fixed rear bindings. It includes different styles. Alpine skiing is different from high mountain skiing; Nordic skiing, such as cross-country skiing; ski jumping, and telemark skiing. It is popular wherever there is snow and mountains and where sufficient tourist infrastructure can be built, including Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, the Andes Mountains, South America, and the Far East.

Alpine skiing began as a club sport in 1861 in Kiandra, Australia, and in a number of similar clubs in North America and the Swiss Alps. Today, it is primarily practiced at a ski resort with lifts that transport skiers to the top of the mountain. Snow is groomed, avalanches are controlled, and trees are cut to create trails.

Many ski areas also have snowmaking equipment to allow people to ski when the weather would not otherwise allow it. However, alpine skiers can also practice their sport in less developed environments. This is called backcountry skiing, Nordic touring, or extreme skiing.

1. Essential equipment from head to toe


For safer skiing, you must be well equipped. Beginners and professionals alike must have the right equipment to move around on the slopes in good conditions. The body parts most vulnerable to injury are the head, neck, shoulders, hands, chest, pelvis, knees, and feet.

That’s why you need to have a ski helmet, gloves, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, ski boots… There is also back protection, protective shorts, shin protection, airbag, or anti-avalanche ski bag. You can buy them on specialized websites and stores.

Some establishments offer them for rent in the resorts or nearby. This formula is more economical. For the sake of comfort and safety, all protective equipment should be adapted according to several parameters: the age and height of the person, his weight, his level (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

2. Accessories to protect yourself from the snow and the sun


To ski, you must be warm. Therefore, in your suitcase, you should take warm clothes (down jackets, sweaters, and pants), thick socks, hats, scarves… Everything you need for a stay in the snow. In addition, the scalp and skin must be protected from dehydration and the effects of UV rays.

You might as well get a quality sun cream, a moisturizing cream from the cold cream range, a sunblock lip balm, a ski mask, a pair of sunglasses (with specific lenses), etc. Not to mention a bottle of fresh water, a water bottle, and a first aid kit. The objective is to protect yourself from the cold and sunburn throughout your stay in the mountains.

3. Accident prevention gestures


Accidents, falls, and injuries are not trivial. They are part of the lotto managed once on the slopes. Therefore, having the necessary equipment is not enough. Certain precautionary measures must be taken.

Fortunately, all skiers (beginners, experienced, sportsmen or not) can reduce the risks by making fundamental but straightforward gestures and checking the length and push of the ski bindings. This will avoid the untimely removal of the bindings.

The correct adjustment of the equipment. The professionals are there to give advice:

  • Warm-up exercises and stretching. These are also recommended before hitting the slopes. This allows you to be in top shape. The goal is to work the abdominal, buttock, and leg muscles.
  • The control of the speed of sliding. It is essential to know how to adapt it according to the difficulty of the slopes and the slopes. The same goes for steering, overtaking, behavior and parking.
  • Respect for the markings and signs.
  • Knowledge and mastery of safety instructions.
  • Maintenance of the equipment.

In this way, everyone will enjoy all the pleasures of skiing.

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Top 5 Reasons To Buy Your Musical Instruments Online

You can be seduced by the ambition to learn and practice music at any age. Moreover, there is a wide choice of instruments that you can buy online. Read the following article if you are not yet convinced of the many advantages of buying online.

1. A large catalog of instruments


Due to their limited space, physical stores are forced to reduce their product range. Indeed, they do not have many models of a single instrument. Therefore, they have to specialize in the sale of a particular instrument. On the other hand, online stores can offer a wide catalog of musical instruments from different brands and models, suitable for all tastes. In addition, their stock is regularly replenished. It is also possible that your order will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

2. Comfort and ease of purchase

Thanks to the availability and accessibility (24 hours a day and 7 days a week) of the pages or sites of the online stores, you will have plenty of time to search among the proposed models before making your choice. You will not have to go anywhere.

Moreover, your visit to the site will be facilitated because you can pass from one page or a store to another in only a few clicks. You also have the possibility to compare several products and consult the reviews and comments before making your choice.

In addition to instruments, you will also find various accessories such as cables, stands, microphone stands, etc. The only drawback of buying online is the impossibility of trying out your instrument before buying it.

3. The service warranty


A new instrument should be of good quality. But at times, it can break. Different instruments can be from the same series. In this case, the deliverer may make a mistake. Nevertheless, you can send it back to the selling store a few days after your purchase to replace it. So remember that a serious online store specializing in the sale of musical instruments always has an efficient after-sales service.

4. Instruments for all budgets

Unlike a physical store with a limited selection, online stores offer prices to suit any budget. With a limited budget, you can get a top-quality musical instrument. It is also possible to take advantage of interesting discounts or promo codes.

A new musical instrument can be very expensive. However, you may access affordable prices, especially if you are a beginner. For example, by investing between 100 dollars and 150 dollars, you can acquire a guitar for experienced players. Making music can be both a passion and a simple hobby. To start, you need to learn the basics. This is valid for those who want to practice a contemporary style of music or move towards classical music.

5. A wide choice of equipment and accessories


When you buy online, you can have all the equipment and material necessary for your practice. In a physical store, you will find only the essentials: musical instruments and some accessories. Depending on the instrument you choose, you can have amplifiers, adapters, cases, picks, tuners, etc. In addition, various spare parts are available for the repair of your instrument.

Final thought

The key to happiness lies in a balance between stress and relaxation that relates to the body and mind. Studies have shown that hobbies can create this ideal balance in life. It doesn’t matter if these hobbies are creative, physically demanding, or intellectually challenging: The most important element of hobbies is that they must be fun.

What can make a hobby more satisfying? For once, doing something you love or have always wanted to do is a must, and for me, music is at the top of the list when it comes to making free time meaningful and satisfying. Brain researchers, neurologists, psychologists, and other scientists are increasingly looking at the phenomenon of music and how music can affect our mood and increase our serotonin levels.

Studies have shown a lot about the positive influence of music, not only party music or metal riffs, but also more melancholic songs. My personal favorite type of music is old, depressing songs. Studies show that balanced leisure time and pursuing a passion can alleviate or even cure certain ailments and diseases.

Not surprisingly, music therapy is becoming a more common field of study in universities. So run yourself a hot bath, light your favorite candle, pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your current favorite album, and relax, because you deserve it. Even though I look like a screaming car, I still sing with my favorite artists.

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Who Is Still Playing Monopoly in 2022?

Monopoly is a board game of American origin created by Charles Darrow in 1933 published by Hasbro. With the goal of ruining opponents through real estate transactions, the game symbolizes capitalism and Monopoly.

Monopoly is known worldwide and exists in multiple versions. Always in the air of time, the game can be played in family, between adults, and between enthusiasts. It has been a huge success in the world since 1935.

The players and the principle of the game


The game of Monopoly can start when at least two players are present. The number of players is limited to eight. The more players there are, the longer the game will last. The goal of the game? To make as much money as possible before the end of the game, buying and selling real estate and driving the competitors into bankruptcy. Players take turns rolling the dice (2 six-sided dice).

Who starts the game?


To find out who starts the game, each player rolls the dice. The player with the most points goes first. After the dice are rolled, the player moves his piece clockwise to the square corresponding to the number on both sides of the dice. If the player lands on a property (station, land, or utility company) that does not belong to anyone else, they can buy it.

Other squares include luck square, community chest, departure square, malus (luxury tax, income tax, go to jail), and neutral squares (free park, simple visit). Each square has a corresponding action to perform. If the property already belongs to one of his opponents, the player must pay the rent set on the property card.

The versions of Monopoly


Since the game was created, several new, more modern versions have been launched on the board game market. There is Monopoly Fortnite edition, Monopoly gamer edition Marion kart, Monopoly electronic edition, Monopoly Europe edition, Monopoly Star Wars edition, Monopoly Disney-Pixar edition, Monopoly Pokémon edition, Monopoly soccer edition, and many more. The Monopoly Junior edition is also a simplified version dedicated to children over 5 years old.

It can be said that with the many versions of Monopoly, people of all ages can play the game. For the fans of the game, an annual contest is held in the United States, and there are even national championships. The winners can participate in tournaments organized by Hasbro.

According to the rules imposed by Hasbro, the number of participants in the official tournaments must be at least 24, the game must last two rounds, and the players must follow the official rules of Monopoly. The world championships are held every four or six years. For national tournaments, it depends on the country. The same goes for registration and player selection processes.

In short, Monopoly is a popular game that people of all ages can play. Parents can play at home with their children. Fans of the game can always visit Hasbro’s website to see the schedule of upcoming world tournaments or check with local tournament hosts.

An educational tool


After three years of experimentation with groups of young people, the game has been available for sale since Monday, January 10, 2022. It is part of an educational toolbox dedicated to inequality. It costs 55 $ for the classic kit (3 to 6 players) and 150 $ for the school kit (to play with up to 35 students), including several resources (animation guide, educational booklet, book, and web documentaries) on inequality.

Designed as an extension of the classic Monopoly, the game contains ten character cards and 37 event cards (maternity, unemployment, homophobia in companies, racism, piston, or health). Those of our society has replaced the rules of the game: players from disadvantaged social categories will advance less quickly…

Some players will start the game with heritage and, often, as in real life, women will win less than men by passing through the starting box. Each child plays a character that does not resemble them so as not to stigmatize them. They are trying to make people understand that inequalities are not inevitable. Social disparity then becomes concrete.

All the rules are “explained, justified and sourced”. We learn, for example, that 2.3 million people live in poor housing conditions; that 7% of people believe that homosexuality is a “perversion that must be fought”; that 3.5 hours a day is the time that women spend on average on domestic chores, compared to 2 hours for men.  

Inequality Monopoly is just fantastic for the simple reason that you can address severe and important issues in a fun way and in a way that makes young people want to care about the subject. The players are led to understand that inequalities are not inevitable. It is necessary to generate a debate among participants after the game on what already exists and what could be done to reduce” the disparities.

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5 Steps to Make Candles

5 Steps to Make Candles


– Focus on candle making

– Step 1: Choose the wax

– Step 2: Melt the wax

– Step 3: Prime the wicks

– Step 4: Case 1: Fill a jar or a mould (except latex mould) upright

– Step 4: Case 2: Fill a latex mould upside down

– Step 5: Case 1: Finish the candles in the jars

– Step 5: Case 2: Turn out your candles (except latex moulds)

– Step 5: Case 3: Unmold your candles (latex moulds)

Two main techniques are used when making your candles: either the candles are poured into jars or moulds and then unmoulded.

This practical sheet explains step by step how to make candles using either of these two methods.

Focus on candle making

The ingredients and the specific material to make candles are sold in hobby stores or on the Internet.

The wax

There are several kinds of wax to make candles.

– Kerosene wax: with about 30% stearin added, it is the basic ingredient of many candles.

Caution: kerosene, a product derived from petroleum, releases carcinogenic toxins when heated. Occasional use is possible, but it is important to air the room. For regular use, I prefer natural candles.

– Beeswax: it is a natural wax, yellow or white. It is sold either in blocks or in the form of tablets. It can be used alone, but it burns with difficulty, tends to adhere poorly to the walls of the glass or mould and is very difficult to remove from the mould. These defects disappear if used in addition to kerosene (30% beeswax and 70% kerosene). This combination makes it possible to create candles that consume less quickly and release a pleasant odour of honey. However, beware of the toxicity of heated kerosene; remember to air the room. Another solution is to mix beeswax with vegetable wax (10 to 20% at least).

– Soy wax: this is a natural vegetable wax that is particularly easy to use for beginners since it does not require the addition of any other ingredient (there are no toxic fumes from kerosene). Moreover, it burns more slowly than a classic candle and diffuses its perfume more quickly (because it burns at a lower temperature). Last but not least, you can wash off soy wax stains with soap and hot water.

Wicks for candles

There are coated wicks of different sizes, with a small round metal foot. These are the easiest to use.

However, it is also possible to buy a coil of wick (flat wick, round, with zinc wire …). Cut to the desired length; the wick is then inserted on a base (also called wick holder).

The dyes for candles

There are dyes for candles in the form of grains, pigments or liquid: the latter are recommended because they are the easiest to use and perfectly miscible between them to obtain the exact shade of your choice.

Perfumes for candles

To perfume candles, you can use:

– specific perfumes for candles: liquid perfumes are the easiest to dose and exist in a wide range of scents (fruity, floral, woody …).

– essential oils: choose only oils whose flashpoint (the temperature at which the oil becomes flammable) is higher than 65°C. You will not take any risk with the following oils: rosewood, cinnamon (bark or leaves), Atlas or Virginia cedar, lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, Egyptian or bourbon geranium, clove (cloves or leaves), spike lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, patchouli, vetiver, whole ylang-ylang.

Note: use the specific properties of each essential oil in your candles! For example, citronella candles will keep mosquitoes away; lavender candles promote relaxation.

The containers

To pour the candles, you can opt for:

– simple or more sophisticated glasses, or even pretty glasses, cups, jam jars…

– Moulds: thanks to the different materials (plastic, metal, latex, silicone) and shapes of the moulds, it is possible to make candles of multiple shapes (high candles, floating flat candles, geometric or heart-shaped candles, stars, flowers, etc.). Latex moulds allow you to make original candle shapes (characters, animals, etc.) with precise details.

Caution: never use stearin with latex moulds, as it deteriorates them.

Materials needed to make candles

Container (glass, mould)


Coated wicks on base or wick spool

Aluminum foil


Wooden spatula

Essential oils

Liquid food colouring

Pair of scissors

Cardboard boxes

Opaque plastic bottle

Large needle

1. Choose the wax


To make candles, you can use:

– either a paraffin-based mixture: about 70% kerosene and 30% stearin (classic candle), or 70% kerosene and 30% beeswax (for its fragrance) ;

– or beeswax or a mixture of beeswax and vegetable wax (at least 10 to 20 %), with the process of the candle, poured in glass only;

– or soy wax, to make natural wax candles only.

2. Melt the wax

Before you begin candle-making, cover your work area with newspaper. Instead of cleaning up the leftover wax, throw the paper away at the end of the activity!

Remember, if you are using kerosene wax, be sure to ventilate the room when you heat it because of its toxicity.

– It is best to keep a small pan used exclusively for melting your candle wax: this will save you tedious cleaning.

– Make a water bath by filling a larger pan with water and placing your small wax pan in it.

– Melt the wax or waxes in the water bath until the mixture is liquid.

Caution: never melt wax in a pan directly on the stove without a double boiler, as the wax may ignite.

– Add it or the dyes (you can make mixtures), and the perfume or some drops of essential oil.

– Mix well with a wooden spatula.

Caution: To avoid the risk of fire, always stay close by while the wax is melting. If you have to leave the room, always turn off the heat source as a precaution.

3. Prime the wicks

If you haven’t opted for base-coated wicks, you should prime the wicks.

– Dip a wick in the melted wax for 2 to 3 minutes.

– Remove the wick, pull the ends taut (so that it is straight) and let it dry on aluminum foil.

– Repeat this process for each wick.

– Finally, insert a base on one end of the wicks and pinch the base with scissors to secure it.

Good to know: the base is unnecessary if the candles are made in latex moulds.

4. Case 1: Fill a glass or a mould (except latex mould) upright


– Pour 2 cm of slightly cooled but still liquid wax into the container (glass or mould).

– Place the coated wick in the middle, with the foot touching the bottom of the container.

– To keep the wick upright, wrap the top end around a stick placed on the container (or wedge the end between two sticks held together with rubber bands and placed on the container).

– Continue filling the container with melted wax to within 1 cm of the rim.

Tip: If you make striped candles with different coloured waxes, always wait for the first layer to cool completely before pouring the next one.

4. Case 2: Fill a latex mould upside down

A soft latex mould is filled upside down: head down and base up. Therefore, it is necessary to install the wick of the candle and place the mould upside down to fill it with wax.

– Pierce the head of the mould with a needle. Pass the wick through it and let it come out about 2 cm at the head and the base of the mould.

– Seal the needle hole (outside of the mould) with a piece of the waterproof paste to prevent the wax from leaking out when it is poured into the mould.

– Cut a hole in a piece of cardboard to fit the base of the mould, and slide the mould into the hole so that the latex bead is pressed against the cardboard.

– Place the cardboard with the mould upside down on a cut plastic bottle filled with water.

– Stretch the wick by wedging the end (with or without a base) between two rubber bands to be vertical and centred.

– Pour the wax by gently tapping the cardboard to fill the mould.

5. Case 1: Finalize the candles in verrines

– Let the verrine be filled with melted wax excellent.

Note: you can speed up the process by putting the verrine in the refrigerator for 10 minutes unless your candle contains beeswax.

If a small hollow has formed around the wick, pour some more melted wax to fill it and let it cool.

– Cut the wick 2 cm above the surface of the candle.

5. Case 2: Unmould your candles (except latex moulds)

– Once the mould is filled with melted wax, let it cool down a bit and then place the mould in the freezer for about 10 minutes (the candle will be easier to unmold).

– Remove the candle from the mould, which is not a problem because the wax shrinks slightly as it cools.

– Cut the wick 2 cm above the surface of the candle.

– Once removed from the mould, you can decorate the candle with inlays, glue or paint.

5. Case 3: Remove your candles (latex moulds)

– When the wax has cooled down, coat the mould with edible oil or dishwashing liquid to avoid damaging it.

– Remove the candle from the mould by gently rolling the mould.

Candle Holder

How to Make a Candle Holder

How to Make a Candle Holder


    – Step 1: Gather your materials to make your candle holder

    – Step 2: Drill the bottom of the cylindrical base of your candle holder

    – Step 3: Dig out the location of the candle in your candle holder

    – Step 4: Assemble the 2 parts of your candle holder

    – Step 5: Decorate your candle holder

    – Additional ideas for making your candle holder

Making a candle holder from diverted materials is quick and easy. Using two wooden furniture legs screwed together, you can create a beautiful candle holder with natural material. You can then customize it to match your home decor perfectly.

This post explains how to make a candle holder.

1. Gather your materials to make your candle holder

Here is the list of materials you need to make this candleholder:

    – 1 round-shaped furniture stand, 92 cm in diameter and 5 cm high (about $6);

    – 1 cylindrical furniture stand, 68 cm in diameter and 10 cm high (about $6);

Good to know: you can use different shapes and heights of feet; the important thing is to ensure the balance of the candlestick.

    – wood paint;

    – masking tape.

2. Drill a hole in the bottom of the cylindrical base of your candle holder

To screw the cylindrical base onto the round base, you must drill a hole on the underside if it is not already done.

Good to know: some models of furniture legs are drilled on the bottom to assemble 2 furniture legs.

    – Turn the cylindrical leg over and locate the center using the following method:

        ◦ Draw 2 parallel lines of equal length on the leg.

        ◦ Then draw 2 diagonals from the ends of the 2 lines.

        ◦ The center of the foot is at the intersection of the 2 diagonals.

Tip: If possible, place the foot in a vice for added stability while drilling.

    – Insert a wood bit into the drill, position it over the center of the foot and drill the hole.

Important: Use a wood drill bit with a diameter that fits the screw on the round base. 

3. Drill a hole for the candle in your candle holder

Candle Holder

    – Unscrew the screw on top of the round base with pliers.

    – Insert a flat wood bit into your drill.

    – Mark the drilling depth on the drill bit, which should be 1 or 1.5 times the diameter of the drill bit.

Note: the diameter of the drill bit should be equal to or larger than the diameter of the candles used.

    – Position it on the center of the foot (screw location) and drill the foot using high speed.

    – Sand the edges of the hole with fine sandpaper.

4. Assemble the 2 parts of your candle holder

Screw the 2 legs together, inserting the screw of the round leg into the hole drilled in the cylindrical shank.

Important: Check the candlestick’s balance; it must be perfectly stable. If not, shorten the cylindrical foot by sawing it, then re-drill a screw hole using the same method as in step 2.

5. Decorate your candle holder

    – You can paint the entire candleholder using wood paint.

    – You can also decorate it by creating geometric shapes with masking tape.

When the paint is dry, you can place the candle on its spot.

Tip: If the candle you are using is not stable, you can stick a thumbtack or a thin, flat-headed nail in the bottom of the candle holder and stick the candle on it.

Additional ideas for making your candle holder

Here are some other ideas for making your candle holder:

    – Using copper tubes cut to different heights, tied together with copper wire.

    – Using pretty old glass decanters with a metal washer to hold the candles.

    – With antique glasses found at flea markets.

    – With a piece of driftwood, pierced in several places to hold tealights.

Materials needed to make a candle holder.


Flat wick 





Ruler 60 cm

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How to Make Your Christmas Candles?

cards game

Different Types Of Card Games

Whether you’re searching for a game to play with the children, a night in with your pals, or a simple game to take on vacation, a deck of cards can provide hours of pleasure. Because there are so many various varieties of card games to suit different age groups, circumstances, and emotions, it’s always a good idea to have a deck of cards on hand.

Different Types Of Card Games
Different Types Of Card Games


Whether you’re searching for a game to play with the children, a night in with your pals, or a simple game to take on vacation, a deck of cards can provide hours of pleasure. Because there are so many various varieties of card games to suit different age groups, circumstances, and emotions, it’s always a good idea to have a deck of cards on hand.

Crazy Eight

This is another enjoyable game that the entire family can enjoy because the rules are simple but entertaining. Crazy Eight is similar to UNO in that it allows you to convert a deck of cards into an age-appropriate and straightforward game. Take turns matching the discarded card just at the top of the pile by number or suit, using any eights as a wild card to select the card to be played. The individual who finishes their hand of cards first wins.

Different Types Of Card Games
Different Types Of Card Games


The game is played with a standard deck of cards by four players and is one of the most popular trick card games. The four players are dealt all 52 cards, and each heart card is worth one point, while the Queen of Spades is worth thirteen points. After each player has placed a card in the middle, they should take turns placing their cards, with the highest card player getting the hand. Unlike other card games, the person with the fewest points wins in Hearts.


Because of the thrill and fast-paced rounds, blackjack is considered one of the most popular casino games. While this game is supposed to be based entirely on chance, it also involves a significant amount of memory. Trying to keep track of where cards have been played can help you determine whether or not you’ll be able to strike 21 and obtain blackjack. Each player is dealt two cards and must ask the dealer to Hit to reach a total of 21 or fewer. Trying to decide whether or not to ask for another card may be both nerve-wracking and entertaining.

Card Game, Game, Cards, Black, White
Different Types Of Card Games


We can’t talk about card games without mentioning poker, and there are various types of poker to choose from at the finest online casino sites. When playing poker, you can play for points or as a type of gambling to make the game more thrilling. Poker necessitates a player’s sharpness, ability to bluff, and good ‘poker face,’ as well as the ability to recall which cards were discarded. A straight hand, flush, three of a kind, or two pairs might be the winning cards, depending on each player’s possession.


Snap is an excellent game for youngsters and adults since it requires quickness and observation rather than much thought and strategy. The winner is the player who finishes their cards first.

Cards may be highly amusing and suitable for a wide range of age groups, making them an excellent tool to have on hand. You’ll be able to discover a range of games, whether you’re searching for something fun, skillful, or a strategy-based game, and you can permanently alter things up to avoid growing bored with the same deck of cards.


4 To Know About Having Crochet As A Hobby

Crochet has been around since the late Middle Ages, but it continues to thrive to this day. Indeed, many revivals in the styles adopted and in the tools used have revived the love of this “art” that continues to grow in the world of fashion and decoration.

This evolution is such that we can even consider making it our profession. But then, how can we do it if we know nothing at all about this practice? Well, there are methods and ways that will allow you to master it in such a short time.

The beginning of crochet


Contrary to what you might think, crochet is far from being difficult. All you need is a good learning curve to progress quickly. Moreover, unlike knitting, crochet is much easier to handle because its stitches are formed one by one. Whereas with crochet, you have to form a long series of stitches on a needle, which is very difficult for a beginner to master because you have to make a flawless one for the series of stitches.

If you lose one of them, you are forced to catch it. This notion of ease does not stop there because using only one needle to crochet is a considerable plus for a beginner. Indeed, it allows him to handle the thread and the tool easily, and the gesture becomes fluid very quickly.

The gestures to master


For the gestures themselves, simply hold the hook in your dominant hand (either the right hand if you are right-handed or the left hand if you are left-handed) as if you were holding a pencil. The other hand will then hold the yarn and stitches in formation. Start by forming a loop, then move on to another loop, linking them together, and so on.

You will have what is called a “chain” in the jargon. To do this, form a knot with your yarn, then insert the needle in the middle and grab another yarn with the curved end of the hook to pull it through and form a new loop. This is the very basis of the hook, from which you will form the different stitches.

The necessary tools


To achieve good results, you will need a few tools, mainly hooks. There are different sizes of hooks that you need to have if you really want to level your designs. This ranges from 0.6 mm to 1 cm in diameter. And if the size does not count, or little in crochet, the variation is only 12 cm to 20 cm ranging from the finest to the largest.

Play on the stitches


Stitches are where you’ll really make a difference. To begin with, you’ll have to learn the basic stitches, but once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll finally be able to make your work take on some very stylish and neat shapes and turns. To give you even more ease in the realization, but also and above all, for the success of your hooks, you must know how to associate the hooks and threads.

So, here are some reference brands to help you explore the thread. There is Clover for the Americans, Prym for the Europeans, Knitpro, which makes both crochet and crochet needles. You will undoubtedly find what you need and what suits your style among these brands, but you can always choose others according to your needs.

Crochet is an actual fun activity to do when you start to get the hang of it, and you can make some really thoughtful and personalized gifts with it when you get good at the craft. Sound off in the comments section and tell us if you want to take crochet as a hobby or turn it into a future job.


The 5 Best Urban Leisure Activities In Vogue

City entertainment provides residents with a variety of everyday activities, and any city dweller can participate. It is up to you to choose the fun games or activities during your free time. Many leisure activities can be practised in teams or alone, indoors or outdoors. Discover here the 5 leisure activities that are in vogue.

1. Escape rooms


Escapes games are done in groups, and everyone can participate to have fun and enjoy themselves. These “life-size escape” games will make your head spin with your team of players. So don’t leave any empty moments during each course.

To create more atmosphere during the escape games, follow a tutorial before you start, and solve all the obstacles by playing together. This technique will help you win every session.

There are many types of virtual games, but you should play the ones that don’t cause physical and mental damage.

2. Adventure, puzzle and action games

From adventure to adventure, these types of games are the most popular in all cities like Paris, New York or even Milan. For example, in a french centre like Koezio, there are plenty of missions of the highest importance that you will never get tired of.

As for the puzzle and action games, overcome all the steps of the game in order to decipher the riddles, find the clues and validate your progress. However, this type of game is not recommended for anyone who is sensitive to vertigo and exercise.

The treasure hunt is part of the city’s leisure activities because it is a reflection game. It helps young and old to develop psychically by discovering the mysteries. It is an opportunity to explore the neighbourhoods with originality.

3. Walks, jogging or running


Walking around the city or in quiet places stimulates brain development by discovering many fun things. In fact, there are many ways to get out on the street or in other places: the gyropode segway, the bike or rollerblading.

The segway gyro pod is a mini single-seater vehicle with two wheels like the electric bike. It allows you to move around while standing upright until you arrive. Thanks to this ecological means of transportation, you can ride in any part of the city or even by the sea.

The electric bike is a fun way to get around in a short time. You can enjoy your time walking around wherever you want.

As for rollerblades, they are much more convenient than bicycles. Moreover, they do not take up much space when not in use. By using these space-saving accessories, you can get to all those hard-to-reach places. Have fun, but avoid speeding and obey traffic rules to avoid accidents.

4. Enology

This is a winemaking course that both amateurs and connoisseurs can participate in. The participants have to follow some training sessions in order to reach the ideal level. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to taste wines, and learn how to pair them with dishes. This is the perfect hobby for people who love wine, like me and is a great gift to offer someone for their birthday.

5. The flight simulation or free fall


Learning to fly in a helicopter or a small plane is an engaging activity that will enliven your free time. The flight simulation is ideal not only for flight trainees but also for private amateurs. But before you start, use the same equipment as professionals: equip yourself with protective accessories to avoid all risks of accidents.

Living in a city can sometimes be a hassle, not only because of the traffic but also because you tend to be far from nature. But as a full-fledged city dweller, this doesn’t bother me anymore, and I don’t see myself living anywhere except for New York. I run in the gym like most people do these days, and I read and watch movies for fun, and I can do these two virtually anywhere if I have a book or my phone with me. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what your favourite hobby is.