Restoring Old Pinball Machines: Benefits And Cost (Part 2)

A pinball machine is an electromechanical game that consists of directing a metal ball on a board while trying to score points. These devices have been around since the 1900s and were present in many bars and casinos, but also homes. If you have an old one in your home, here’s why you should repair it and how much it could cost you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about the restoration of a pinball machine.

The benefits of restoring an old pinball machine


Pinball machines have had their moments of glory and were hugely popular in their day. So there are huge benefits to restoring this machine.

For fun times at home

The first benefit of repairing your old pinball machine is that you can enjoy it at home. This machine was known to gather a large crowd in its time. Are there many who love this game and the thrill it can provide? You can still find them today in some casinos, where they hold important positions in the ranking of the most popular games. You can have this pleasure at home by restoring your old pinball machine. It’s also a great way to bring a lot of friends into your home.

Bargains to be had

Another advantage that you have in restoring your old pinball machine is that it offers you the opportunity to make good deals. You can take advantage of this device by setting up a small game room that would be open to the public. This will generate good profits in the long run and will allow you to recoup your investment in restoration.

On the other hand, you can easily find a buyer who would offer you a good price for your pinball machine. These are devices that have been greatly reduced in production since the proliferation of all kinds of games. This gives value to the old pinball machines that nowadays have no trouble finding takers.

The cost of restoring an old pinball machine

The cost of restoring an old pinball machine varies depending on the type of restoration you are considering. Restoration can be either partial or complete.

Cost of a partial restoration

It is important to know that restoring a pinball machine is quite expensive, just as buying a brand-new one is not cheap. Partial restoration of an old pinball machine consists of cleaning the board and making some adjustments. This will involve waxing the top to correct wear and tear and to make the gameplay faster.

Plastic ramps also need to be cleaned. Usually, the partial cleaning also includes the replacement of defective lamps. It is important to remember that lamps are very important for the pinball machine. For a job like this, you won’t get a huge bill. It will just take into account the various materials to be purchased in addition to a fairly small amount of labor.

Cost of a complete restoration


As far as a complete cleaning followed by probable repairs, this is the one that will cost you a tiny bit more considering all the work that will have to be done. Complete restoration will affect the battery or the battery of your old pinball machine. A change is necessary to prevent the battery or battery leak from damaging the circuit board.

Then, cleaning off the sticky parts will also be needed, and also the replacement of the metal sleeves to allow the pinball machine to become more flexible. The purchase of these various parts will add to the cost of your old pinball machine restoration. If you want a quote to know the exact cost of the repair, it is necessary to contact a repairman who will proceed to a diagnosis to give you a quote.

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5 Essential Elements To Produce A Quality Video

A video can contain a lot of information. Because of the gestures and the quality of the images transmitted, the messages conveyed by a video are easy to remember. Thus, to seduce your customers, you must produce a quality video that will depend largely on the quality of the sound, the light, the decor, the camera setting, and the editing. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about producing a video.

1. The quality of the sound


As a reminder, a video is an audiovisual production. Moreover, it is a means of communication widely used by the general public as well as by companies. But it is important to know that sound is an important criterion and greatly influences the quality of the video.

Indeed, even if the image is impeccable, the viewer will always zap a video with rather unpleasant background noises. To avoid this problem, you must isolate the recording room. This soundproofing allows you to block interior and exterior noises. You can use different methods such as adding mass, muffling or sealing air holes to do.

2. Adjusting the light

A successful video depends greatly on the lighting. So, to achieve a quality shot, you can play with daylight and enhance it with lighting system kits such as LED video lights and studio slave lights if you shoot in a recording studio. This lighting system can provide various types of backdrops. For this purpose, 3-point lighting is an example of the light configuration. It consists of playing the 3 types of lights, including:

    • The main lighting that will illuminate the room,
    • The fill light removes shadows
    • Backlighting to separate you from the background.

3. The backgrounds of the shot


Captured in your recording to constitute the shot of your video, the backgrounds of a place should not be neglected. To do this, you must vary them or change the colors of the walls. You can choose various places as shots or backgrounds. The main thing is that they are in harmony with the theme and subject of your video.

4. Setting up cameras

Among the audiovisual equipment, a camera is the main tool in making a video. A manual camera provides more precision and has various adjustment buttons. The aperture allows you to manage the depth of field to obtain a variety of image styles. For example, a larger aperture gives a shallow field depth and enhances the subject being shot.

In fact, this feature gives you the ability to blur the background, resulting in a sharp rendering of the subject. Thus, this method of shooting will give you good image quality. However, when you want to highlight the surroundings or the entire room, you should opt for a smaller aperture. In terms of equipment, although the camera has an aperture, it is strongly recommended to use external photographic lenses.

5. Editing the video


After shooting, a series of assembly of several video captures is necessary to make a complete video. This is done using video editing software. In addition to the assembly system, this device allows you to delete some sequences, and add transitions and more or less varied effects to bring out the emotions.

Currently, there are several video editing programs available on the web, including Movavi video, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc. To make things easier for you, contact an audiovisual company directly. They will do the editing and make the necessary changes before broadcasting the video.

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Advent Wreath

5 Steps for Making an Advent Wreath

5 Steps for Making an Advent Wreath


    – Step 1: Form the base

    – Step 2: Prepare the salt dough

    – Step 3: Cover the wreath

    – Step 4: Decorate the wreath

    – Step 5: Bake the wreath and comb it

Advent wreaths have become a must-have item and add the finishing touch to your Christmas decorations. All fantasies and materials are allowed, so why not use salt dough this year?

Here is a step-by-step guide to making an advent wreath.

Note: in salt dough, the advent wreath will prefer to stay indoors, placed on a table or the fireplace. Putting it on the front door is not recommended, as the humidity outside will eventually soften it.

1. Form the base

    – Crumple up some aluminum foil.

    – Shape it into a crown.

2. Prepare the salt dough

    – Mix 1 glass of fine salt and 2 glasses of flour in a bowl.

    – Gradually add 1 glass of water.

    – Work the mixture by hand until a smooth dough sticks to your fingers.

    – Roll out with a rolling pin until the dough is about 1 cm thick.

3. Cover the wreath

Advent Wreath

    – Cut out strips of salt dough.

    – Cover the entire ring with these strips of salt dough.

    – Take the baking sheet out of the oven and cover it with aluminum foil.

    – Place the wreath on top.

4. Decorate the wreath

    – Form small balls of dough of different sizes.

    – Form as many different shapes as possible, using your choice of knife blade, spoon curve, or fork tip, such as:

        ◦ ribbed leaves; holly leaves;

        ◦ twigs;

        ◦ fruits, pine cones;

        ◦ ribbons, hearts, stars;

        ◦ animals;

        ◦ vegetables;

        ◦ candle holders (dig a ball by sticking a candle in it, enlarge the hole slightly, as the dough shrinks a bit when baking).

    – No limit to your creativity; try to pick one theme and stick to it, and your work will be all the more successful.

    – Arrange your objects all around the wreath.

    – Glue them together or on the wreath with a bit of water if necessary.

    – Feel free to overlap or intertwine them.

    – Consider using spices as decorations (cloves, star anise, coffee beans) to highlight the outline of a flower or fruit, the eyes of an elf, or the heart of a star…

5. Bake the wreath and comb it

    – Bake in your oven.

    – Bake for about 2 hours at 150°C.

    – Wait for the wreath to cool completely.

    – If you wish, paint with acrylic or gold for a better effect.

    – Use different-sized brushes for a better effect.

Materials to make an advent wreath

Aluminum foil

Wheat flour

Fine salt

Rolling pin

Salad bowl

Acrylic paint 

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Top 8 Good Reasons To Do An Escape Room With Colleagues 

Among the new trendy leisure activities, a game has taken an important dimension these last years. You can now find escape games everywhere in the United States and of all kinds. The goal is to escape from a room in less than 60 minutes by following the different clues, generally in order to solve a story.

In teams, players are plunged into fantasy or science fiction worlds. The phenomenon has become so widespread that companies are now interested in this game to improve cohesion between employees. We are going to list the 8 good reasons to play an escape game with your colleagues.

1. Get to know your partners


At work, everyone is focused on his activity in order to be productive. You have to be focused and get results to avoid being fired. Interactions between colleagues are, therefore, friendly but professional. Everyone is respectful but doesn’t display all the characteristics of their personality on a daily basis. In the end, you don’t know the people you work with.

2. Discover the personality of your colleagues or collaborators

Outside of work, people are more likely to discover and share their personalities with each other. All the more so in an environment of intellectual stimulation and fun. An escape game is perfect for team building because it can allow you to know the affinities of each person and to reveal yourself to others in a different light. You will be able to detect different profiles, such as the one with the soul of a leader or the funny one of the group.

3. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each person


In addition to each participant’s personality, an escape game is a good way to discover hidden skills and qualities. Your job may not show all your skills. However, in a game like this one, you will be able to highlight them and see how others adapt to the situation. Especially since many themes are addressed during an escape game: adventure, horror, and action … (more details on the website Escape game The Game).

Some may have an eagle eye, while others will be the kings of riddles and mental calculation. Playing an escape game with colleagues also allows you to compensate for each other’s weaknesses with a more intimate approach to human relations.

4. Improve group cohesion

Escape games also have the ability to improve group cohesion and morale. Like a seminar, a group of employees get to know each other and develop affinities that have an impact on the quality of their understanding in the professional context.

5. Increased communication


Communication is key to successfully completing the challenge in any escape game mission. Failure to communicate is almost synonymous with defeat for the group. Participants must share everything so that nothing is left to chance. Something you may have thought was unnecessary turns out to be important by talking about it with your teammates. This will improve communication in work projects, increasing everyone’s productivity.

6. The collective at the heart of the game

The escape game is also a solution to forge a solid and united group. The group becomes one to solve the puzzles by outdoing each other. Everyone helps each other to advance until victory (or defeat). Participants experience the same emotions. Everyone brings their piece to the puzzle to share a good time. Colleagues will be more united than ever in the escape game as in the professional world.

7. Soothe conflicts and socialize


It is possible that there is a tense atmosphere in your office. Some colleagues can’t stand each other because of a project. Others stay on the fringe of the group and can’t integrate properly. The escape game is a solution to these problems. People can learn to participate directly in the group. No one can be left out. Conflicts can also be solved around the discovery of a common clue.

8. Relaxation and fun

Of course, the escape game is, above all, a way to relax and enjoy your time off. This leisure activity will brighten up a good afternoon with lively discussions about your experience as well as strong emotions during the game. Not everything is work-related. You may find your new best friend among your colleagues. You need to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Moreover, participating in an escape game can also boost morale and improve self-confidence. A victory is always appreciated and gives a positive ego boost. You and your colleagues will be able to recall the best moments of the game, from the hilarious joke to the stressful part. All these reasons make that playing a leisure activity between colleagues allows increasing productivity and the bonds in a work team. The escape game is an ideal activity for all types of people, with themes that can satisfy any imagination.

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Top 10 Activities To Do At Home

There is no place where we feel safer than at home. Indeed, when we go on a trip or go out, our only hurry is to return. However, staying at home can quickly become a source of trouble when there’s not much to do. So, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things to do to pass the time and avoid boredom at home.

1. Do some cleaning


Cleaning the house can be overwhelming because of the various tasks involved. However, cleaning can be an interesting hobby to avoid boredom at home. On a practical level, it helps restore the home’s order and cleanliness. Cleaning also has moral benefits as it is a relaxing activity that makes daily life easier.

2. Playing sports

Being alone at home is an opportunity to improve your well-being by engaging in various sports activities. Having sports equipment (bike, treadmill) is an invaluable privilege. However, even if you don’t have these accessories, you can still do stretching, simple gymnastic movements, or yoga. Walking around the house is also a good way to burn calories.

3. Cook

Staying at home is a good way to try new things. Cooking and discovering new flavors is a great way to pass the time. You can refer to cookbooks or experiment with original recipes. Cooking also allows us to improve our culinary skills, save money and eat healthily, avoiding spending a lot of money on processed foods or restaurant meals.

4. Read

Reading is an activity that has many benefits. It allows you to learn new things and make new discoveries. At the same time, it develops cognitive abilities and improves concentration as well as written and oral expression. Being alone at home is a good environment for reading because it is quiet and calm.

5. Watching television


Television is a reliable ally for those who are used to being alone at home. The information broadcast on the airwaves keeps us up to date with the latest news and current events. In addition, television is a source of entertainment as it allows us to watch our favorite movies and series in peace.

6. Communicating with loved ones

We can also spend our free time communicating with loved ones through various communication tools. The phone or social networks are the main tools that facilitate interaction with loved ones located elsewhere. Communicating with friends or family members via social networks considerably reduces the risk of depression caused by loneliness.

7. Listen to music

Music is the best ally of lonely people and is an effective stimulant for the brain. It is a source of pleasure and positive emotions. It provides a spiritual escape and reduces stress and anxiety. Titillating our imagination can be a source of inspiration and positively impact our creativity.

8. Doing meditation

Meditating allows us to relax and reduce the stress caused by the vagaries of daily life. The calm and silence of solitude are favorable conditions for meditation. The positive effects of meditation are proven; to reduce stress, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, and strengthen immunity. People who practice meditation are known to be stronger mentally and emotionally.

9. Caring for pets

Having one or more pets is a great way to avoid loneliness. Although they can’t talk, their presence can give us some form of security. Plus, they can interact with us, which is good for morale. Being home alone is an excellent opportunity to spend time with them and give them special attention.

10. Get some rest


The main reason we want to stay home is to rest. It’s the best way to recharge your batteries after a busy day or to prepare for a new one. This rest can mean a short nap or even a good handful of hours of sleep. However, regulating the amount of time you spend resting is advisable, since too much can have the opposite effect of what you were expecting.

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Bowling: Benefits And Contraindications

Although the Egyptians were already bowling 7000 years ago, the Americans popularized bowling in its current form in the mid-19th century. A nine-pin bowling game that people bet on existed long before but was banned in several states. Smart bowlers, who wanted to circumvent this ban, added the tenth pin. Today, 100 million people bowl every year. That’s how modern bowling was born. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things everyone ought to know about bowling.

What is it? 


Invented in the 19th century in the United States, bowling, also known as the game of pins, quickly gained popularity in other countries. The principle is simple: you have to knock down the pins at the other end of the lane with a (heavy) bowling ball. The ball has three holes for the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger.

Depending on the situation, bowling can be played with 6 or 10 pins, with teams of 8 to 10 people. A classic game of bowling lasts 10 frames. Two deliveries are allowed per frame unless all the pins are knocked down on the first try: this is called a “strike”.

Bowling as a sport

Bowling was one of the demonstration sports at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, along with badminton, baseball, women’s judo, and Taekwondo. This discipline is widely represented in the French territory. According to the French Federation of Bowling and Bowling Sports (FFBSQ), there are 780 approved clubs and a little more than 25,000 members in the whole territory. There are bowling championships (national, European) that take place every year and the world championship, which has taken place every 4 years since 2012.

Bowling as leisure and relaxation in family


A game of bowling is a moment of fun and relaxation that suits all members of the family. From the age of 7, a child can play with a ball that is appropriate for him. The weight of a bowling ball ranges from 6 to 16 pounds (2.7 to 7.257 kilograms). Celebrating your birthday at a bowling party, with special offers of drinks and snacks for all participants, is a tradition in the United States and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

The rules of the game are not complicated, and you don’t need to be in Olympic shape to have fun. There is no special outfit for bowling; you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Only special shoes with a non-slip sole for the supporting foot and a smooth sole for the other foot are of paramount importance, especially in competition. These shoes are reserved exclusively for this sport. The shoes are specific for left- and right-handed bowlers.

The benefits of bowling

Bowling is a way to combat stress. It makes you act all the muscles of your body practically. It’s a sport of concentration and precision, and it helps with balance and flexibility. Bowling is also a great way to burn calories. A one-hour game of bowling will lose as many calories as 15 minutes of boxing or jogging. The same game is enough to eliminate the calories gained by eating a sandwich.

Contrary to popular belief, bowling is not especially dangerous for pregnant people unless you fall or have complications that prevent you from making physical efforts. It is nevertheless wise to ask your doctor’s advice if you want to practice this sport.



It is a sports activity that puts a lot of strain on the back area of your body. Thus, it is formally forbidden for people with herniated discs and spinal abnormalities to play it. The famous “Bowler’s Thumb” is also the most dreaded of all bowlers: it is an irritation of the thumb due to continuous rubbing.

But to bowl as a sport, you must have strong upper limbs (shoulders, elbows, arms, and wrists) and lower limbs (ankles, knees, feet). Don’t forget that a game of bowling, practiced as a sport, lasts about 3 hours and requires about 150 throws of a ball weighing about 7 kilograms, a very strenuous activity. In short, contrary to the appearance of a sport accessible to all, bowling requires good condition and physical preparation.

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Trampoline: The Ideal Accessory To Keep Fit

The trampoline was born in 1930. Since then, the number of players has not stopped growing. It has even found its place in the Olympic Games. The evolution of trampoline does not stop there; it is currently associated with weight loss. Yes, it is possible to stay in shape while having fun with rebounding. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about trampolines.

Why does trampolining help with weight loss?


To feel energized, there is nothing better than adopting a fun and effective method. The benefits of trampolining to tone up are proven. That is why many gyms and fitness centers offer it to the general public. Physical therapists first used it to rehabilitate patients. Sometime later, gyms and salons adopted this practice.



Using the trampoline to keep your figure is a great idea because it allows you to get the weight you want. Simply because jumping on a mini-trampoline offers an impressive array of benefits. With or without the help of a professional, you can practice a targeted workout with this tool. Whether you train alone or in a group, you can lose weight while having fun bouncing.

Another reason is that repeating jumps on a trampoline can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. That’s the equivalent of one hour of running. Jumping on a trampoline is not harmful to your joints because the shock absorption is up to 80%. On the other hand, the tendons and ligaments work at full power. Rebounding also allows you to:

    • Gain flexibility
    • Burn fat
    • Build muscle in a harmonious way
    • Work on balance and endurance
    • Limit injuries
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Work on your cardiovascular system.

Limitations of trampoline activities


It is not recommended for pregnant women to practice this sport. This rule also applies to people who suffer from incontinence and organ descent. It is also wise to ask your doctor’s advice before practicing this activity for people with weaknesses or pain in the cervical, lumbar, ankle, and knee areas. Do you think that people in their fifties are not allowed to rebound on such equipment? Think again; rebounding even has benefits for their backs, joints, bones, eyes, and morale.

Most accidents are due to collisions, which is why it is imperative to respect the safety zone around the trampoline. It is strongly recommended that only one person use the trampoline at a time. The user must be in socks or bare feet. No objects should be present inside the safety net, which must be closed during use. Somersaults are dangerous and strictly forbidden. Do not use the trampoline in bad weather or if the jumping mat is wet.

What are the exercises to do to lose weight with a trampoline?


Like any sports activity, regularity and discipline are the keys. A daily practice of half an hour allows you to obtain a tangible result. Jumping is good for your health. If you jump with style, you’ll have even more fun. So, to lose weight, there are several easy exercises to do on the trampoline.

Are you a beginner? Jump naturally with your feet together; the fun is there. Lie down on the trampoline and do a sit-up. While jumping, make sure to bring your knee up to your hips. You can also jump from left to right and back and forth.

Are you a regular exerciser? As you jump, spread your legs outward and raise your arms to the sky. Bring your feet and hands up against your body on the second jump. It is also possible to do squats during your workout. In addition to the knee-chest, practice heel-and-butt exercises as well.

To do this, you need to follow the instructions of the fitness coaches and get the right equipment. This will motivate you to practice mini-trampoline jumping regularly.

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Amazing Fun Games For Office Lunchtime

Do you play fun games during your office lunchtime too? I just love the ambiance at my workplace during my free time! This is because we always organize interesting games to play together! Also, if you play fun games with your colleagues, then you can easily connect socially! And when you are bored, fun games are the perfect solutions to refresh and get yourself going! I use this as a technique for team building at work!


There are numerous benefits to playing fun games at the workplace, and the most important ones are listed below:

  • Enhances collaboration between employees

  • Improves communication among employees

  • Minimizes stress and anxiety

  • Boosts innovation and productivity

  • Increases confidence level

  • Stimulates creativity

  • Becoming better problem-solvers

Which interesting and relaxing games can you play during lunchtime?

Lights, Camera, Action game

Lights, Camera, and Action is a fun game that you can play in your leisure time. This game teaches you about time management and boosts your creative skills simultaneously.

How to play Lights, Camera, Action Game?

Step 1: Gather 10 to 30 participants.
Step 2: Divide the total number of participants into small groups of 4 to 6 people.
Step 3: Write different themes on a small piece of paper.
Step 4: Ask them to select a theme.
Step 5: Once all the teams select their theme, you can allocate the time for them to present their short movie. Give them a minimum of 1 hour to create a film.

Finally, all the office staff can gather in the hall and watch the movie made by each team. The judges will decide the winner based on team creativity, acting, camera work, and editing skill. Ready? Okay then! Lights, camera, action!



It improves your leadership and communication skills and also your concentration power.

How to Play Charades?

Step 1: Select themes like food items, movies, music, or even office themes.
Step 2: Teams write names or phrases related to the theme; at least three team members should know the word or phrase.
Step 3: Each group member picks the slip in turn and mimes the words before their team.
The team who can guess the exact word more than others wins the game.

Cook off game

The cook-off game is a great way to build good relations and enhance your performance. You can organize “cook offs” in different ways, for they can be judged based on time, skill, presentation, and, most importantly, taste. You can also make the challenge more fun by having it between managers and subordinates!

How to Play Cook-Off Game?

Step 1: Assign teams to cook specific food items.
Step 2: When the participants are done cooking, non-participants employees should taste the food and rate their cooking skills.

This game is perfect for you if you are a food lover like me!


Would you rather game

The would you rather game helps you to improve your communication skills and encourages you to freely express your viewpoint. The game requires 3 to 10 people to make it exciting and fun!

How to Play Would You Rather Game?

Step 1: Prepare a list of questions.
Step 2: Teammates ask slightly difficult questions to everyone in turn.

This is so educational and refreshing!

Powerpoint karaoke game

PowerPoint Karaoke will lighten your mood by creating a fun environment! I found remarkable improvements in my presentation skills with this game!

How to Play PowerPoint karaoke Game?

Step 1: Prepare presentation slides that participants have not seen before.
Step 2: Give each participant some presentation slides, and give them three minutes to present the slide.
You will be judged based on your confidence, presentation flow, and the audience’s response. May the best player win!

Trivia Night game

This game tests your general knowledge and concentration power. It also improves team members’ relationships and identifies office issues.

How to Play Trivia Night Game?

Step 1: Select a theme you want for the quiz.
For example, If you choose a building for a theme, you need to ask questions related to popular architectural structures. A quiz is available to anyone interested in or knowledgeable about your chosen theme.
Step 2: Create teams of 2 to 8 people.
Step 3: Create
different types of questions for each round.
To make the game more fun,
select a theme that is understood by most of you.


Scavenger hunt game

This game improves your time management skills, problem-solving skills and also your team spirit!

How to Play Office Scavenger Hunt Game?

You can play the game individually or in groups. If you play the game in a group, you can create a group of three to five people.

Step 1: Hide some specific items in different places.
Step 2: The participants search and gather all the hidden objects.
The team that collects
the most items wins the game. You can even separate the points based on the game’s difficulty level. For example, the items that are easy to find score fewer points, and difficult items to find score more points. Ready for the hunt, teammates?

Playing fun games during my lunch break makes me focused and productive at work! I feel at ease with my colleagues and superiors and collaborate better with them! Furthermore, I feel motivated to go to work every day! Are you ready to take a break from the mundane office hours? I chose the Trivia night game for this Friday! Which one did you like? Please share your comments below!

Cycling : A Healthy Hobby

Temperatures are rising, the sun is occasionally peeking through the clouds, the nights are getting longer, and we are spending more time outdoors. It’s time to get out the bike!

But why should you make cycling a hobby? Let’s find out together!

1) Cycling Helps Prevent Diseases

Cycling reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Besides, cycling has a positive effect on the blood. The composition of the blood changes and flows faster with cycling and increased heart rate. Blood vessels become more flexible, stronger and less likely to clog.

2) Cycling Helps You Sleep Better

Studies have shown that a little bit of cycling every day helps us sleep better: just 30 minutes of cycling a day can put us to sleep faster and even an hour longer. Being outdoors and getting more sunlight helps people find their natural sleep rhythms. In addition, sunlight reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which contributes to good sleep.

3) Cycling Has a “Brain Effect”

Cycling benefits not only the body but the brain as well. Cycling increases blood flow to the brain, meaning more oxygen reaches the brain. As a result, more proteins are produced to build new brain cells. In addition, cycling allows different brain parts to communicate better with each other, enhancing cognitive abilities. In other words, it improves intuitive skills related to the human mind, intelligence, and cognition.

4) A Good Social Activity

Of course, cycling alone is great, but cycling with friends is also very nice. You can chat, laugh, and listen to each other while cycling. In this regard, cycling with a friend can help! For instance, cycling together quickly creates a bond despite the wind and weather, and social contact is vital for emotional well-being.

5) Cycling Is Relaxing and a Good Stress Management Tool

While cycling, you can think about other things for a while. Long rides relax the mind. It works on the whole body and the senses: it gives your body and breathing a rest, as well as your head. Cycling helps relieve stress, and substances such as endorphins and serotonin are produced during cycling. These substances provide a sense of well-being.

6) Cycling Is Effective in Combating Obesity

Cycling is a great way to lose excess weight; did you know that 10 minutes of cycling can burn about 97 calories? Cycling is an exercise that is not hard on the joints. The movements are fluid and regular. If you already have a little weight, cycling is also a great option. There is no strain on your knees and ankles since most of your weight is on the saddle.

Free photos of Girl

7) Cycling Promotes Muscle Development

Cycling involves more than just using your legs and feet to turn the pedals. It also uses many other muscles for maneuvering, balancing, supporting the body, and putting in the extra effort. Regular pedaling does a lot of work in building muscles; just 30 minutes or an hour of pedaling a day is already enough to build good condition and strong muscles.

8) Cycling Is Anytime, Anywhere

Cycling is super accessible. The ease of use gets you on your bike even faster. You can even get on your bike when you plan to go out, so you can still exercise without wasting time. Also, you can get to more places by bicycle than by car. Besides, there are many places that many people have yet to discover, and they can do so by bike!

Do you enjoy cycling? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!