5 Essential Elements To Produce A Quality Video

A video can contain a lot of information. Because of the gestures and the quality of the images transmitted, the messages conveyed by a video are easy to remember. Thus, to seduce your customers, you must produce a quality video that will depend largely on the quality of the sound, the light, the decor, the camera setting, and the editing. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about producing a video.

1. The quality of the sound


As a reminder, a video is an audiovisual production. Moreover, it is a means of communication widely used by the general public as well as by companies. But it is important to know that sound is an important criterion and greatly influences the quality of the video.

Indeed, even if the image is impeccable, the viewer will always zap a video with rather unpleasant background noises. To avoid this problem, you must isolate the recording room. This soundproofing allows you to block interior and exterior noises. You can use different methods such as adding mass, muffling or sealing air holes to do.

2. Adjusting the light

A successful video depends greatly on the lighting. So, to achieve a quality shot, you can play with daylight and enhance it with lighting system kits such as LED video lights and studio slave lights if you shoot in a recording studio. This lighting system can provide various types of backdrops. For this purpose, 3-point lighting is an example of the light configuration. It consists of playing the 3 types of lights, including:

    • The main lighting that will illuminate the room,
    • The fill light removes shadows
    • Backlighting to separate you from the background.

3. The backgrounds of the shot


Captured in your recording to constitute the shot of your video, the backgrounds of a place should not be neglected. To do this, you must vary them or change the colors of the walls. You can choose various places as shots or backgrounds. The main thing is that they are in harmony with the theme and subject of your video.

4. Setting up cameras

Among the audiovisual equipment, a camera is the main tool in making a video. A manual camera provides more precision and has various adjustment buttons. The aperture allows you to manage the depth of field to obtain a variety of image styles. For example, a larger aperture gives a shallow field depth and enhances the subject being shot.

In fact, this feature gives you the ability to blur the background, resulting in a sharp rendering of the subject. Thus, this method of shooting will give you good image quality. However, when you want to highlight the surroundings or the entire room, you should opt for a smaller aperture. In terms of equipment, although the camera has an aperture, it is strongly recommended to use external photographic lenses.

5. Editing the video


After shooting, a series of assembly of several video captures is necessary to make a complete video. This is done using video editing software. In addition to the assembly system, this device allows you to delete some sequences, and add transitions and more or less varied effects to bring out the emotions.

Currently, there are several video editing programs available on the web, including Movavi video, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc. To make things easier for you, contact an audiovisual company directly. They will do the editing and make the necessary changes before broadcasting the video.

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Understanding the Commercial Appeal Of Thai BL Series In 2022

One of the many homosexual romances that are Thailand’s hottest cultural export. Known locally as “Y-series” and globally as “Boys’ Love” (BL), these soap operas are about to rival South Korean telenovelas in terms of ratings in Asia and beyond. Some people view BL as Thailand’s soft power and believe it is improving the image of the Southeast Asian country on a global scale in a similar way to how the yoga boom improved India’s or South Korea’s.

Senior researcher Poowin Bunyavejchewin studied BL while working at the Institute of East Asian Studies at Thammasat University in Bangkok. He argues that if the genre were able to capture foreign audiences, “it would be a revenue generator with great potential.” However, BL’s success is by no means a given. Thailand is a socially conservative country with a sizable Muslim minority and a Buddhist majority. The military-backed dictatorship, notorious for deploying oppressive regulations to stifle politically progressive movements, is not overjoyed about the nation’s growing international reputation as a producer of LGBT television.

This isn’t just about the growth of an entertainment genre. Thomas Baudinette, a cultural anthropologist at Macquarie University in Sydney, credits BL with an “emancipatory, very positively framed and romantic portrayal of love between men.” In this sense, a setback for BL is a setback for LGBT representation. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about the appeal of Thai bl series.

The evolution of the Boys’ Love series


BL originated in 1970s Japan when women created homoerotic manga, or yaoi, for other women. Some yaoi were commercially successful and were adapted into anime. In the 1990s, publishers began producing yaoi for the mass market. With the advent of the Internet, yaoi has crossed borders. The first Thai BL dramas were filmed in 2014; the genre didn’t start to take off until the COVID-19 pandemic tied many people to their devices at home, looking for new content to stream.

The romantic college comedy 2gether, which first aired in 2020, was BL’s flagship and garnered at least 100 million views on the defunct Thai streaming platform LINE TV. It found fans in socially conservative countries like China and Indonesia and as far afield as Latin America. BL’s escape scenarios and vaguely androgynous actors were an instant hit, with viewers trying to distract themselves from a new, depressing reality of confinement, masked coercion, social distancing, and quarantine.

The success of 2gether prompted South Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam producers to try their hand at the genre. In June 2021, the Investment Promotion Authority of Thailand helped attract 360 million baht ($10.7 million) in foreign investment for BL. That may be a modest sum by Hollywood standards, but it represents BL’s new, export-oriented mindset.

Boy-love and social conservatism


But outbursts of “moral hysteria” will hurt BL’s chances to flourish in the world, Poowin warns. At first glance, Thailand is LGBT-friendly. Its tourism economy is renowned for welcoming the pink dollar, and it has made efforts to become the first nation in the area to allow same-sex unions. When the Thai government bragged about its efforts to pitch BL to foreign producers, it downplayed same-sex love and instead spoke coyly of the “interesting and unique storylines and talented actors” in BL.

However, proponents of same-sex marriage still have many obstacles to overcome. A huge homophobic outcry resulted from marriage equality supporter Tattep Ruangprapaikitseree kissing his boyfriend on the steps of Parliament in December 2019. Societal tolerance toward the LGBT community “exhibits significant limits,” according to a 2021 Human Rights Watch report.

Being gay, according to Poowin, goes against the Thai government’s interpretation of national identity, but because BL has the potential to generate cash, it is tolerated for the time being. “Given the social mores considered part of Thai identity, the government monitors [BL] series and makes sure they don’t cross the red line,” he says.

BL creators take care not to take advantage of their good fortune. They are also criticized by members of the Thai LGBTQ community who claim the genre promotes a soft-focus view of what it means to be homosexual and does not accurately depict the systemic prejudice LGBT people experience in the country. Other BL series have not been afraid to cover societal themes, including drug use, political protest, and corruption.

Nuttapong believes the genre has a real chance to change the culture by going mainstream. Through BL, he says, socially conservative viewers “might discover that there is more love like this in modern society, that it’s not abnormal, that there’s nothing wrong with it, and that it’s no longer considered a taboo. In other words, because of its commercial appeal, BL can increase LGBT visibility in places with no queer representation.

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Top 5 Reasons To Watch Moonlight

“Honey, what are we watching tonight?” After hours of arguing, because neither of them knows what to do for dinner, as soon as it’s time to relax, the discord is all the more significant as soon as the remote control is in their hands and the TV is ready to be turned on. Come on; there’s no reason to make a separate screen. We flipped through all the channels, flipped through all the TV programs, and admired all the news on our favorite streaming sites, to bring you the Oscar-winning movie: Moonlight.

Yes, it is not recent; it was released in theaters in 2016 and has made a mark since it was nominated 8 times at the 2017 Oscars… Including a nomination for best film of the year. Among the 8 nominations, the film won 3 Oscars! The one for best film, best supporting actor, and best-adapted screenplay.

After growing up in a tough Miami neighborhood, a young man named Chiron tries to find his place in the world. Moonlight is about his journey from childhood to adulthood… So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our 5 reasons why you should watch Moonlight.

1. A quest for identity


During the film’s promotion, the actor confided, “Black is an introverted and disturbed man who hides his true identity because he fears to reveal his true face to others. The title Moonlight refers to the light that sometimes shines in the darkness or illuminates things we are afraid to show.

All of us, at one time or another, have had to fight like Chiron, whether for a short time or a lifetime. So, a constant search for identity reminds us that we’ve all been there. And anyone who claims not to have built a shell is living in darkness.”

2. A commonplace story, but not so commonplace

This is a banal story; after all, this film is just telling the life of one person. But what a life! And who said that you need an extraordinary story to make a great movie? Let’s take Marriage Story as an example, which impressed us even though it was “only” a story about divorce. But it is these scenarios that take us and make us feel things. And we ask for more.

3. An excellent acting


3 actors, 3 different moments of life, and a result that impresses us. The three actors who interpret Chiron are great! Whether it is Little (Alex R. Hibbert), Chiron (Ashton Sanders), or Black (Trevante Rhodes), they deliver an authentic and touching performance. We also think of Naomie Harris, who plays a neglectful mother to her child, Andre Holland as Kevin, and Mahershala Ali as the surrogate father-player who makes this film so impactful.

4. Catchy music 

To accompany the actors and the script, it was necessary to have music that could match the images of the film. And it is a successful challenge for Nicholas Britell, the composer behind the sublime tracks of this film. If we must retain one track, it is “The middle of the world,” testifying to the centrifugal force of a work with multiple facets, traveling here and there between love and darkness, the violence of the blows of a changing world, and the emotional cracks of a man in the grip of existential doubt.

5. A breathtaking scenography 


What transports us in this film, in addition to the scenario, is the atmosphere around. The blue of the moonlight, which is declined in several shades during the different scenes of the film- the blue of the sea when he learns to swim as a child, the blue of the sky at night- creates a striking atmosphere. These are the colors that create a captivating intimacy that sucks us into this story. So that you can have a glimpse of it, we let you discover the trailer! All the more reason to go see it on Netflix…

Final thoughts

Moonlight is one of those movies that everyone should way at least one in their life, even if you are not queer black, or from the hood. In my book, it is a universal story about self-discovery and resilience. As a queer person of color who grew up in an underfunded (to not say poor) neighborhood, this movie hit close to home and had me balling my eyes out, and this is why we can’t help but recommend it to everyone.

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Top 8 Good Reasons To Do An Escape Room With Colleagues 

Among the new trendy leisure activities, a game has taken an important dimension these last years. You can now find escape games everywhere in the United States and of all kinds. The goal is to escape from a room in less than 60 minutes by following the different clues, generally in order to solve a story.

In teams, players are plunged into fantasy or science fiction worlds. The phenomenon has become so widespread that companies are now interested in this game to improve cohesion between employees. We are going to list the 8 good reasons to play an escape game with your colleagues.

1. Get to know your partners


At work, everyone is focused on his activity in order to be productive. You have to be focused and get results to avoid being fired. Interactions between colleagues are, therefore, friendly but professional. Everyone is respectful but doesn’t display all the characteristics of their personality on a daily basis. In the end, you don’t know the people you work with.

2. Discover the personality of your colleagues or collaborators

Outside of work, people are more likely to discover and share their personalities with each other. All the more so in an environment of intellectual stimulation and fun. An escape game is perfect for team building because it can allow you to know the affinities of each person and to reveal yourself to others in a different light. You will be able to detect different profiles, such as the one with the soul of a leader or the funny one of the group.

3. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each person


In addition to each participant’s personality, an escape game is a good way to discover hidden skills and qualities. Your job may not show all your skills. However, in a game like this one, you will be able to highlight them and see how others adapt to the situation. Especially since many themes are addressed during an escape game: adventure, horror, and action … (more details on the website Escape game The Game).

Some may have an eagle eye, while others will be the kings of riddles and mental calculation. Playing an escape game with colleagues also allows you to compensate for each other’s weaknesses with a more intimate approach to human relations.

4. Improve group cohesion

Escape games also have the ability to improve group cohesion and morale. Like a seminar, a group of employees get to know each other and develop affinities that have an impact on the quality of their understanding in the professional context.

5. Increased communication


Communication is key to successfully completing the challenge in any escape game mission. Failure to communicate is almost synonymous with defeat for the group. Participants must share everything so that nothing is left to chance. Something you may have thought was unnecessary turns out to be important by talking about it with your teammates. This will improve communication in work projects, increasing everyone’s productivity.

6. The collective at the heart of the game

The escape game is also a solution to forge a solid and united group. The group becomes one to solve the puzzles by outdoing each other. Everyone helps each other to advance until victory (or defeat). Participants experience the same emotions. Everyone brings their piece to the puzzle to share a good time. Colleagues will be more united than ever in the escape game as in the professional world.

7. Soothe conflicts and socialize


It is possible that there is a tense atmosphere in your office. Some colleagues can’t stand each other because of a project. Others stay on the fringe of the group and can’t integrate properly. The escape game is a solution to these problems. People can learn to participate directly in the group. No one can be left out. Conflicts can also be solved around the discovery of a common clue.

8. Relaxation and fun

Of course, the escape game is, above all, a way to relax and enjoy your time off. This leisure activity will brighten up a good afternoon with lively discussions about your experience as well as strong emotions during the game. Not everything is work-related. You may find your new best friend among your colleagues. You need to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Moreover, participating in an escape game can also boost morale and improve self-confidence. A victory is always appreciated and gives a positive ego boost. You and your colleagues will be able to recall the best moments of the game, from the hilarious joke to the stressful part. All these reasons make that playing a leisure activity between colleagues allows increasing productivity and the bonds in a work team. The escape game is an ideal activity for all types of people, with themes that can satisfy any imagination.

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Top 4 BL series That You Ought To Watch

As a queer person, I tend to search for queer media, and this is how I stumbled on BL when I was 16 and was discovering my sexuality. BL is an abbreviation for boys love, and it is a genre of tv-series/movies that focuses on the queer male relationship, and it has a growing fan base out there. Having said this, there are a plethora of BL out there of all genres and hailing from many countries. There is something for everyone out there.

Let’s be honest, this is a list that I created, and it is my recommendation, and this isn’t a comprehensive list of what BL you should or should not watch. But as an avid BL watcher, I have watched my fair share of queer movies/series, and this list is some of my recommendations. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the BL series/movies that you ought to watch at least once.

1. Your Name Engraved herein



This is one of my favorite movies ever, but fair warning, it isn’t for everyone; if you don’t like sad or ambiguous endings, then you should pass this one. As a queer person, this movie hits close to home, which is why I resonated so much with it. My best friend and I watched this movie over 5 times at this point, and we cry every time because of it. And yes, you can stream it on Netflix.

Set in Taiwan after the reversal of Marshal law, Your name engraved Herein follows the story of two teenagers, Jia-hand and Birdie. Follow them as they discover their sexuality and learn how they could or don’t with this. Prepare for the waterworks and grab a box of tissue in preparation for this movie. If you want to read more about this, and here I rave about this movie, click here.

2. Bad buddy


If you are a fiend for the trope enemies-to-lovers, then this movie is for you. It follows Par and Pran, two neighbors whose parents are in constant rivalry with each other and teach their kids to hate each other. But, the kids stray from their parents, befriend each other, and ultimately fall in love. This is a series that you can watch on YouTube, and you will definitely love it.

Bud Buddy’s creator said that they wanted to create the best Bl series ever and let me tell you, they didn’t underdeliver on their promise. It is a delightful romantic comedy. It stars two heartthrobs at the head, and this is what makes it a top-tier bl. It also strays and dismantles popular BL tropes that can at times be offensive, and this is why this series is up there for me. This series is a breeze of fresh air if you ask us, which is why it is a must-watch.

3. Kinnporshce


Okay, this series is not over yet, but it is one of those series that everyone should watch. If you love mafia drama and gay things, then this is the drama for you. You can stream it for free on one31 and watch the uncensored version on IQIYI (we recommend you support the series through this, and you can watch exclusive content here). This series has a 21+ rating and delivers on all that the spicy scenes in the series are of high quality.

Some of my favorite characters from the show are Pete, Tankhun, Vegas, Macau, Arm, and Pol. Come watch the series for the main couple (Kinnporsche) but stay for the second couple (VegasPete) and all the shenanigan that follows. The series is not only a mafia series, but we also get peaks of comedy thanks to characters like Tankhun and his bodyguards (Pete, Pol, and Arm). So, give this series a go and tell you if you are obsessed with these characters like us.

4. A Tale Of Thousand Stars



This is another series you can watch on YouTube, and it is another phenomenal series you ought to watch. Every single episode will have you in your feelings, and this is one of the most phenomenal Bls out there, both in terms of cinematography and acting; Earth and Mixx play their parts to the T. This BL will make you smile ear to ear and cry from one scene to the next.

It is an action pack series with a lot of drama and action and is filled with emotions and adrenaline, and it features some pretty powerful scenes. All the characters feel authentic, and their relationship does not solely define them, and this is why it sets this show apart from others. Both leads are rounded characters and live well-rounded lives, and they come from different backgrounds, and their stories and backstories are explored in depth.

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Who Is Still Playing Monopoly in 2022?

Monopoly is a board game of American origin created by Charles Darrow in 1933 published by Hasbro. With the goal of ruining opponents through real estate transactions, the game symbolizes capitalism and Monopoly.

Monopoly is known worldwide and exists in multiple versions. Always in the air of time, the game can be played in family, between adults, and between enthusiasts. It has been a huge success in the world since 1935.

The players and the principle of the game


The game of Monopoly can start when at least two players are present. The number of players is limited to eight. The more players there are, the longer the game will last. The goal of the game? To make as much money as possible before the end of the game, buying and selling real estate and driving the competitors into bankruptcy. Players take turns rolling the dice (2 six-sided dice).

Who starts the game?


To find out who starts the game, each player rolls the dice. The player with the most points goes first. After the dice are rolled, the player moves his piece clockwise to the square corresponding to the number on both sides of the dice. If the player lands on a property (station, land, or utility company) that does not belong to anyone else, they can buy it.

Other squares include luck square, community chest, departure square, malus (luxury tax, income tax, go to jail), and neutral squares (free park, simple visit). Each square has a corresponding action to perform. If the property already belongs to one of his opponents, the player must pay the rent set on the property card.

The versions of Monopoly


Since the game was created, several new, more modern versions have been launched on the board game market. There is Monopoly Fortnite edition, Monopoly gamer edition Marion kart, Monopoly electronic edition, Monopoly Europe edition, Monopoly Star Wars edition, Monopoly Disney-Pixar edition, Monopoly Pokémon edition, Monopoly soccer edition, and many more. The Monopoly Junior edition is also a simplified version dedicated to children over 5 years old.

It can be said that with the many versions of Monopoly, people of all ages can play the game. For the fans of the game, an annual contest is held in the United States, and there are even national championships. The winners can participate in tournaments organized by Hasbro.

According to the rules imposed by Hasbro, the number of participants in the official tournaments must be at least 24, the game must last two rounds, and the players must follow the official rules of Monopoly. The world championships are held every four or six years. For national tournaments, it depends on the country. The same goes for registration and player selection processes.

In short, Monopoly is a popular game that people of all ages can play. Parents can play at home with their children. Fans of the game can always visit Hasbro’s website to see the schedule of upcoming world tournaments or check with local tournament hosts.

An educational tool


After three years of experimentation with groups of young people, the game has been available for sale since Monday, January 10, 2022. It is part of an educational toolbox dedicated to inequality. It costs 55 $ for the classic kit (3 to 6 players) and 150 $ for the school kit (to play with up to 35 students), including several resources (animation guide, educational booklet, book, and web documentaries) on inequality.

Designed as an extension of the classic Monopoly, the game contains ten character cards and 37 event cards (maternity, unemployment, homophobia in companies, racism, piston, or health). Those of our society has replaced the rules of the game: players from disadvantaged social categories will advance less quickly…

Some players will start the game with heritage and, often, as in real life, women will win less than men by passing through the starting box. Each child plays a character that does not resemble them so as not to stigmatize them. They are trying to make people understand that inequalities are not inevitable. Social disparity then becomes concrete.

All the rules are “explained, justified and sourced”. We learn, for example, that 2.3 million people live in poor housing conditions; that 7% of people believe that homosexuality is a “perversion that must be fought”; that 3.5 hours a day is the time that women spend on average on domestic chores, compared to 2 hours for men.  

Inequality Monopoly is just fantastic for the simple reason that you can address severe and important issues in a fun way and in a way that makes young people want to care about the subject. The players are led to understand that inequalities are not inevitable. It is necessary to generate a debate among participants after the game on what already exists and what could be done to reduce” the disparities.

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All-Time Best Motivational Books to Inspire You

Life is not always easy, a bit like a roller coaster ride. As we go through the high and low points, there are various ups and downs.

Accepting that there will unavoidably be roadblocks and obstacles in pursuing our goals makes life a little simpler. This is why having a few additional sources of inspiration, such as motivational books, is always a good idea.

The books mentioned below were chosen because they can assist you in achieving this goal. These books will force you to rethink your current beliefs and grow in unexpected ways.


1. Man’s Search For Meaning By Victor E. Frankl

In this book, the psychiatrist Viktor Frankl talks about his time in Nazi death camps and what he learned about spiritual survival. Frankl tries to show us that avoiding suffering is unrealistic. However, we retain the option to go forward with newfound purpose by selecting how we cope with pain and the meaning we attach to these sufferings.

This is undoubtedly a book from which anyone can benefit. Man’s Search for Meaning has been named one of America’s most influential novels, with over 10 million copies sold in twenty-four different languages.

If you are looking for motivational literature, this book is for you. It will help you learn about the importance of giving meaning to your suffering.

2. You Are A Badass By Jen Sincero

If I had to choose among all motivational books, I would choose this one. The author provides us with little exercises that allow the readers to determine the attitudes and habits that add to your limit without you knowing.

Jen’s purpose is to assist her readers in seeing why they have evolved particular thought and behaviour patterns. She does not only help you to identify the problems but also advises on how you can solve them. Her advice is filled with humour through which she motivates the readers. She encourages us to concentrate on what we can change and accept what we can’t. 

It takes a fresh and humorous approach to encourage and motivate its readers, and anyone who wants to delve into a good book will appreciate this one.

3. The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

This book is one among the most famous written by Paulo Coelho, and I guess it is because it is a unique journey through self-discovery. The best-sellers are the best combination of wisdom and spiritualism.

This novel follows the adventure of a young shepherd boy who wants to explore the world to pursue wealth but finds a very different form of treasure than he expected.

Overall, this book inspires us to follow our hearts, realize our unique life prospects, and pursue our passions.

4. The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz

The author uses this book to tell the readers about the different ways we hold ourselves back through our beliefs, and at the same time, these steal our happiness. This book gives an enlightened code of behaviour that transmits its knowledge to its readers in an easy-to-understand way.

The Four Agreements fosters self-reflection and striving for excellence in our daily lives. This is why the book has sold more than 6 million copies in the United States alone and has been a New York Times best-seller for more than 8 years.

5. Choose Yourself by James Altucher

Choose Yourself by James Altucher is one of the greatest motivational books accessible. According to James, the most valuable thing we have is ourselves, in which we should devote the greatest time, effort, and resources. This book is about how investing in ourselves and our growth may help us attain success.

This book will surely motivate and inspire you to invest in developing your skills, and it will be a wonderful resource for anybody with a business mindset. Let us know in the comments what are your fave motivational books….


Are books becoming obsolete?

I love reading, and I read virtually anything, from graphic novels to manga to new adult romance books, I’ve been reading since the age of five, and it is my way to escape my problem. So, naturally, I did a degree, and master’s in English and linguistics, and if it were up to me, then I would never let physical copies of books die out. Currently, I have around 500 books in my personal library, and while some are purely for academia, others are just for fun, and I pride myself on my graphic novel collection. With digitalization, screens have become our real companion. And we wonder if the book still has its place in our time.

The continuity of book sales


In spite of the development of digital screens, the sale of paper books resists. Obviously, a decline has been noted in the number of sales according to the national union of publishing. It recorded a decrease of 2.52% between the years 2017 and 2018. Yet, the price has not been revised downwards since the book keeps for a very long time, while electronic consoles can be damaged with all the data. In addition, the sale of books has been improved to attract the attention of readers. Thus, there are currently different paper books formats, such as the pocket format and the use of online sales.

The number of bookstore shoppers


Although the Internet can answer all our questions, the use of the library is inevitable. Indeed, paper books have been meticulously worked and approved, especially in the bookstore. They have gone through certain formalities before being exposed to the general public. Thus, the veracity of the information is irrefutable. Similarly, reading paper books remain a trustworthy source of reliable and relevant information for students and researchers. As for the Internet, some information out there is not always credible. Indeed, anyone can publish what they want without having been subjected to a legal test.

Moreover, with the modernization, the bookstore has been changed into a real living space by integrating several services. So, on the spot, you can drink coffee and take some things to eat. This stimulates your concentration even more. Moreover, to better serve you, some owners set up a digital console that will facilitate the search for a book.

Maintaining good habits


A library in the heart of a house is always appreciated despite the advance in technology. Some people make it an interior decoration, which translates into increased book sales. Others are truly passionate about reading and are proud of their home library. In addition, there are people who like to collect books and make them a treasure. Not only at home, but also in a school, the presence of a library shows that books still have an important place in society. Finally, reading is also a leisure activity. Thus, many people are used to reading in their free time, as it has a relaxing effect. Also, some people read to get back to sleep quickly.

The ebook and its formats


Digitization seduces many people since its use provides more comfort. Faced with this, the production of the ebook has been set up to follow the digital trend. The ebook adapts to different high-end technological devices ranging from laptops to the IPAD through tablets. Moreover, it can be declined in several formats such as PDF (Portable Document Publication), epub (electronic publication), epub Fixed Layout, etc. In terms of sales, a study conducted in 2018-2019 found that the sale of the digital-book constitutes 8.42% of the turnover of book producing companies.

The organization of writing competitions and the proliferation of professions related to reading


The passion for books can be seen through the distribution of prizes during writing contests. Indeed, only book lovers manage to get the stars. Schools always organize this type of contest to promote reading among young people. Besides the librarian, the journalist, and the bookseller, the web solicits in part the creativity of book lovers. The web editor, the graphic designer, and the proofreader are examples. These jobs consist in arousing the interest of Internet users for the launch of products through the websites of companies.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what your favorite book is.


3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Your Name Engraved Herein!

Your Name Engraved Herein is an award-winning Taiwanese movie that was released in September 2020 in Taiwan and was globally released in December 2020. It holds the record for the most-liked Queer Taiwanese movie in 2020 and was a smash hit at the box office with NT$100 million. It will soon be queer a cult classic like Brokeback Mountain and Call me by your name. If you are bored of old cliché and tropes abundant in Hollywood, I recommend this movie.



Your Name Engraved Herein is rich with the political history of Taiwan with the universal message that love is love. Set in 1980’s Taiwan, this movie takes place after martial law has been removed. It follows the lives of two male students, Chang Jia-han or A-han (played by Edward Chen) and Bo Te or Birdy (portrayed by Tseng Jing-Hua), how they fall in love, deals with family, and societal pressure and homophobia. Your Name Engraved Herein takes place in a Catholic school where our protagonists become quick friends and develop more intense feelings for each other.

Despite their mutual pinning, the pair hesitate to act upon their attraction because of their religious background and societal backdrop that plague queer people in the movie. The introduction of a co-ed system after the death of President Ching-Kuo creates tension in their dynamic. Plagued by conflict and societal exceptions, the pair has to face the world together or break their relationship to fit in. Stream the movie on Netflix to see their story blossom, be prepared for the waterworks because this movie will ruin you emotionally.



Spoilers warning for the rest of this post. The story is inspired by the life and relationship of the director, Patrick Liu. He tells Time Magazine that 80% of A-han’s experience is based on his real-life experience; the movie is supposed to be about his first love and its trial and tribulations. He didn’t intend to create a queer movie; it just so happened that his first love was a boy falling in love with another boy. Liu wanted to create something more intimate with Your Name Engraved Herein, and he bore his heart and soul in the script, and the brilliant performance of the actors highlighted this.

Liu teamed up with one of his old classmates, Arthur Chu, who produced the movie and was familiar with Liu’s first love. The story is, in essence, what happened to Liu with some dramatization because it was for the big screen. Central plot points like the love triangle and confiding to the school priest really happened, which makes the fantastic and unforgettable of the film. It shows us raw human interactions.

Why the movie is so great


The movie starts with a quote from the song of Solomon 8:7- “many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.” This sets into motion the movie’s driving force: the tension between one’s faith and sexuality. Set in one of the few countries in Asia that recognize same-sex marriage, the film doesn’t show us that but instead shows us a time during which being gay was frowned upon and could even land you in jail.

A-man and Birdy have a natural chemistry on screen, and you want them to end up together. However, the movie ends ambiguously after a time skip of 20 years where our protagonists are finally reunited for the death of Father Oliver. This rekindles their old romance, but we don’t get a definitive answer if they end up together or not. It is quite refreshing because we don’t always see enough movies with realistic endings where characters are allowed to be human beings and have a realistic ending.

The characters are not exceptionally written and are also well-rounded figures, and this is emphasized by the actors’ craft. One of the most emotionally charged moments of the film is when A-han confides with Father Oliver about his relationship with Birdy. The two have a lengthy conversation about God, religion, love, sexuality, and lust. One of the most piercing scenes is when A-han uses Bible verses to show how his queerness is normal:

“Didn’t He say, “Whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life”?… Didn’t He say, “Ask and it shall be given to you? Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and the door shall be opened”? I’ve been knocking so hard. Why doesn’t He hear it?”

Word enough can’t do this scene justice; you have to watch it to feel the emotions. It speaks about the queer experience in conservative Asian society, which I was part of as a first-generation Indian kid who immigrated from Chennai to New York; generational trauma and homophobia are alive and well in today’s society. I’m proof of that because my parents disowned me after I came out. This is why this film resonates so much with. Let’s not forget about the beautiful score of Your Name Engraved Herein, one of them is even sung by Edward Chen.

Visit the locations where the film was shot.


Your Name Engraved Herein is famous bl (boys love) movie in 2020 is one of those beautifully filmed movies and evokes the painful reality of being queer in a religious and conservative country. The first part of the movie, which takes place as martial law, ends in the country in 1987, and the latter part of the movie, when the time skip happens, takes place in Quebec, Canada. The story follows two students, A-han (Edward Chen) and Birdy (Tseng Jing-Hua), who they fall in love with and society’s attitude towards queer people. Another marvelous quote from Your Name Engraved Herein is from a conversation between A-han and father Oliver. This is where our protagonist says:

“So you can like girls, but I can’t like boys?

Is your love bigger than the love I give?

Tell me. What’s the difference between your love and mine? Tell me the difference!”

If you are some who identities as queer and trans and grew up religious, then this quote should resonate deeply with you. This is a very raw and emotional movie that is emphasized by our protagonist’s actions. If you want to visit the country and where the film was shot, then you can visit the school on which the school of the film was based, which is the Viator catholic high school.

Watch Your Name Engraved Herein and sound off in the comments below to tell us if you loved this movie as much as I did. I’d like to end this post from Patrick Liu, who tells us that:

“[We] are allowed to love, [we] are not guilty” and hope that with the international release of the movie, we’ll see more queer movies that explore the life and journey of different people and their queerness.


The Perfect Hobby: Watching Movies

As someone who did a degree in English with a minor in Queer and Film studies, I can tell you that I’ve watched my fair share of movies in my life, and I’m a self-proclaimed movie buff and watch movies like it’s nobody’s business. These past two years, with the on and off lockdowns and the pandemic raging on, I watched more movies than I can count, some better than others and others which were bottom of the barrel bad, He’s All That and The Kissing Booth series am talking about you.

These are the things that movies have taught me, and studies conducted on human behavior have shown how our worldview and how we see things are shaped by cinema because cinema gives us a glimpse of the world we live in.

You learn History



Films can shape how we view the world and treat others, cinema plays a great role in how we view the world we inhabit, and by watching more diverse movies, we learn to become more compassionate. Movies do their fair share to tell us the history of marginalized voices and the history of people that have been silenced and erased from history books. I have learned so much about queer history through queer movies like 120 BPM or Pride; one of my favorite quotes from pride is:

“Now, there is a long and honorable tradition in the gay community and it has stood us in good stead for a very long time. When somebody calls you a name… You take it and you own it!” 

Movies like these teach us the history of those who came before us, and for the gay community, this is monumental because we have been erased and shunned to the sidelines for the majority of history. This quote is a testimony of the resistance of our community and how we reclaimed terms that were used against us as badges of honors. As my grandma used to tell me, it’s not what you’re called but what you respond to that matters.

They give you the feels.


your name engraved herein1

We all know the saying laughter is the best medicine by now, but so is crying, and movies allow us to express all these emotions; we become so emotionally invested with the characters that we feel their hurt and cry when they cry. Research carried out by Oxford University suggests that good movies positively affect our brains, boost up endorphins, and increase pain tolerance will ultimately make you feel better. If you want to have a cry feast, you ought to watch The Notebook, Marriage story, or my current favorite movie, Your Name Engraved Herein. One of the most heartbreaking quotes from this movie is:

So you can like girls, but I can’t like boys?

Is your love bigger than the love I give?

Tell me. What’s the difference between your love and mine? Tell me the difference!”


It’s better to go through this movie blind because it will destroy you, stream it now on Netflix. Films can be a safe space for us and can express things that we can’t express ourselves and can be a sort of escapism while at the same time being representative of our life experiences.

They drive social change.


As argued earlier, films shape how we view the world and interact with others; they also shape our way of thinking and inspire social change. It teaches us empathy, raises politically charged questions and makes us experience things that we would otherwise not understand or go through. Movies make us see the world through the lens of another, making us more comprehensive of other people’s journeys and struggles.

“You want change without sacrifice, you want peace without struggle. The World Doesn’t work that way” – Allegiant.

This can be anything from horror movies like Get Out, to superhero movies like Black Panther and Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, to films inspired from real life like Bombshell and Twelve Years of Slaves; these movies show us a more bleak and realistic picture of the world and all the atrocities minorities have to endure in this white heteronormative patriarchal world we live in.

Cinema drives social changes and makes us more aware of what’s happening globally, from the gay rights movement to the civil rights movement to Black Lives Matter to Timesup. Cinema was created for entertainment but is now a vehicle for social change.

Sound off in the comments section below and give us some movie recommendations and tell us a bit about your favorite movies.