Who Is Still Playing Monopoly in 2022?

Monopoly is a board game of American origin created by Charles Darrow in 1933 published by Hasbro. With the goal of ruining opponents through real estate transactions, the game symbolizes capitalism and Monopoly.

Monopoly is known worldwide and exists in multiple versions. Always in the air of time, the game can be played in family, between adults, and between enthusiasts. It has been a huge success in the world since 1935.

The players and the principle of the game


The game of Monopoly can start when at least two players are present. The number of players is limited to eight. The more players there are, the longer the game will last. The goal of the game? To make as much money as possible before the end of the game, buying and selling real estate and driving the competitors into bankruptcy. Players take turns rolling the dice (2 six-sided dice).

Who starts the game?


To find out who starts the game, each player rolls the dice. The player with the most points goes first. After the dice are rolled, the player moves his piece clockwise to the square corresponding to the number on both sides of the dice. If the player lands on a property (station, land, or utility company) that does not belong to anyone else, they can buy it.

Other squares include luck square, community chest, departure square, malus (luxury tax, income tax, go to jail), and neutral squares (free park, simple visit). Each square has a corresponding action to perform. If the property already belongs to one of his opponents, the player must pay the rent set on the property card.

The versions of Monopoly


Since the game was created, several new, more modern versions have been launched on the board game market. There is Monopoly Fortnite edition, Monopoly gamer edition Marion kart, Monopoly electronic edition, Monopoly Europe edition, Monopoly Star Wars edition, Monopoly Disney-Pixar edition, Monopoly Pokémon edition, Monopoly soccer edition, and many more. The Monopoly Junior edition is also a simplified version dedicated to children over 5 years old.

It can be said that with the many versions of Monopoly, people of all ages can play the game. For the fans of the game, an annual contest is held in the United States, and there are even national championships. The winners can participate in tournaments organized by Hasbro.

According to the rules imposed by Hasbro, the number of participants in the official tournaments must be at least 24, the game must last two rounds, and the players must follow the official rules of Monopoly. The world championships are held every four or six years. For national tournaments, it depends on the country. The same goes for registration and player selection processes.

In short, Monopoly is a popular game that people of all ages can play. Parents can play at home with their children. Fans of the game can always visit Hasbro’s website to see the schedule of upcoming world tournaments or check with local tournament hosts.

An educational tool


After three years of experimentation with groups of young people, the game has been available for sale since Monday, January 10, 2022. It is part of an educational toolbox dedicated to inequality. It costs 55 $ for the classic kit (3 to 6 players) and 150 $ for the school kit (to play with up to 35 students), including several resources (animation guide, educational booklet, book, and web documentaries) on inequality.

Designed as an extension of the classic Monopoly, the game contains ten character cards and 37 event cards (maternity, unemployment, homophobia in companies, racism, piston, or health). Those of our society has replaced the rules of the game: players from disadvantaged social categories will advance less quickly…

Some players will start the game with heritage and, often, as in real life, women will win less than men by passing through the starting box. Each child plays a character that does not resemble them so as not to stigmatize them. They are trying to make people understand that inequalities are not inevitable. Social disparity then becomes concrete.

All the rules are “explained, justified and sourced”. We learn, for example, that 2.3 million people live in poor housing conditions; that 7% of people believe that homosexuality is a “perversion that must be fought”; that 3.5 hours a day is the time that women spend on average on domestic chores, compared to 2 hours for men.  

Inequality Monopoly is just fantastic for the simple reason that you can address severe and important issues in a fun way and in a way that makes young people want to care about the subject. The players are led to understand that inequalities are not inevitable. It is necessary to generate a debate among participants after the game on what already exists and what could be done to reduce” the disparities.

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