Trampoline: The Ideal Accessory To Keep Fit

The trampoline was born in 1930. Since then, the number of players has not stopped growing. It has even found its place in the Olympic Games. The evolution of trampoline does not stop there; it is currently associated with weight loss. Yes, it is possible to stay in shape while having fun with rebounding. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about trampolines.

Why does trampolining help with weight loss?


To feel energized, there is nothing better than adopting a fun and effective method. The benefits of trampolining to tone up are proven. That is why many gyms and fitness centers offer it to the general public. Physical therapists first used it to rehabilitate patients. Sometime later, gyms and salons adopted this practice.



Using the trampoline to keep your figure is a great idea because it allows you to get the weight you want. Simply because jumping on a mini-trampoline offers an impressive array of benefits. With or without the help of a professional, you can practice a targeted workout with this tool. Whether you train alone or in a group, you can lose weight while having fun bouncing.

Another reason is that repeating jumps on a trampoline can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. That’s the equivalent of one hour of running. Jumping on a trampoline is not harmful to your joints because the shock absorption is up to 80%. On the other hand, the tendons and ligaments work at full power. Rebounding also allows you to:

    • Gain flexibility
    • Burn fat
    • Build muscle in a harmonious way
    • Work on balance and endurance
    • Limit injuries
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Work on your cardiovascular system.

Limitations of trampoline activities


It is not recommended for pregnant women to practice this sport. This rule also applies to people who suffer from incontinence and organ descent. It is also wise to ask your doctor’s advice before practicing this activity for people with weaknesses or pain in the cervical, lumbar, ankle, and knee areas. Do you think that people in their fifties are not allowed to rebound on such equipment? Think again; rebounding even has benefits for their backs, joints, bones, eyes, and morale.

Most accidents are due to collisions, which is why it is imperative to respect the safety zone around the trampoline. It is strongly recommended that only one person use the trampoline at a time. The user must be in socks or bare feet. No objects should be present inside the safety net, which must be closed during use. Somersaults are dangerous and strictly forbidden. Do not use the trampoline in bad weather or if the jumping mat is wet.

What are the exercises to do to lose weight with a trampoline?


Like any sports activity, regularity and discipline are the keys. A daily practice of half an hour allows you to obtain a tangible result. Jumping is good for your health. If you jump with style, you’ll have even more fun. So, to lose weight, there are several easy exercises to do on the trampoline.

Are you a beginner? Jump naturally with your feet together; the fun is there. Lie down on the trampoline and do a sit-up. While jumping, make sure to bring your knee up to your hips. You can also jump from left to right and back and forth.

Are you a regular exerciser? As you jump, spread your legs outward and raise your arms to the sky. Bring your feet and hands up against your body on the second jump. It is also possible to do squats during your workout. In addition to the knee-chest, practice heel-and-butt exercises as well.

To do this, you need to follow the instructions of the fitness coaches and get the right equipment. This will motivate you to practice mini-trampoline jumping regularly.

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Top 4 Best Reasons To Get Your Kids Into Gymnastics

Most of us know gymnastics from the Olympics or have been traumatized by it from Final Destination 5. It is a highly skilled sport that requires immense flexibility, mental toughness, physical strength, and perseverance. However, most of us think of gymnastics as a women’s sport when in reality, it is a sport that is open to everyone, regardless of age or gender.

It is fantastic for children because it impacts their physical development, and enrolling your children in a gymnastics program can help them academically and socially. Without further ado, let’s look at why you should allow your kids to do gymnastics.

1. Learning motor skills


Gymnastics prepares children to perform and perform more complex movements because it develops motor skills. This sport allows children to work on landing, fixed positions, rotations, balancing, and manipulating objects.

Kinesiology will improve if these movements are learned at an early age. For example, if a child’s physical skills are honed early, the child will feel more comfortable participating in sports which will help the child live an active and healthy life.

2. Benefits


First, gymnastics has several fitness benefits, including increasing a person’s cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular capabilities. An inactive child is more likely to develop health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol than an active child.

In addition, physical activity protects us from being overweight, which is a significant cause of health problems. Obesity not only exposes us to health problems but also to self-esteem problems. Most active children feel more confident because of their good body image; however, overweight children may feel depressed or anxious about their bodies.

Second, according to one study, a child who does gymnastics has much more postural control than a child who does not. Postural control is an asset because it allows children to balance well. This one learns how to fall well. Gymnastics is an excellent way to perform the physical activity required for school-aged children to prevent injuries to children when they jump, land, roll, and fall.

3. Academic Performance


Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the brain, improving academic performance. For example, a study was conducted to determine if physical activity genuinely helps improve academic performance. This study consisted of kids walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes while the rest of the kids were asked to sit still.

Then each group was given a reading, spelling, and math test. The children who had walked on the treadmill before the tests performed better with greater speed and accuracy than the others. Also, another study was conducted with 115 children to prove that sports that require more independence, coordination, balance, and reaction have much more benefits than a group sport. The youngsters demonstrated better attention and memory skills.

These qualities are all qualities that are found in gymnastics. This sport helps to develop independence, good coordination and balance, quick reaction, and the ability to adjust to body movements. The practice of this sport greatly favors the child at school.

4. Socialization


Finally, socialization should be developed from an early age, so gymnastics is an opportunity for the child to develop social skills. Gymnastics is concerned with improving the emotional health of an individual as the child can enjoy a good sleep after an intense workout.

This is important because the child will be in a good mood and more willing to communicate with others. In addition, gymnastics provides the opportunity to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication.

In addition, gymnastics teaches children to wait their turn, wait in line, and how to react to an adult responsibly. These are essential life skills because the child will have to work in a team and communicate with many people in the future and will be required to have an open mind towards involvement.

Looking for help?


Mark Rendell, the CEO of Gymnastics Australia, believes that gymnastics is a great sport for boys, girls, and non-binary kids of all ages. With the recent increase in the profile of women’s sport overall, there is no more exciting time than now to watch the continued growth of gymnastics in Australia.

So if you or your children are looking to get involved in a sport, visit Gymnastics Unlimited Australia, whether in Caroline Springs or Kealba. You can even take advantage of a 50% off registration by booking your free trial. So what are you waiting for? Let your kid explore new horizons with gymnastics!


Top 4 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Train At Home

Training is hard, especially when you are stuck at home and have no motivation whatsoever. Whether it’s for health or appearance, it’s important that you work out regularly and for the long term. You don’t have to go to a gym, because working out at home is possible whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser. Motivation is one of the main obstacles to achieving it. In this article, let’s focus on the right tips to boost it.

Set goals



Setting goals is a source of motivation because it allows you to measure the efforts already made and those still to be made. They differ from one person to another. For beginners, some start training because they need to stabilize their health, for example, because of heart and circulation problems.

Others train to lose weight or to get into supermodel shape. On the other hand, sports enthusiasts train to continue to build their minds, maintain or improve their performance, and become a famous fit girl, for example.

Buy sportswear that you like


Many people say that buying new workout clothes at least makes you want to work out. And as you progress, sportswear helps improve your performance. It will help you feel good about yourself and build your confidence.

Before you buy, consider the following criteria:

  • Choose a style that suits your body type. If you have a rectangular body shape, look for outfits with rounded cutouts and fancy details around the hips and buttocks. If you have a spoon-shaped body, choose clothes that mark your waist, for example, with princess-like cutouts, but that soften your hips and buttocks. And if you have an hourglass shape, dare to wear clothes close to the body but not too tight.
  • Choose comfortable, stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics such as cotton, lycra, Coolmax, and elastane.
  • Choose colors that suit your taste. Between dark colors and fun or fluorescent colors, everything is possible.
  • Choose light shoes that fit your feet perfectly. They should also be stable and flexible.

Find your way to move


The type of workout you choose should match your needs and goals. There are many workouts you can do at home. They are divided into 2 groups. On the one hand, some workouts require equipment, such as:

  • The bodyweight: it consists of using your body weight as the primary tool to train, such as squats, push-ups, pull-ups, or wall sits, among others. It burns calories, strengthens muscles, and improves heart and breathing capacities.
  • HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training aims to do very high-intensity exercises, spaced with short rest periods. It is truly effective in burning calories in a short period of time.
  • Abdominals: it allows you to obtain a flat and well-defined belly and improve your general posture, especially if you are mostly in a sitting position and your physical endurance.

On the other hand, some workouts require equipment, such as:

  • Strength training helps you prevent the early manifestation of aging of the body. It requires some basic tools such as stretching bands, adjustable dumbbells, a multipurpose pull-up bar, and various loads.
  • Running on a mat, which consists of running on a belt that unrolls under your feet, is initially unsettling. There are several models of treadmills on the market, but for a home workout, it would be better to choose a folding treadmill (which can be folded and stored easily).
  • Training on an elliptical bike involves replicating the movements of cross-country skiing. This equipment is less bulky and can easily be moved thanks to its wheels. It allows you to work more than 80% of the muscles in your entire body.

Take a sports coach


The assistance of a sports coach is a must because he is the best place to know the right methods to boost your motivation. They will also help you reach your goals quickly.

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Why Should Boys do Gymnastics too?

Most of us know about gymnastics thanks to the Olympics or have been traumatized by it thanks to Final Destination 5. Gymnastics is a highly skilled sport that requires immense flexibility, mental tenacity, physical strength, and perseverance. However, most of us believe that gymnastics is a women’s sport when it all actualities it is a sport that is open to everyone, no matter their age or gender.

Gymnastics is fantastic for kids as it impacts their physical development, and enrolling your kids in a gymnastics program can help them academically and socially. So, without further, let’s learn why you should allow your son to do gymnastics.

Benefits of gymnastics for kids


Okay, it is 2021, we need to stop gendering things unnecessarily, and this is why you should let your kids do anything they want irrespective of their current gender identity. If your son wants to play with barbie, let them know it won’t change anything, but rather it will show them that you are accepting, and they will be able to talk to you in the future no matter what it is.

Boys, however, have a slight physical advantage over girls as they get older, and an organized sport like gymnastics or ballet could offer some benefits to your kids. Some of the advantages of gymnastics for kids are:

  • They learn the importance of discipline
  • It helps them become independent at an early age
  • It helps them understand the limitations of their body and how it works
  • It helps them socialize and develop a warm and charming personality
  • Teaches them about teamwork
  • Build up endurance and stamina
  • It helps develop a more flexible body and stronger muscle 
  • Teaches them about the importance of struggle and getting back up

Benefits of gymnastics for your son

1. It is a perfect cross-training sport


If your son is already interested and participating in other physical activities and sports, then gymnastics is perfect for them and is a perfect way to enhance their condition by building up their athleticism. By participating in gymnastics, your kid builds up their endurance, and it helps them become more robust, more agile, flexible, and have a better sense of their body. This results in an overall improvement when it comes to their fitness and athleticism.

2. It’s the perfect sport to learn to be coachable


When it comes to gymnastics, it is vital that you learn to listen, and this allows you to get corrections after each and every turn and allows you to develop and progress. You can get hundreds of pieces of advice during a single training session, and you need to take them into consideration to ameliorate your form and get better at gymnastics.

Gymnasts learn to take feedback as helpful information that is designed to improve their performance. This also builds their characters, gives them a strong work ethic, and makes them more resilient. Gymnastics is a far from easy sport and teaches your kids to work hard and under pressure, and it teaches them to try and try again until they succeed. Discipline is the natural byproduct of gymnastics!

3. Gymnastics is the perfect foundational sport


It teaches your kids the foundation and fundamental basics of athletic skills. It helps your kids develop their motor and cognitive skills. In a normal gymnastics, your kid will learn to run, jump, even balance, and develop their coordination and body awareness, making them stronger and more flexible. These basic athletics skills can be transferred to other sports that they might choose to play when they are older.

4. It can prevent injuries


The number one most common way kids hurt themselves is by spraining muscles or falling. Gymnastics helps your kids avoid strains and teaches them to warm up properly, and it also helps them increase their flexibility and learn to fall because it is an integral part of gymnastics. The core of any gymnastics course is to learn how to fall safely.

Mark Rendell, the CEO of Gymnastics Australia, believes that gymnastics is an excellent sport for both boys and girls of all ages to participate in, and with the recent rise in the profile of women’s sport at a mainstream level, there is no more exciting time than now to watch the continual rise of Gymnastics in Australia. So, if you or your kids are looking to get into a sport, visit Gymnastics Unlimited Australia in either their Caroline Springs or Kealba location. You can even enjoy a 50% off registration by booking your free trial. So, what are your waiting for? Let your son explore new horizons with gymnastics!


The Basics of Gymnastics in Australia

Gymnastics is a sport that includes physical exercises requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and endurance. The movements involved in gymnastics contribute to the development of the arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest and abdominal muscle groups. Gymnastics evolved from exercises used by the ancient Greeks that included skills for mounting and dismounting a horse and circus performance skills.

Australia has seen continuous growth in the last few decades in the number of people practicing gymnastics. In 2016 – the year of the XXXI Olympiad – Gymnastics Australia celebrated a record 179,558 registered members taking part in the sport. On top of this, a further 400,000 people participate in Gymnastics and other similar activities at their 535 affiliated clubs across Australia annually, meaning that the sport is exposed to over 580,000 participants nationally each year.

Gymnastics Australia Announces Women's Artistic World Championship Team

Australia will host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which is very exciting as sport plays a crucial role in the Australian community. It supports not only ourcollective health but also helps builds national pride, motivation and inspiresthe next generation .

A cultural snapshot

Members of the gymnastics community in Australia demonstrate an evident love of the sport, particularly at the recreational level and an appreciation of the fundamental skills it allows gymnasts to develop. However, there have been rumors that there are variations in cultures between different Gymsports and between different club and training environments within the sport, both from current and former athletes and other members of the gymnastics community in Australia. Thus, finding a good club like Gymnastics Unlimited Australia has become more and more crucial.

Benefits of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the best exercises for overall health and wellness. Multiple studies on the subject prove the importance of gymnastics for bone, muscle and cognitive health. It is not only about building muscle and improving flexibility; gymnasts who make healthy lifestyle choices are confident and are able to make smart decisions to become successful adults. Here are a few benefits which have been associated with participating in gymnastics:

  • Learning gymnastics enhances the body’s complex motor skill
  • Doing gymnastics regularly can dramatically increase flexibility
  • Participation in gymnastics can build proper coordination and balance
  • Gymnasts have a better sense of personal control and self-esteem
  • Gymnastics promote healthy cognitive functioning
  • Enhanced gymnastics training can improve bone health
  • Participation in gymnastics might help you lose weight
  • Gymnastic strength training can positively impact muscle health
  • Gymnastics can also prevent and treat incorrect body posture
  • There is a clear link between gymnastics and reduced depressive symptoms
  • Gymnastics training for pregnant women can improve sleep quality



Gymnastics Coaching Course, Manila, Philippines | Rick McCharles | Flickr

Coaches play a significant role in the sport and the lives of athletes, particularly at elite levels. They set the tone for engaging in gymnastics and have the power to shape the experience athletes have within the sport.

This is why Gymnastics Unlimited Australia is our favorite. Vladimir Shorinov and his wife Yekaterina, who are both former Russian national coaches, founded Gymnastics Unlimited Australia when they decided to remain in Australia after the 2000 Olympic Games, where they were involved as coaches. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to provide a gymnastics facility for people of all ages to enjoy.

As Gymnastics Australia’s CEO, Mark Rendell said, gymnastics is an excellent sport for both boys and girls of all ages to participate in and with the recent rise in the profile of women’s sport at a mainstream level, there is no more exciting time than now to watch the continual rise of Gymnastics in Australia. So, if you or your kids are looking to get into a sport, visit Gymnastics Unlimited Australia in either their Caroline Springs or Kealba location. You can even enjoy a 50% off registration by booking your free trial.