Are books becoming obsolete?

I love reading, and I read virtually anything, from graphic novels to manga to new adult romance books, I’ve been reading since the age of five, and it is my way to escape my problem. So, naturally, I did a degree, and master’s in English and linguistics, and if it were up to me, then I would never let physical copies of books die out. Currently, I have around 500 books in my personal library, and while some are purely for academia, others are just for fun, and I pride myself on my graphic novel collection. With digitalization, screens have become our real companion. And we wonder if the book still has its place in our time.

The continuity of book sales


In spite of the development of digital screens, the sale of paper books resists. Obviously, a decline has been noted in the number of sales according to the national union of publishing. It recorded a decrease of 2.52% between the years 2017 and 2018. Yet, the price has not been revised downwards since the book keeps for a very long time, while electronic consoles can be damaged with all the data. In addition, the sale of books has been improved to attract the attention of readers. Thus, there are currently different paper books formats, such as the pocket format and the use of online sales.

The number of bookstore shoppers


Although the Internet can answer all our questions, the use of the library is inevitable. Indeed, paper books have been meticulously worked and approved, especially in the bookstore. They have gone through certain formalities before being exposed to the general public. Thus, the veracity of the information is irrefutable. Similarly, reading paper books remain a trustworthy source of reliable and relevant information for students and researchers. As for the Internet, some information out there is not always credible. Indeed, anyone can publish what they want without having been subjected to a legal test.

Moreover, with the modernization, the bookstore has been changed into a real living space by integrating several services. So, on the spot, you can drink coffee and take some things to eat. This stimulates your concentration even more. Moreover, to better serve you, some owners set up a digital console that will facilitate the search for a book.

Maintaining good habits


A library in the heart of a house is always appreciated despite the advance in technology. Some people make it an interior decoration, which translates into increased book sales. Others are truly passionate about reading and are proud of their home library. In addition, there are people who like to collect books and make them a treasure. Not only at home, but also in a school, the presence of a library shows that books still have an important place in society. Finally, reading is also a leisure activity. Thus, many people are used to reading in their free time, as it has a relaxing effect. Also, some people read to get back to sleep quickly.

The ebook and its formats


Digitization seduces many people since its use provides more comfort. Faced with this, the production of the ebook has been set up to follow the digital trend. The ebook adapts to different high-end technological devices ranging from laptops to the IPAD through tablets. Moreover, it can be declined in several formats such as PDF (Portable Document Publication), epub (electronic publication), epub Fixed Layout, etc. In terms of sales, a study conducted in 2018-2019 found that the sale of the digital-book constitutes 8.42% of the turnover of book producing companies.

The organization of writing competitions and the proliferation of professions related to reading


The passion for books can be seen through the distribution of prizes during writing contests. Indeed, only book lovers manage to get the stars. Schools always organize this type of contest to promote reading among young people. Besides the librarian, the journalist, and the bookseller, the web solicits in part the creativity of book lovers. The web editor, the graphic designer, and the proofreader are examples. These jobs consist in arousing the interest of Internet users for the launch of products through the websites of companies.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what your favorite book is.

4 Mind-Blowing Sports Animes to Fill the Olympic-Sized Void in Our Lives

4 Mind-Blowing Sports Animes to Fill the Olympic-Sized Void in Our Lives

Hey, anime fans!

Inspiring, engaging plots that would make your spine tingle so much that you’d root and punch the air in victory. Great characters pitted against sinister competitors in a gripping situation where one would fall and one would rise to become a champion of the nation. Romantic subplots, utter awesomeness, character developments, comedy and amazing soundtracks…

Am I talking about thrilling sports animes that show absolutely no ends with athletes and games?

Yes, indeed!

Whether it’s the influence of the recent Tokyo Olympics, I’m more than thrilled to fill this feed with grit and action of some of the most popular sports animes.

Are you ready? Let’s get sweaty!

#1. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

Created by Yoichi Takahashi in 1980, the appeal of this famous long-running Japanese anime isn’t only through the presentation of a well-written story that drowns the audience but there is much more about this great soccer anime that goes beyond the world of inspiring footballers, which makes it worthy of watching.

The anime revolves around the life of Ozora Tsubasa, a little boy whose life was saved by soccer and who ends up making soccer his best friend. Throughout the series, you’ll find out why he was named as the “heaven-sent child of soccer.”

With his skills, dedication, intelligence and never-give-up attitude, Tsubasa is able to create a team with ace strikers and a super great goalkeeper. And, so they set off on their journey with the goal of bringing the world cup to Japan and inspiring many to join the game of soccer.

Maybe you’d be encouraged to watch it more when I tell you that great footballers of today like Messi, Torres, Iniesta and Del Piero with the influence of this Japanese series.

Would you believe it if I told you that even Fernando Torres awarded his professional ambitions to this show?

#2. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven

Gotta say it again… soccer is the best.

Well, I just had to mention this one – my favorite I must say.

Inazuma Eleven is an awe-inspiring anime featuring character development, grit, comedy, drama, tons of friendships and romance. It is about growing up and learning that no matter how unfair or hard life is, one should never give up. No dream is too big or too small.

This is what you can learn from Endou Mamoru, the captain of Raimon Middle School’s soccer club.

With his cheerful and always- persevering attitude, Mamoru was able to revive the ailing soccer club of his school and with his determination and passion, he took up the challenge of whipping the long-neglected soccer club back into shape and giving soccer its place of popularity back in Japan.

And, it certainly deserves a special mention for their amazing and exceptional soundtracks.

Trust me, this anime is so addictive that you’d be actively cheering for them as if you were right there during the soccer match.

 #3. Kuroko No Basuke

Kuroko No Basuke


Basketball has never been so interesting and thrilling like before.

With Kuroko no Basuke, you will not only be rooting for the main characters, but you’ll be laughing your ass off and getting excited as each new adventure unfolds.

Crazy matches, strong characters, amazing teamwork… you won’t regret diving in the world of basketball.

#4. Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo

An article about how sports can transform lives without a reference to Hajime no Ippo is downright criminal.

This Japanese anime explores certain concepts that go above and beyond sports situations. It is centered on the life of Makunouchi Ippo who has been a victim of bullying all his life. Tired of being constantly beaten up by his classmates, he finally decided to dream of changing himself and challenging his classmates.

With the Kamogawa boxing gym being his new sanctuary, the latter is trained in boxing and that marks his start to attain his goal within a time limit.

This anime will not only awaken the love of boxing in you, but it will also help you to learn some important things in life.

If you’ve found a connection with any of the animes, you are most welcome to share your opinions in the comment section below.


Life Lessons You Can Actually Learn From Animes

Life Lessons You Can Actually Learn From Animes

I’ll always say this: The most relaxing way to learn is through anime.

While outsiders will always criticize anime as too childish, I feel like I’ve been learning so much from the anime world.

Trust me, these shows will teach you more about life than your parents did.

#1. Don’t Wait for Tomorrow, Start Working on Your Goals Today

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow, Start Working on Your Goals Today

Unless you are Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto Shippuden (I’d just assume you must know this anime classic) you are very much human, meaning you are not invincible without any fearsome powers to defend yourself against the hard challenges of life.

Blood Blockade Battlefront is a fantastic anime series that follows cool and distinctive characters of the Libra organization who face off against the dark magic and vile monsters of Hellsalem’s Lot. This anime sure has a whole different vibe to the way it portrays paranormal settings and extradimensional creatures, combining the magic and horrors along with the comedy.

While I’m a great fan of the random craziness of this show, what I like the most is Mary Macbeth’s view on life.

Everyone dies eventually, whether they have power or not. That’s why you need to think about what you’ll accomplish while you’re alive.”

What White tried to say is that, like everyone, you will also die someday. Until then, why don’t you do your best and work on what you want to accomplish in life?

Remember, once you are in the coffin, there’s no turning back.

#2. No Matter How Weak You Are, You Can Become Stronger and Better

No Matter How Weak You Are, You Can Become Stronger and Better

I’d reckon Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple deserves a shout out too.

The way the anime portrayed the frustrating life of a 15-year-old high school student – as a long-time victim of bullying – and how he worked up his courage to deal with his weaknesses, move on from his scars and face his adversaries was very satisfying to watch.

The anime opens in the present day when Kenichi Shirahama, or should I say “weak legs”, is being bullied – day in and day out. The story eventually takes a twist when he encounters Miu Fūrinji, a girl who lives at a dojo. Unbeknownst to him, this girl would become the main reason leading him to start training in the martial arts.

Reluctant at first, Kenichi is finally able to come to a point where he promises to undergo rigorous training to become stronger.

True to his word, the boy ends up earning enough strength to face the most redoubtable enemies and create his own fighting style.

His character is what can wake you up. Not only because he endures pain and struggles to become stronger and better, but because he goes against his own weak nature and his inability to hurt others. He surpasses what many would see as the “impossible.”

#3. Know When to Swallow Your Pride

Know When to Swallow Your Pride

When her father abandoned her family, Misaki Ayuzawa (the main female protagonist from Kaichou Wa Maid Sama) grew up as an independent and extremely hard-working girl. Throughout her life, she refused to rely on others, even if it’s her own mother or her younger sister. She also absolutely hates it when others come to her help.

But, I guess what she hates more is all the unruly boys of Seika, who apparently nicknamed her “ “Demon Prez.”

Holding the position of president in a male-dominated school gave her a fierce determination and unmeasurable strength to challenge others and to rise at the top.

I wouldn’t say she is arrogant or selfish, but she sure is a very proud girl. And, that’s where she often fails.

You’d be surprised to learn that behind the cold and serious demeanor of the president of Seika High lies a rather “sweet” and cute maid.

As you imagine, it’s not easy to play a dual role of a strict student council president and a shy and sweet maid at the same time. This is why her pride often lands her in trouble.

And, if it wasn’t for her knight in shining armour, she’s have died out of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

The lesson you can learn from Misaki is that to have pride in oneself is good but too much can attract more enemies than allies and make life much more difficult than it already is.

That wisdom is not only restricted to the shoujo or shounen world. Animes are filled with inspiring lessons that you will hold on to throughout your life.

5 Anime Characters I Wish Were My Friends

5 Anime Characters I Wish Were My Friends

It’s no big secret that anime is infused with different types of unforgettable characters – some of which you can instantly fall in love with and some with quirky personalities that take time for you to feel drawn to them.


Make no judgment, but unique as I am, I really like to take things a step further and imagine what kind of anime characters I would hang out with.


It’s purely based on personal preferences, so please bear with me.


#1. Kagome From Inuyasha

Kagome From Inuyasha

To be honest, it’s hard – really hard – not to like Kagome. Considerate, kind, and always interested to help all those she thinks are in need or danger, Kagome manifests as a friend who’d fight for you and do everything for you.


As the main female protagonist of the anime, Kagome is a girl who is never afraid to voice her mind out about what is right and what is wrong. She’ll make a kind-hearted friend with a very bright personality.


However, what you should stay away from is her reckless courage which always leads her in dangerous situations and her uncontrollable and stubborn nature.


But, what I like the most about her is that despite her secret jealousy (her only dark part) for Kikyo, that didn’t stop her from making the right choices, making Inuyasha a very bad boyfriend who didn’t deserve Kagome’s love at all.


#2. Naruto From Naruto

Naruto, Anime, Ninja, Manga, Japanese, Portrait, Drawing

There’s really one particular character that deserves being named a dramatis personae that everyone should befriend. There’s no denying that Naruto stands at the highest point when it comes to ranking the best characters in the world of Naruto.


Born on the night of 10th October , Naruto is a frisky, unorthodox and very kind-hearted person.


He’d make a great friend, not because he is one of the fantastic characters I’ve ever come across, but due to his forgiving nature, for which he is very famous.


Choosing a friend is a very tough choice to make, but it’s hard to find someone who can easily forgive grave wrongdoings and not hold any grudge (Yeah, I have very high regard for these kinds of people).


And, I assure you his ability to withstand abuse from Sakura and Sasuke is just wow.


#3. Zenitsu From Demon Slayer

Zenitsu From Demon Slayer

Recognise this, “each girl has two boobs, one behind and two thighs?”


Ok, this might be unexpected because many fans have different opinions about him. For many, his fainting-from-fear or yelling nature is what makes his character very annoying.


Me personally, I would have loved to have such a hilarious friend with whom I’d always laugh my head off.


Besides always running for his life and constantly having panic attacks, one thing I personally understand about him is his obsession with women.


#4. Endou Mamoru From Inazuma Eleven

Endou Mamoru From Inazuma Eleven

Hear me screaming with excitement as I’m about to introduce you to my favorite anime character.


At first glance, he is just a boisterous schoolboy addicted to football – because in fairness, that’s exactly what he is – but as loyal as he is, he will never abandon you. Giving up is not featured in his dictionary. Instead every time he falls, he rises stronger.


Not only will you never him boast about his achievements, but he’ll probably be happier for your exploits. You see, Endou always put others before himself and it’s his positive and happy-go-lucky attitude that amazes me.


#5. Amu Hinamori From Shugo Chara

Amu Hinamori From Shugo Chara 

Although she always pretends to be someone she is not (something which I’m quite familiar with), Amu Hinamori has a lot of other things going for her.


Truth to be told, she is a very shy, warm and loving character who’d love to be by your side in any situation.


Also, she’s got four guardian characters. Just putting it out there.



Bottom line: Whether they are superheroes, side characters or dweebs, you’ll be prone to observe anime characters in quiet admiration. Oh and if you don’t know these impressive characters, you are probably an uncultured alien or a caveman.


Anyway, how about sharing the anime characters with whom you’d like to invest your time and attention.

Meet the Guardian Characters From Shugo Chara

Meet the Guardian Characters From Shugo Chara

Five years have passed since I first embarked on the quest with Amu Hinamori and her discovery of her own true self.

If you are an otaku, you’d surely know that binge-watching an anime is not enough to devote yourself to it completely.

So, that’s why today I want to re-open that chapter and introduce you to some of the notable guardian characters of Shugo Chara.

What Is a Guardian Character?

What Is a Guardian Character?

As per the storyline, every child has an egg in their heart and that egg represents their deepest dreams and desires. It is what you want the most, deep down in your truest self.

What is your true, deepest desire?

Is it to be loved? Is it to be happy? Or, is it to meet Daniel Radcliffe?

No matter how tiny or how huge your deepest desire is, your egg holds that connection.

And, from that egg is born a tiny fairy, also known as a Guardian Character. Generally, it is preserved with the child’s passion, determination and hope to pursue his or her dreams.

But, what happens when you stop believing in that dream?

The egg turns into an X-egg, thus hatching an evil and violent X-Character.

Notable Guardian Characters in Shugo Chara

Notable Guardian Characters in Shugo Chara

Amu Hinamori

As the main protagonist of the series, Amu is a young girl with short pink hair and golden-honey eyes. Usually dressed in a kei-style fashion, she is considered as the “cool and spicy girl” of Seiyo Elementary.

But, the truth is, she pretends to be someone she is not. Acting all tough and cold when she is actually very shy, warm, loving and caring.

Things start to unfold when three colorful eggs appear in her life, turning out to be her Guardian Characters, revealing her real self.

  • Ran:

As the first egg that hatched, Ran represents the girly-girly and cheerful side of Amu. Always in a candy-pink cheerleading dress and with her cheerleading heart-shaped pom-poms, Ran’s true desires are for Amu to be more honest and athletic.

With her beyond-human athletic skills and her random “yahs” and “go for it”, she is always cheering Amu.

When it comes to fighting against X-Eggs, she can instantly perform Character Change with her iconic “Hop, Step, Jump.”

The first-ever transformation of Ran with Amu includes Amulet Heart which is refected as a highly athletic and dynamic character that has the power to bring the best abilities of Amu out-front.

  • Miki:

I’m Miki, Amu-chan’s would-be self, but if Amu doesn’t believe in me, I will disappear.”

Compared to Ran, Miki, the second Guardian Character of Amu is more on the cool and artistic side.

Also known as the tomboy of the group, Miki can always be seen in her light blue shirt, black vest and dark blue shorts.

She represents the artistic and creative side of Amu. Intuitive sometimes and rarely sensible, she is always stubborn, refusing to be obedient at times.

As the most practical one, Miki can sense other Guardian Characters better than Ran or Su.

Always being the least one to character change with Amy, Miki’s Character Transformation includes Amulet Spade, who uses her artistic skills as her main weapon to fight against X-Eggs.

  • Su:

As the third Guardian Character, she is the most gentle, caring one with a motherly attitude.

Dressed in an outfit that resembles a waitress or a housemaid, Su is always after people who don’t clean up their rooms. Despite being an “excellent cook”, everyone ones that Su is the only one whose head is always in the clouds. Scared of insects, she can sometimes be very clumsy, triggering the wrath of Amu.

Su’s deepest desires are for Amu to show more her caring and loving attitude.

When Su transforms with Amu, it gives birth to Amulet Clover, a sweet character who has the ability to repair and purify X-Eggs.

  • Dia:

Compared to the others, Dia is the most powerful Guardian Character of Amu.

With her golden orange hair, Dia is a calm and happy girl. Despite initially being transformed into an X-Egg, Amu was able to bring out the real Dia, whose radiance is emitted from Amu’s desire to become someone famous.

When she transforms with Amu, Dia gives rise to Amulet Diamond, a shiny and positive character.


Do you believe that deep somewhere in your heart is buried a Guardian Character?