4 Mind-Blowing Sports Animes to Fill the Olympic-Sized Void in Our Lives

4 Mind-Blowing Sports Animes to Fill the Olympic-Sized Void in Our Lives

Hey, anime fans!

Inspiring, engaging plots that would make your spine tingle so much that you’d root and punch the air in victory. Great characters pitted against sinister competitors in a gripping situation where one would fall and one would rise to become a champion of the nation. Romantic subplots, utter awesomeness, character developments, comedy and amazing soundtracks…

Am I talking about thrilling sports animes that show absolutely no ends with athletes and games?

Yes, indeed!

Whether it’s the influence of the recent Tokyo Olympics, I’m more than thrilled to fill this feed with grit and action of some of the most popular sports animes.

Are you ready? Let’s get sweaty!

#1. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

Created by Yoichi Takahashi in 1980, the appeal of this famous long-running Japanese anime isn’t only through the presentation of a well-written story that drowns the audience but there is much more about this great soccer anime that goes beyond the world of inspiring footballers, which makes it worthy of watching.

The anime revolves around the life of Ozora Tsubasa, a little boy whose life was saved by soccer and who ends up making soccer his best friend. Throughout the series, you’ll find out why he was named as the “heaven-sent child of soccer.”

With his skills, dedication, intelligence and never-give-up attitude, Tsubasa is able to create a team with ace strikers and a super great goalkeeper. And, so they set off on their journey with the goal of bringing the world cup to Japan and inspiring many to join the game of soccer.

Maybe you’d be encouraged to watch it more when I tell you that great footballers of today like Messi, Torres, Iniesta and Del Piero with the influence of this Japanese series.

Would you believe it if I told you that even Fernando Torres awarded his professional ambitions to this show?

#2. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven

Gotta say it again… soccer is the best.

Well, I just had to mention this one – my favorite I must say.

Inazuma Eleven is an awe-inspiring anime featuring character development, grit, comedy, drama, tons of friendships and romance. It is about growing up and learning that no matter how unfair or hard life is, one should never give up. No dream is too big or too small.

This is what you can learn from Endou Mamoru, the captain of Raimon Middle School’s soccer club.

With his cheerful and always- persevering attitude, Mamoru was able to revive the ailing soccer club of his school and with his determination and passion, he took up the challenge of whipping the long-neglected soccer club back into shape and giving soccer its place of popularity back in Japan.

And, it certainly deserves a special mention for their amazing and exceptional soundtracks.

Trust me, this anime is so addictive that you’d be actively cheering for them as if you were right there during the soccer match.

 #3. Kuroko No Basuke

Kuroko No Basuke


Basketball has never been so interesting and thrilling like before.

With Kuroko no Basuke, you will not only be rooting for the main characters, but you’ll be laughing your ass off and getting excited as each new adventure unfolds.

Crazy matches, strong characters, amazing teamwork… you won’t regret diving in the world of basketball.

#4. Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo

An article about how sports can transform lives without a reference to Hajime no Ippo is downright criminal.

This Japanese anime explores certain concepts that go above and beyond sports situations. It is centered on the life of Makunouchi Ippo who has been a victim of bullying all his life. Tired of being constantly beaten up by his classmates, he finally decided to dream of changing himself and challenging his classmates.

With the Kamogawa boxing gym being his new sanctuary, the latter is trained in boxing and that marks his start to attain his goal within a time limit.

This anime will not only awaken the love of boxing in you, but it will also help you to learn some important things in life.

If you’ve found a connection with any of the animes, you are most welcome to share your opinions in the comment section below.



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