Setting Up A Tennis Court: The Elements To Take Into Account

Tennis is a sport that has many fans around the world. Its popularity is such that major tennis tournaments are attended by a good handful of spectators and television viewers each year. The surface on which it is played is called a “court” because of the sport’s English origins. The design of a tennis court must meet specific standards and criteria.

The tennis court


A tennis court is a surface on which the game is played. The dimensions of the playing area must be at least 23.77 m long and 8.23 m wide. The court surface must be shaped to allow the ball to bounce well. It should also be tight and comfortable enough for the players to move around easily. The playing area can be made of different materials, each with its properties.

Turf surfaces

The grass is the best surface for playing tennis. In fact, it is the most popular type of court. Grass has the particularity of making the game faster and more fluid. However, it requires maintenance, such as mowing and water drainage, to make it less slippery and more playable. However, a more effective alternative can be considered: synthetic turf. The advantage of this type of grass is that it does not require any treatment; it is also more resistant than natural grass.

Needle-punched carpeting

Needle-punched carpet is a surface used to cover courts with a porous concrete or resin foundation. This type of surface provides players with a better grip and allows for a good quality of play. It must be watered from time to time to maintain the foundation underneath.

Synthetic resin surfaces

Synthetic resin is the main surface for tennis courts. It provides a perfectly flat and regular playing surface, is favorable to rebounds, and guarantees a particular comfort of play. Waterproof, it can be used regardless of the weather. Resin courts can be customized in several colors according to the owner’s needs.

Maintenance of the playground

With time and climatic factors, as well as wear and tear, the court can be subject to degradation. It is, therefore, imperative to maintain it to ensure its durability and good condition. Each type of surface requires specific treatment. If you cannot do the maintenance work yourself, you can call on agencies that specialize in tennis court design. The technicians working for these companies will be able to put their know-how into practice to maintain the condition of the court.

Other tennis-related facilities

The playing area is not the only element of a tennis court. Various structures are needed to make the court suitable for play.

The net

The net is part of the playing area. It is located right in the middle of the court and serves to delimit the court and separate the players. The net is also part of the rules of the game; when serving, if the ball touches the net, it will be returned, and the player who touched it will lose a point.

The referee’s chair

The referee is the guarantor of the good progress of a game. He or she makes sure that each game follows the rules and regulations and is responsible for checking every action that takes place during a match. A referee is placed on a high chair at the center line during a tennis match. This location allows the referee to have a better view of the entire court and to focus on the game.

The Bench

As tennis is a demanding sport, it is important for players to take breaks between sets. Benches are designed for this purpose. In addition to being a place to rest, they can be used by players to store their belongings.

The windbreak


The windbreak is a protective barrier designed to protect the interior of the court. Strong winds can affect playing conditions. The installation of such a structure allows us to limit the disturbances.

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Restoration Of Old Pinball Machine

A pinball machine is one of the old games that have been very famous in the past. Today it is considered a museum piece. Pinball machines are in great demand by collectors who are nostalgic for old games. But the cleaning and maintenance of this game must be done with great care. In this operation, it is absolutely necessary to follow several rules to put it or entrust it to a pinball cleaning expert. Here is an article that gives you all the information about the restoration of old pinball machines.

The steps of cleaning an old pinball machine


Pinball is a very complex game that has been designed with several materials that are very delicate to handle. The cleaning and maintenance of pinball machines can be divided into several stages: the tray and the front panel.

It should also be noted that there are two versions of pinball machines, namely the electromechanical and the electronic models. They are not designed according to the same architecture, and their operating mode is not identical. It is, therefore, normal that their cleaning method is not identical. To facilitate your requests, ask for the help of a professional in pinball machine repair.

The tray

This is the visible part of your game. You have to start by opening the case and then take out the ball(s). You must make sure that the glass is present for safety reasons. It is recommended to use a special product to clean the board. A little restraint on the amount is required, especially on varnished surfaces. The tray must be carefully cleaned to present a waxed appearance. A real wax should be applied after cleaning to bring out the shine of the material.

It is also a form of protection against degradation. Plastic railings can also be wiped down with a special product or a product designed for plastics. All the components of the tray, such as the beaters and the elastics, must also be well cleaned. The joints should also be well-lubricated. The cleaning of the tray contacts depends on the type of model. A well-cleaned pinball table ensures fast play.

The front panel


This part of the pinball machine is usually made up of batteries, bulbs, and front glass. First, the batteries or rechargeable batteries are the main power providers for the game’s logic memory. They must be checked and replaced as needed. Second, the light bulb system is the light grid that makes your game so beautiful.

Each bulb must be checked and also replaced when necessary. It is important to note that the type of battery, battery, and replacement bulbs must be consistent with the original ones to ensure optimal performance. Finally, there are two types of pediment glass: silk-screened and translite. Their restoration is very delicate. They must be cleaned and retouched as needed.

Why entrust the maintenance of an old pinball machine to a professional

Cleaning and maintenance of a pinball machine is an operation that must be done safely. It should follow tips that only experts or experienced people can know. For example, it can be very dangerous to open a pinball machine immediately after it has been unplugged. Voltage voltages can be built up inside the game system. It is, therefore, advisable to leave it idle for a few minutes after unplugging. There are several other rules that should be followed when maintaining a pinball machine.

The cost of restoring an old pinball machine


Restoring a pinball machine requires complete cleaning and maintenance of the machine. This task must be done by a professional to be done properly. On average, it costs between 390 and 690 dollars to hire an expert in the restoration of old pinball machines. This is the best method to ensure your safety, as handling a pinball machine can be very dangerous indeed.

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5 Essential Elements To Produce A Quality Video

A video can contain a lot of information. Because of the gestures and the quality of the images transmitted, the messages conveyed by a video are easy to remember. Thus, to seduce your customers, you must produce a quality video that will depend largely on the quality of the sound, the light, the decor, the camera setting, and the editing. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about producing a video.

1. The quality of the sound


As a reminder, a video is an audiovisual production. Moreover, it is a means of communication widely used by the general public as well as by companies. But it is important to know that sound is an important criterion and greatly influences the quality of the video.

Indeed, even if the image is impeccable, the viewer will always zap a video with rather unpleasant background noises. To avoid this problem, you must isolate the recording room. This soundproofing allows you to block interior and exterior noises. You can use different methods such as adding mass, muffling or sealing air holes to do.

2. Adjusting the light

A successful video depends greatly on the lighting. So, to achieve a quality shot, you can play with daylight and enhance it with lighting system kits such as LED video lights and studio slave lights if you shoot in a recording studio. This lighting system can provide various types of backdrops. For this purpose, 3-point lighting is an example of the light configuration. It consists of playing the 3 types of lights, including:

    • The main lighting that will illuminate the room,
    • The fill light removes shadows
    • Backlighting to separate you from the background.

3. The backgrounds of the shot


Captured in your recording to constitute the shot of your video, the backgrounds of a place should not be neglected. To do this, you must vary them or change the colors of the walls. You can choose various places as shots or backgrounds. The main thing is that they are in harmony with the theme and subject of your video.

4. Setting up cameras

Among the audiovisual equipment, a camera is the main tool in making a video. A manual camera provides more precision and has various adjustment buttons. The aperture allows you to manage the depth of field to obtain a variety of image styles. For example, a larger aperture gives a shallow field depth and enhances the subject being shot.

In fact, this feature gives you the ability to blur the background, resulting in a sharp rendering of the subject. Thus, this method of shooting will give you good image quality. However, when you want to highlight the surroundings or the entire room, you should opt for a smaller aperture. In terms of equipment, although the camera has an aperture, it is strongly recommended to use external photographic lenses.

5. Editing the video


After shooting, a series of assembly of several video captures is necessary to make a complete video. This is done using video editing software. In addition to the assembly system, this device allows you to delete some sequences, and add transitions and more or less varied effects to bring out the emotions.

Currently, there are several video editing programs available on the web, including Movavi video, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc. To make things easier for you, contact an audiovisual company directly. They will do the editing and make the necessary changes before broadcasting the video.

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Top 5 Tips To Become A DJ

When you’ve been a DJ for a long time, there are things you see in other DJs that others may not have. Good things. Things that scream “professional”. They are often subtle. Small, even. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for becoming a DJ.



It’s not just “professionalism” – often just code for someone crossing the line. It’s a strong positivity. I mean a clear approach to what can be done. Great DJs are often easygoing. They solve problems; they don’t create problems. A good indication is to speak another language or two. That and other small skills indicate that the head is still learning. Respectful. Look at the crowd of ambitious hopefuls who decamp to Berlin without learning a word of German and come back a few years later wondering why they didn’t succeed. Attitude is the opposite of entitlement.


A good DJ can use any facility. Anything. They can get people dancing by banging two rocks together if it comes to that. Sure, they have their preferences and demands, but if the pressure comes on, it’s on them, not the technician. Their technique starts in their head, not in their hands.

They have to figure it out if you take that DJ and drop them into any situation with nothing but the shirt on their back. A good DJ can even play along with other people’s tunes and sound better than his owner. Live pressure is no pressure at all. This confidence creates a solid foundation for taking musical risks. A dull, timid selector is petrified of standing out.

Go with the flow


A great DJ is able to fit in. They don’t play pre-arranged or parrot sets by rote. They are able to improvise. They come in with everything they need to do whatever is needed. Sometimes things can get very messy at a gig. A pro comes up with all kinds of weird situations. Above all, being relaxed and fluid means paying attention. A great DJ walks into a room and knows almost immediately what’s going on and what needs to happen.


The most brutal techno can be delivered with restraint and intelligence. Great DJs understand the nuances. They work with the sound crew, not against them. They understand the work of everyone on site. They know not to interfere with the security and not to blow up equipment in front of cameras and punters. They understand how harassing the bar staff can be.

The levels are manageable in the booth. There are no red lines. No white lines. They clean up after themselves as they go. They use their ears instead of their eyes. They are in tune with the arc of the night. They build a whole. They don’t hammer firecrackers if they play early. They feel and respond to the energy of the crowd. They also show consideration for others, like knowing that other working staff members might want to get home on time at the night’s end.



I’m not talking about slender legs, long necks, and nice pants. “Grace” is about how you handle being a DJ. Understanding that it’s not a crime that someone wants to talk to you. Being nice. Being able to talk about other DJs with respect. Don’t get all worked up when someone gives you advice. Keep your ego at bay.

Not every great one has all of these. But these are all signs that someone has something special. And these are things that most people don’t consciously observe at all but maybe feel. These are things that I see that pop up all the time in DJs that we all tend to admire. I wish I had all those qualities. But having some sort of code to aspire to is something rather than nothing.

Looking for help?

For all your DJ lessons, call Rakoon Sound Studios. Based in Miami, they are a fully equipped music studio dedicated to Miami’s local music and artist community. They are in a cozy and popular area in Midtown Miami, with cafes, restaurants, and bars making up the environment. Whatever your audio or musical project, they have the technology and right personnel to guide you through creating great music.

From experienced sound engineers and music producers to professional DJs and music teachers, they are surrounded by a group of masters in the field. So, what are you waiting for? Call them for more information about their services or to book their studio for a live recording!

Photography: It’s More Than Just an Image

According to Wikipedia, photography is “the set of techniques, processes, and equipment that record a subject in a still image.” In other words, photography is a field of its own.

According to the same source, “the term photography also refers to the image obtained. Moreover, apart from its technical definition, photography can be much more than just an image. To learn more, read this article!

Photography: It’s Art

Art can be defined as the result of a human activity that aims to attract attention, arouse emotion, send a message, etc. However, the perception of the message and feelings about the same artwork can change from one viewer to another.

Photography and drawing, and painting are included in the visual arts category. In addition, to make an artistic photograph, the artist photographer usually proceeds differently than for an illustrative picture.

Also known as “representational photography” or “realistic photography”, illustrative photography is intended solely to reflect, report, or account for reality or a scene. Therefore, the photographer will capture the present moment without having to add a personal artistic touch. This field of photography concerns, among others, photojournalism and paparazzi.

On the other hand, artistic photography is both unique and aesthetic. Indeed, the talent and creativity of the photographer are essential. This is why the professional in this field of photography is called a “photo artist”.

Using Photography to Tell a Story

If the writer uses words to tell a story, the photographer uses the photos he has captured. To do this, he brings out in each image the emotions he perceives at a specific moment, during a particular event such as a birthday party, the arrival of a newborn, a wedding, etc.

A little advice:

Use the services of a professional photographer to capture the best moments of your life and record images worthy of your memories. In other words, a critical moment deserves excellent image quality.

On the other hand, you can take pictures of what most people consider to be the details of everyday life. These can be your baby’s first steps, your child’s first day of school, the first time your child loses a baby tooth, a missed meal, etc.

In short, since life is a gift, it is not only the great moments that deserve to be told. It is full of surprises; all we have to do is enjoy them. Photography is there to help us recall our memories and tell the stories or anecdotes behind each image.

Photography Allows Us to Assert Ourselves or to Invent a Life

Photography is also more than a simple image because it can allow everyone to assert themselves, to show their personality, their tastes, their religious and/or political opinions, their origins, etc.

Moreover, an image can speak for itself since the colors, the background, the framing, the pose, and the clothes of the person being photographed, as well as his or her look, contribute to defining the message it seeks to convey.

For all these reasons, photography allows us to invent life.

In short, whatever the motive, every detail contained in the photograph is essential.


Trampoline: The Ideal Accessory To Keep Fit

The trampoline was born in 1930. Since then, the number of players has not stopped growing. It has even found its place in the Olympic Games. The evolution of trampoline does not stop there; it is currently associated with weight loss. Yes, it is possible to stay in shape while having fun with rebounding. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about trampolines.

Why does trampolining help with weight loss?


To feel energized, there is nothing better than adopting a fun and effective method. The benefits of trampolining to tone up are proven. That is why many gyms and fitness centers offer it to the general public. Physical therapists first used it to rehabilitate patients. Sometime later, gyms and salons adopted this practice.



Using the trampoline to keep your figure is a great idea because it allows you to get the weight you want. Simply because jumping on a mini-trampoline offers an impressive array of benefits. With or without the help of a professional, you can practice a targeted workout with this tool. Whether you train alone or in a group, you can lose weight while having fun bouncing.

Another reason is that repeating jumps on a trampoline can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. That’s the equivalent of one hour of running. Jumping on a trampoline is not harmful to your joints because the shock absorption is up to 80%. On the other hand, the tendons and ligaments work at full power. Rebounding also allows you to:

    • Gain flexibility
    • Burn fat
    • Build muscle in a harmonious way
    • Work on balance and endurance
    • Limit injuries
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Work on your cardiovascular system.

Limitations of trampoline activities


It is not recommended for pregnant women to practice this sport. This rule also applies to people who suffer from incontinence and organ descent. It is also wise to ask your doctor’s advice before practicing this activity for people with weaknesses or pain in the cervical, lumbar, ankle, and knee areas. Do you think that people in their fifties are not allowed to rebound on such equipment? Think again; rebounding even has benefits for their backs, joints, bones, eyes, and morale.

Most accidents are due to collisions, which is why it is imperative to respect the safety zone around the trampoline. It is strongly recommended that only one person use the trampoline at a time. The user must be in socks or bare feet. No objects should be present inside the safety net, which must be closed during use. Somersaults are dangerous and strictly forbidden. Do not use the trampoline in bad weather or if the jumping mat is wet.

What are the exercises to do to lose weight with a trampoline?


Like any sports activity, regularity and discipline are the keys. A daily practice of half an hour allows you to obtain a tangible result. Jumping is good for your health. If you jump with style, you’ll have even more fun. So, to lose weight, there are several easy exercises to do on the trampoline.

Are you a beginner? Jump naturally with your feet together; the fun is there. Lie down on the trampoline and do a sit-up. While jumping, make sure to bring your knee up to your hips. You can also jump from left to right and back and forth.

Are you a regular exerciser? As you jump, spread your legs outward and raise your arms to the sky. Bring your feet and hands up against your body on the second jump. It is also possible to do squats during your workout. In addition to the knee-chest, practice heel-and-butt exercises as well.

To do this, you need to follow the instructions of the fitness coaches and get the right equipment. This will motivate you to practice mini-trampoline jumping regularly.

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How To Develop a Passion for Reading?

According to scientists, reading brings several benefits to the brain and the reader’s health. On the one hand, it develops intelligence and enriches knowledge. On the other hand, it brings pleasure, reduces stress and improves sleep. Thus, it is essential to create a passion for reading in every human being. But how can we achieve this? This article will give you some answers to this question.

Introduce Reading to Your Children From an Early Age

There is no ideal age to cultivate the taste for reading. But it’s best to do it from a child’s earliest age, even before they start school. To get your child excited about reading, combine reading with their interests. For example, if your child is interested in video games, suggest a book related to that world. Furthermore, your child should see reading as a pleasure and not a necessity for his development. For this reason, let them choose their books.

Moreover, culture is easily acquired and difficult to forget when it has been part of our daily lives since early childhood. Indeed, the childhood period is an excellent time to make reading a habit because reading feeds their vocabulary and their imaginary world. It also helps them to be autonomous and creative in life.

Cultivate a Love of Reading in Your Family

Reading should be incorporated into the family because it is the first environment that forges our personality.

To do so, reading must be part of the family rituals, such as a daily reading session, out loud and at fixed times, like before bedtime. Each family can also adopt a reading tradition, such as giving books to each other as Christmas gifts or doing book exchanges.

Everyone in the family should know the benefits of reading and share them.

Encourage Reading in the School Setting

Reading is associated with education and schooling. Every school should plan times for reading, whether guided reading, shared reading, independent reading, or reading to oneself. It must also make texts available and accessible. In addition, every school must create a supportive environment for reading, such as a reading corner in the classroom.

Visit a Bookstore and Library Regularly

While reading in any location (public transportation, public places, etc.) is possible, the most suitable areas are bookstores, libraries, and resource centers. In these places, you can easily access (sometimes for free) all the books you want.

If you are looking for a bookstore in Riom, you can visit the bookstore le Cadran Solaire.

Choose the Books That Suit You

For you to feel like reading, take books adapted to your age and your interests. In general, you can choose from: French and foreign literature, history, social sciences, novels, comic books, magazines, bibliographies, instruction manuals, poetry, etc.

Build on the Media You Have Available

Paper is the medium par excellence. However, we are in the digital age, and you can take advantage of the various electronic media (computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.), digital books, the library, and the online media library.

Free photos of Tea time

Attend the Various Animations Related To Reading

The animations related to reading are: the book clubs, the literary coffee breaks, the literary meetings, and the animations around books.

A book club is a group of readers who read the same book and then discuss it.

A literary coffee break is a brief suspension of activities to give space to literary culture.

The literary meeting is an appointment through which you can know, discover and hear the authors. It is an event where there is the possibility of attending a dialogue with journalists and literary critics.

The animation around a book consists of reading some essential extracts of the book, not the summary, and allowing the audience to enter the book and to give them the desire to read it.

Renting A Karaoke Room In Paris: Is It A Good Plan?

Karaoke is fun, especially when surrounded by your friends and alcohol rules. If you love to sing but have the voice of a raven, then karaoke is for you. All kidding aside, karaoke is a great way to mingle with your friends and have a good time

Paris is a big city that hosts a lot of events every day. With the influx of tourists, it is often difficult to find a karaoke room to enjoy with friends. But luckily, there is a simple way to get a venue. Here is what you need to know to rent a karaoke room in Paris.

What is it?


The original “sing along” technology originated in California, but the first device that allowed people to sing alone was developed and widely popularized in Japan in the 1970s. The original device required you to pay money and then let you hear a recorded version of a song that you could sing into an attached microphone.

It quickly became a form of entertainment and became popular at parties and restaurants throughout Japan, where music and singing were traditional accompaniments to the festivities. The popularity of karaoke quickly spread to Asia and America, and you can find karaoke lounges on both continents.

Karaoke is very popular worldwide, but it is especially popular in the US and Asia. It is a popular pastime where the lyrics of a song are sung, usually along with the recording of the original background music of the song.

It allows people to sing their favorite songs live with their friends and enable you to perform your favorite songs without being interrupted by the original singer. Whether you can sing or not, karaoke is fun that will make you go into raptures, but you’ll have a good time in any case.

Which one to choose?


Paris is a fabulous city that comes alive day and night. Many individuals and professionals rent karaoke rooms for their activities. But before choosing the room adapted to your needs, you should always check if the place has a karaoke restaurant. It sometimes happens that some establishments in Paris do not offer a place to have lunch or dinner in order to regain strength.

The fact is that after an activity, you have to go to a restaurant in the place to refresh yourself. This is why it is essential to choose a karaoke venue that provides its customers with a catering service to accompany their karaoke sessions. Some serious establishments also offer a banqueting service to organize private or professional events.

Not all establishments have a karaoke room that meets your needs. On that note, it is good to consider the space if the number of participants is important. In addition, it is important to choose a comfortable setting that is lively enough. The setting should be airy so that everyone feels at ease.

Karaoke room: how do you choose a less expensive establishment in Paris?


There is a wide range of karaoke rooms in Paris, but they do not all have the same price. To choose a cheap venue, you need to do some research. Indeed, to find the room which corresponds to its needs, it is important to search on the net to select the establishments available in the Parisian city.

Let us recall that the rooms to rent in Paris are numerous and available. After the selection, it will be a question of comparing the rental offers. Then, it will be necessary to choose the room adapted to its expectations. Once done, one will contact the service to fill the formalities of use to guarantee the room karaoke.

In order to find exactly the one you need, it is recommended to decide quickly. We will not wait until the last minute to look for one if not to do with the rooms that remain. Finally, you should not forget the catering side, especially if you are accompanied by a guest.

Karaoke room: can we book?


It is possible to reserve a karaoke room if you need time to organize yourself. To do this, you must go to the room of your choice once on the site. Then, you will have to specify the number of participants for the session. The price will be adjusted according to the number of people who will take part.

After validation, you will choose the 2-hour slot on the session schedule. Once indicated, you will have to pay directly online. The service will send the confirmation of the reservation by e-mail, and everything is done. For any modification, it is important to contact the service one day before to avoid some last-minute situations.

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Can anyone film with a drone?

The drone is an electronic device more and more used nowadays. Indeed, it flies up to very high altitudes. Also, it is equipped with a camera that can take amazing images and videos. The shooting angle is just sensational. Some people wonder if everyone can film with a drone. If like many, you are part of this category of people, you are at the right place. Discover in this article some answers.

Learn from a specialist


Anyone can film with a drone. You just need to be trained by a specialist. Indeed, all the necessary know-how to film with a drone is acquired during a training course. A specialist in the field allows you to save a lot of time. Since this is his field, he knows the ins and outs of this business and will be able to show you with ease.

It is often said that it is better to learn from a master. That’s why it is recommended to use a professional in this field. In addition to saving time, the specialist in realization with a drone guarantees you perfect knowledge at the end of your training. Also, according to your progress, he will indicate to you the field (photo or video) in which you can specialize.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to find a professional in drone filming. Indeed, the Internet being the biggest database in the world, it is the one you will have to exploit. You can consult the professional directories available on the Internet. They inform on various artisans intervening in various sectors of activities. You can also ask around.

Learn from a professional photographer


To learn how to film with a drone, you can also go to a professional photographer. Indeed, in the context of the realization of his works, the latter uses a large number of gadgets. It may turn out that he uses a drone. There is no doubt that he has mastered this tool. He will be able to initiate you to the realization assisted by a drone.

After your training, this professional will give you complete satisfaction. With their experience, they will be able to share their know-how with you. If you pay attention, at the end of your training with him, you will master the revolutionary tool that is the drone. Once you have found one, you will only have to clearly state your needs and expectations at the end of the training.

Today, you can easily find a photographer. Indeed, there are several in each city. However, the professionals it does not run the streets. By professional, we mean an artisan who performs large-scale work. In order to find one, you will have to do some research. To do this, you can rely on the Internet or ask around.

Learn to film with a drone by yourself


You know without a doubt that we are in the digital age. This factor changes the game today in terms of learning. Indeed, you can learn everything today thanks to the Internet and social networks. The particularity here is that you can learn at your own pace. Also, you don’t have to travel to acquire knowledge.

You will find online courses showing how to learn how to film with a drone. Indeed, you will find them in writing (articles, PDF, etc.), in audio (memos), and video (tutorials). All you need is a computer (computer or smartphone), an internet connection, and that’s it.

You should prefer video courses. The reference in this area remains and will remain on YouTube. In summary, anyone can learn to film with a drone. You just need to follow a training course. To do this, you can contact a specialist in the field, a professional photographer, or learn it yourself.

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5 Lessons Every DJ Should Know

When you decide to take on Dj-ing as a career there will be days when you will be invited to play at big parties and others in small ones. There is little chance that you will become a very famous DJ making world tours- not that I am judging but the number of DJs that made it there are very few.

Do not get me wrong, you will be able to play at some big parties with a big crowd. As you mature in the sphere you will learn a lot of things- and today I will share with you what I had learn and the tips and tricks that I still use to this day.

1. A Good Track Beats A Good Mix

Dj, Entertainment, Dj Party, Performance

When we think about Deejaying, we automatically think about mixing- but to be a good DJ you need to know the good tracks out there first. When you mix bad tracks it remains bad tracks, so everything starts with the tracks that you will be choosing first. A good DJ will accomplish a good transition but a great DJ will choose a good piece of music first.

So this can be considered step one of being a good DJ. As a DJ you should not have ego or pride, you are here to make people have fun dancing so if they are requesting a song, even if you are not a big fan I recommend you share it with them.

2. Occasional Mistake

It is important that you have a high standard as a DJ, remember this is an art. But it will take you years to tweak everything down and to be the smoothest DJ. You should be able to recognize every one of your mistakes so that you know where you should improve. Keep in mind that it’s okay to make mistakes and it will definitely happen. Take it as a chance to learn.

3. It Is Your Job

Most people do not see Djing as being a job until they have to do it themselves, so you should always be reminding yourself that this is your job. It can seem glamorous, you are always partying, but this is not really the truth. It is not always as glamorous as it seems.

The working hours can be quite hard at times, working conditions can be hazardous- you are expected to do various jobs at the same time and believe me you do not have that much time to enjoy yourself. So, you should be paid for what you are doing do not accept drinks or foods as ‘wages’ – they are part of what they should be given to you when you are performing.

Make it clear this is part of the job- this should be given to you but if it is not, this should be already discussed beforehand.

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4. Not Always About Music

Being a DJ will require you a lot of skills. Most of the time your audience will be under alcohol influence, so you should master the skills of handling people coming around you drunk. You should be able to master politeness and charm even if you really don’t want to be. You should be able to talk to your drunk patrons and make negotiations.

5. It’s Supposed To Be Fun

Sure, it will not be a fairytale from the beginning to the end, but it should not be a nightmare too. There are a lot of complications that you will have to face, too many requests or bringing the wrong USB but you should know that Djing is one of the terrible fun ways to spend your time.

Whether you meet the upper level or not- you are a DJ. There is no other job like yours and you should be proud of that. There are many things that you need to learn as a DJ, and this can be done through courses available at Rakoon Sound Studios. This is a great way to start as they provide you with fully-equipped studios, music masters to accompany you, and also cozy and popular locations. So do not wait any longer and contact Rakoon Sound Studios.