Restoration Of Old Pinball Machine

A pinball machine is one of the old games that have been very famous in the past. Today it is considered a museum piece. Pinball machines are in great demand by collectors who are nostalgic for old games. But the cleaning and maintenance of this game must be done with great care. In this operation, it is absolutely necessary to follow several rules to put it or entrust it to a pinball cleaning expert. Here is an article that gives you all the information about the restoration of old pinball machines.

The steps of cleaning an old pinball machine


Pinball is a very complex game that has been designed with several materials that are very delicate to handle. The cleaning and maintenance of pinball machines can be divided into several stages: the tray and the front panel.

It should also be noted that there are two versions of pinball machines, namely the electromechanical and the electronic models. They are not designed according to the same architecture, and their operating mode is not identical. It is, therefore, normal that their cleaning method is not identical. To facilitate your requests, ask for the help of a professional in pinball machine repair.

The tray

This is the visible part of your game. You have to start by opening the case and then take out the ball(s). You must make sure that the glass is present for safety reasons. It is recommended to use a special product to clean the board. A little restraint on the amount is required, especially on varnished surfaces. The tray must be carefully cleaned to present a waxed appearance. A real wax should be applied after cleaning to bring out the shine of the material.

It is also a form of protection against degradation. Plastic railings can also be wiped down with a special product or a product designed for plastics. All the components of the tray, such as the beaters and the elastics, must also be well cleaned. The joints should also be well-lubricated. The cleaning of the tray contacts depends on the type of model. A well-cleaned pinball table ensures fast play.

The front panel


This part of the pinball machine is usually made up of batteries, bulbs, and front glass. First, the batteries or rechargeable batteries are the main power providers for the game’s logic memory. They must be checked and replaced as needed. Second, the light bulb system is the light grid that makes your game so beautiful.

Each bulb must be checked and also replaced when necessary. It is important to note that the type of battery, battery, and replacement bulbs must be consistent with the original ones to ensure optimal performance. Finally, there are two types of pediment glass: silk-screened and translite. Their restoration is very delicate. They must be cleaned and retouched as needed.

Why entrust the maintenance of an old pinball machine to a professional

Cleaning and maintenance of a pinball machine is an operation that must be done safely. It should follow tips that only experts or experienced people can know. For example, it can be very dangerous to open a pinball machine immediately after it has been unplugged. Voltage voltages can be built up inside the game system. It is, therefore, advisable to leave it idle for a few minutes after unplugging. There are several other rules that should be followed when maintaining a pinball machine.

The cost of restoring an old pinball machine


Restoring a pinball machine requires complete cleaning and maintenance of the machine. This task must be done by a professional to be done properly. On average, it costs between 390 and 690 dollars to hire an expert in the restoration of old pinball machines. This is the best method to ensure your safety, as handling a pinball machine can be very dangerous indeed.

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