5 Essential Elements To Produce A Quality Video

A video can contain a lot of information. Because of the gestures and the quality of the images transmitted, the messages conveyed by a video are easy to remember. Thus, to seduce your customers, you must produce a quality video that will depend largely on the quality of the sound, the light, the decor, the camera setting, and the editing. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about producing a video.

1. The quality of the sound


As a reminder, a video is an audiovisual production. Moreover, it is a means of communication widely used by the general public as well as by companies. But it is important to know that sound is an important criterion and greatly influences the quality of the video.

Indeed, even if the image is impeccable, the viewer will always zap a video with rather unpleasant background noises. To avoid this problem, you must isolate the recording room. This soundproofing allows you to block interior and exterior noises. You can use different methods such as adding mass, muffling or sealing air holes to do.

2. Adjusting the light

A successful video depends greatly on the lighting. So, to achieve a quality shot, you can play with daylight and enhance it with lighting system kits such as LED video lights and studio slave lights if you shoot in a recording studio. This lighting system can provide various types of backdrops. For this purpose, 3-point lighting is an example of the light configuration. It consists of playing the 3 types of lights, including:

    • The main lighting that will illuminate the room,
    • The fill light removes shadows
    • Backlighting to separate you from the background.

3. The backgrounds of the shot


Captured in your recording to constitute the shot of your video, the backgrounds of a place should not be neglected. To do this, you must vary them or change the colors of the walls. You can choose various places as shots or backgrounds. The main thing is that they are in harmony with the theme and subject of your video.

4. Setting up cameras

Among the audiovisual equipment, a camera is the main tool in making a video. A manual camera provides more precision and has various adjustment buttons. The aperture allows you to manage the depth of field to obtain a variety of image styles. For example, a larger aperture gives a shallow field depth and enhances the subject being shot.

In fact, this feature gives you the ability to blur the background, resulting in a sharp rendering of the subject. Thus, this method of shooting will give you good image quality. However, when you want to highlight the surroundings or the entire room, you should opt for a smaller aperture. In terms of equipment, although the camera has an aperture, it is strongly recommended to use external photographic lenses.

5. Editing the video


After shooting, a series of assembly of several video captures is necessary to make a complete video. This is done using video editing software. In addition to the assembly system, this device allows you to delete some sequences, and add transitions and more or less varied effects to bring out the emotions.

Currently, there are several video editing programs available on the web, including Movavi video, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc. To make things easier for you, contact an audiovisual company directly. They will do the editing and make the necessary changes before broadcasting the video.

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Top 5 Tips To Become A DJ

When you’ve been a DJ for a long time, there are things you see in other DJs that others may not have. Good things. Things that scream “professional”. They are often subtle. Small, even. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for becoming a DJ.



It’s not just “professionalism” – often just code for someone crossing the line. It’s a strong positivity. I mean a clear approach to what can be done. Great DJs are often easygoing. They solve problems; they don’t create problems. A good indication is to speak another language or two. That and other small skills indicate that the head is still learning. Respectful. Look at the crowd of ambitious hopefuls who decamp to Berlin without learning a word of German and come back a few years later wondering why they didn’t succeed. Attitude is the opposite of entitlement.


A good DJ can use any facility. Anything. They can get people dancing by banging two rocks together if it comes to that. Sure, they have their preferences and demands, but if the pressure comes on, it’s on them, not the technician. Their technique starts in their head, not in their hands.

They have to figure it out if you take that DJ and drop them into any situation with nothing but the shirt on their back. A good DJ can even play along with other people’s tunes and sound better than his owner. Live pressure is no pressure at all. This confidence creates a solid foundation for taking musical risks. A dull, timid selector is petrified of standing out.

Go with the flow


A great DJ is able to fit in. They don’t play pre-arranged or parrot sets by rote. They are able to improvise. They come in with everything they need to do whatever is needed. Sometimes things can get very messy at a gig. A pro comes up with all kinds of weird situations. Above all, being relaxed and fluid means paying attention. A great DJ walks into a room and knows almost immediately what’s going on and what needs to happen.


The most brutal techno can be delivered with restraint and intelligence. Great DJs understand the nuances. They work with the sound crew, not against them. They understand the work of everyone on site. They know not to interfere with the security and not to blow up equipment in front of cameras and punters. They understand how harassing the bar staff can be.

The levels are manageable in the booth. There are no red lines. No white lines. They clean up after themselves as they go. They use their ears instead of their eyes. They are in tune with the arc of the night. They build a whole. They don’t hammer firecrackers if they play early. They feel and respond to the energy of the crowd. They also show consideration for others, like knowing that other working staff members might want to get home on time at the night’s end.



I’m not talking about slender legs, long necks, and nice pants. “Grace” is about how you handle being a DJ. Understanding that it’s not a crime that someone wants to talk to you. Being nice. Being able to talk about other DJs with respect. Don’t get all worked up when someone gives you advice. Keep your ego at bay.

Not every great one has all of these. But these are all signs that someone has something special. And these are things that most people don’t consciously observe at all but maybe feel. These are things that I see that pop up all the time in DJs that we all tend to admire. I wish I had all those qualities. But having some sort of code to aspire to is something rather than nothing.

Looking for help?

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Renting A Karaoke Room In Paris: Is It A Good Plan?

Karaoke is fun, especially when surrounded by your friends and alcohol rules. If you love to sing but have the voice of a raven, then karaoke is for you. All kidding aside, karaoke is a great way to mingle with your friends and have a good time

Paris is a big city that hosts a lot of events every day. With the influx of tourists, it is often difficult to find a karaoke room to enjoy with friends. But luckily, there is a simple way to get a venue. Here is what you need to know to rent a karaoke room in Paris.

What is it?


The original “sing along” technology originated in California, but the first device that allowed people to sing alone was developed and widely popularized in Japan in the 1970s. The original device required you to pay money and then let you hear a recorded version of a song that you could sing into an attached microphone.

It quickly became a form of entertainment and became popular at parties and restaurants throughout Japan, where music and singing were traditional accompaniments to the festivities. The popularity of karaoke quickly spread to Asia and America, and you can find karaoke lounges on both continents.

Karaoke is very popular worldwide, but it is especially popular in the US and Asia. It is a popular pastime where the lyrics of a song are sung, usually along with the recording of the original background music of the song.

It allows people to sing their favorite songs live with their friends and enable you to perform your favorite songs without being interrupted by the original singer. Whether you can sing or not, karaoke is fun that will make you go into raptures, but you’ll have a good time in any case.

Which one to choose?


Paris is a fabulous city that comes alive day and night. Many individuals and professionals rent karaoke rooms for their activities. But before choosing the room adapted to your needs, you should always check if the place has a karaoke restaurant. It sometimes happens that some establishments in Paris do not offer a place to have lunch or dinner in order to regain strength.

The fact is that after an activity, you have to go to a restaurant in the place to refresh yourself. This is why it is essential to choose a karaoke venue that provides its customers with a catering service to accompany their karaoke sessions. Some serious establishments also offer a banqueting service to organize private or professional events.

Not all establishments have a karaoke room that meets your needs. On that note, it is good to consider the space if the number of participants is important. In addition, it is important to choose a comfortable setting that is lively enough. The setting should be airy so that everyone feels at ease.

Karaoke room: how do you choose a less expensive establishment in Paris?


There is a wide range of karaoke rooms in Paris, but they do not all have the same price. To choose a cheap venue, you need to do some research. Indeed, to find the room which corresponds to its needs, it is important to search on the net to select the establishments available in the Parisian city.

Let us recall that the rooms to rent in Paris are numerous and available. After the selection, it will be a question of comparing the rental offers. Then, it will be necessary to choose the room adapted to its expectations. Once done, one will contact the service to fill the formalities of use to guarantee the room karaoke.

In order to find exactly the one you need, it is recommended to decide quickly. We will not wait until the last minute to look for one if not to do with the rooms that remain. Finally, you should not forget the catering side, especially if you are accompanied by a guest.

Karaoke room: can we book?


It is possible to reserve a karaoke room if you need time to organize yourself. To do this, you must go to the room of your choice once on the site. Then, you will have to specify the number of participants for the session. The price will be adjusted according to the number of people who will take part.

After validation, you will choose the 2-hour slot on the session schedule. Once indicated, you will have to pay directly online. The service will send the confirmation of the reservation by e-mail, and everything is done. For any modification, it is important to contact the service one day before to avoid some last-minute situations.

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Hillsong Music: How By Your Side Conquered the World?

Hillsong Music: How By Your Side Conquered the World?

I always like to start with something personal, so please bear it with me!

Ever since I was little, I was introduced to all kinds of Christian music, from the 80’s hymnals to the mid 90’s worship music. I liked listening to Christian music, but it wasn’t until when I was 19 years old that a spark lit inside me and made it a very core part of who I am today. I know it sounds somehow “cheesy,” and I did find it strange at first, but I didn’t just enjoy the music, I felt it also. Whenever I would hear something like, “Thank you for the cross…thank you for the price you paid…thank you for the nailed pieced hands…” I could feel as if God was talking to me and telling me that He died on that cross for me; it was not just about visualizing what was being sung but feeling and receiving the truth in it. I know it’s complicated for me to explain and for you to understand, but after that experience I had, I wanted more. I know today there’s a world filled with Christian songs to explore, but personally, Hillsong music is my favorite since it brought me closer to God than before.

As a fan, I’m aware that the Hillsong church has been plagued by a lot of controversies. I also know that many believers, including some of my church, do not really appreciate Hillsong music because they believe these songs and lyrics elevate feelings above faith. I won’t either dismiss these arguments or support them. I’m here just to testify how the Hillsong music has changed my life and my walk with God.

Some experts have claimed that listening to music is like a therapy for the soul, which is why people will always feel at peace when they listen to Christian worship songs. However, for me, it was just about the peace and the comfort; if right now I was to listen to any of the songs from By Your side (Hillsong Album), it’ll make me realize how far I am from God and how close I need to get to Him.

I read somewhere that the mission of Hillsong music is to “reach out and awaken believers to the fact that we are all redeemed and called to glorify and worship our Lord Jesus Christ.” And, I must say they did succeed in awakening one believer!

By Your Side

By Your Side

Recorded live at the Hills Christian Life Centre building, By Your Sidis the eighth album in the praise and worship series by Hillsong Church. This album consists of fourteen songs and they were sung by Darlene Zschech and the then Hillsong team. Most of the songs were written by Darlene Zschech and Reuben Morgan. It is noted that Aran Puddle, Russell Frager, Luke Munns, Marty Sampson, Raymond Badham and Miriam Webster also contributed to the writing and making of these songs.

The album was released in 1999 and back then it conquered the whole world of believers. It even reached No. 21 on the Billboard Top Contemporary Christian Albums chart. The songs were constantly being sung in churches and played in Christian houses all around the world. It was phenomenal!

By Your Side

So, let’s take a look at the track list:

1.”My Redeemer Lives” (Reuben Morgan) —worship leader: Darlene Zschech

2.”Great In Power” (Russell Fragar) —worship leader: Darlene Zschech

3.”I Feel Like I’m Falling” (Raymond Badham) —worship leader: Mark Stevens

4.”Your Unfailing Love” (Reuben Morgan) —worship leader: Darlene Zschech b. Reuben Morgan

5.”Dwelling Places” (Miriam Webster) —worship leaders: Darlene Zschech And Miriam Webster

6.”What The Lord Has Done In Me” (Reuben Morgan) —worship leader: Miriam Webster

7.”Sing Of Your Great Love” (Darlene Zschech) —worship leader: Darlene Zschech b. Steve McPherson

8.”By Your Side” (Marty Sampson) —worship leader: Marty Sampson

9.”In Freedom” (Aran Puddle) —worship leaders: Darlene Zschech And Marty Sampson

10.”You Said” (Reuben Morgan) —worship leader: Darlene Zschech

11.”Stay” (Luke Munns) —worship leader: Darlene Zschech

12.”Eagle’s Wings” (Reuben Morgan) —worship leader: Mark Stevens & Darlene Zschech

13.”Free To Dance” (Darlene Zschech) —worship leader: Lisa Young

14.”This Is How We Overcome” (Reuben Morgan) —worship leader: Darlene Zschech



5 Lessons Every DJ Should Know

When you decide to take on Dj-ing as a career there will be days when you will be invited to play at big parties and others in small ones. There is little chance that you will become a very famous DJ making world tours- not that I am judging but the number of DJs that made it there are very few.

Do not get me wrong, you will be able to play at some big parties with a big crowd. As you mature in the sphere you will learn a lot of things- and today I will share with you what I had learn and the tips and tricks that I still use to this day.

1. A Good Track Beats A Good Mix

Dj, Entertainment, Dj Party, Performance

When we think about Deejaying, we automatically think about mixing- but to be a good DJ you need to know the good tracks out there first. When you mix bad tracks it remains bad tracks, so everything starts with the tracks that you will be choosing first. A good DJ will accomplish a good transition but a great DJ will choose a good piece of music first.

So this can be considered step one of being a good DJ. As a DJ you should not have ego or pride, you are here to make people have fun dancing so if they are requesting a song, even if you are not a big fan I recommend you share it with them.

2. Occasional Mistake

It is important that you have a high standard as a DJ, remember this is an art. But it will take you years to tweak everything down and to be the smoothest DJ. You should be able to recognize every one of your mistakes so that you know where you should improve. Keep in mind that it’s okay to make mistakes and it will definitely happen. Take it as a chance to learn.

3. It Is Your Job

Most people do not see Djing as being a job until they have to do it themselves, so you should always be reminding yourself that this is your job. It can seem glamorous, you are always partying, but this is not really the truth. It is not always as glamorous as it seems.

The working hours can be quite hard at times, working conditions can be hazardous- you are expected to do various jobs at the same time and believe me you do not have that much time to enjoy yourself. So, you should be paid for what you are doing do not accept drinks or foods as ‘wages’ – they are part of what they should be given to you when you are performing.

Make it clear this is part of the job- this should be given to you but if it is not, this should be already discussed beforehand.

Party, Music, Dj, Atmosphere, Lighting

4. Not Always About Music

Being a DJ will require you a lot of skills. Most of the time your audience will be under alcohol influence, so you should master the skills of handling people coming around you drunk. You should be able to master politeness and charm even if you really don’t want to be. You should be able to talk to your drunk patrons and make negotiations.

5. It’s Supposed To Be Fun

Sure, it will not be a fairytale from the beginning to the end, but it should not be a nightmare too. There are a lot of complications that you will have to face, too many requests or bringing the wrong USB but you should know that Djing is one of the terrible fun ways to spend your time.

Whether you meet the upper level or not- you are a DJ. There is no other job like yours and you should be proud of that. There are many things that you need to learn as a DJ, and this can be done through courses available at Rakoon Sound Studios. This is a great way to start as they provide you with fully-equipped studios, music masters to accompany you, and also cozy and popular locations. So do not wait any longer and contact Rakoon Sound Studios.


Should Children Be Introduced to Music?

Believe it or not, music can be a hobby, from listening to them playing an instrument or singing. But it is the simplest hobby out there; if you are only listening to it, you have to sit back, relax, and it to your favorite artist and listen to them. Listening to Music as a hobby can be as simple as that, but you can also take it a step further by analyzing said lyrics or music videos, leading to a future career path as a music critic.

Playing an instrument can also be a great add-on to your college resume and make you a more viable option to be chosen as one of the few students in a high-ranking college. Introducing a child to music at an early age is very beneficial. You don’t need complicated equipment or special skills to do this. Discover in this article the benefits of music for a child.

Music is a way to communicate love


A song or dance with your child will allow you to convey your love and affection. It is an excellent way to create a positive bond with your child. In the same situation, when you make music for your little one, it’s a great way to create a bond.

Music enhances children’s ability to learn

Musical activities (e.g., banging rhythms on a drum, listening to different music, etc.) stimulate the brain. They practice memory skills, attention, thought organization, and control of certain behaviors. If you want to ensure your children’s future, trust AcadémieLax.

Songs and rhymes improve language.

The words and lyrics heard in songs help your child build vocabulary. Hearing artists sing them to make sounds, say words, and form sentences. Also, your toddler will gradually learn that words are made up of syllables and sounds through songs and rhymes, which will help him later when he knows to read and write.

Music brings out the creativity

When your child reacts automatically to music or the discovery of the sound of an instrument, it encourages artistic expression. A child develops their imagination by making up song lyrics or gestures.

Develops his musical sense


Exposure to various musical styles (pop-rock, jazz, RnB, classical, etc.) enhances a child’s sense of music and musical taste.

Improves social life

Being in contact with other children allows your little one’s social development, such as sharing instruments, following rules, etc. No matter how old your child is, try to get them into training to build their brain.

Music teaches emotional management

Singing and making music promote the production of hormones associated with pleasure, well-being, and confidence. Music helps children calm down and manage their emotions. When premature babies are sung to, their heart rate stabilizes, and their breathing is calmer. The best ways to introduce your child to music

Take advantage of small, pleasant family moments such as diaper changes, bath time, putting toys away, and bedtime routines to sing to your child. Introduce your child to favorite childhood songs such as “Can You Plant Cabbage”.

Playfully transform songs and rhymes

Teach your child to pay attention to sounds when listening to music. For example, when they hear a song, ask them what they hear and what the music makes them think of. This will develop their auditory memory. For example, use a mouse or giant voice by clapping your hands and changing the words.

Give preference to real musical instruments


Piano, xylophone, tambourine, etc… These instruments produce better quality sound. If the child does not practice music very early, nothing is lost. It is not the same as learning a foreign language, where it becomes complicated with age, but music, the more you listen, the easier it is.

You can, for example, develop music workshops in kindergarten to allow children to define their intelligence in this area. Thus, it is important to follow the child so that they can blossom through music. Looking after the well-being of your child is an important task for parents. You must always be close to your child.

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Christian Music: The Rise and Rise of Planethakers

Christian Music: The Rise and Rise of Planethakers

We are surrounded by different cultures that are each defined by different traditions, customs, dress codes and lifestyles. But, music is the only universal language that can have the same effect on everyone, irrespective of their cultures, social class backgrounds and age. Even if dopamine is what triggers your happy vibes when you listen to music, nothing compares to this great source of pleasure and contentment.

When you listen to music, you experience all those good things you have been deprived of in real life. Even with your empty pockets, music has the power to make you feel rich. Without being in a relationship, music can help you understand the meaning of love. And, with just a few sheet notes of music, you can travel to the future and back to the past without a time machine. The list of wonders of music is endless…

I’m sure you already have your preference of music and songs that can instantly positively influence your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. But, what if I told you that there is a music that goes way above all these? A music that’s more than emotive, mesmerizing, comforting, calming and motivational. A music that can go deep in your heart and touch your inner soul. A music that can turn your mourning into dancing and your sorrow into joy. That’s Christian music.

Growing up in a Christian home doesn’t explain my love for Christian music. But, that’s an entirely different story and for now, we’ll focus on my current obsession: Planetshakers!

Who Are They?

Who Are They?Have you ever laughed when all you wanted was to cry? Have you ever genuinely prayed for someone you’ve been hating all your life?

Well, that’s the effect the songs of Planetshakers have on me!

Created from an Australian Christian Conference, Planetshakers Church is one of the fastest-growing evangelical Christian Pentecostal churches established in Melbourne, Australia. After a transformational experience with God, Russell and Sam Evans founded this church in 1997. However, more than anything else, it was the passionate praise and worship of the church that stirred the spiritual hunger in many youngsters, led to many close encounters with God and released the outbreak of signs, wonders and miracles over the Australian nation.

Passionate, powerful, vibrant and willing, Planetshakers is now a contemporary worship band born from this megachurch. Driven by a deep desire to see more people saved and to help many believers find their healings, breakthroughs and blessings through Christian music, Planetshakers have created over 30 albums which have been well received in UK, US, Europe, Asia, South Africa and of course, Australia.

I’m sure you want to know what is so special and so unique about their music. Let me talk about that through the songs that I’ve personally felt connected with.

Saved The Day

Saved The DayHopeless is a really horrible feeling.

We might be Christians. We might have been driven out of the darkness and called to God’s light. But, we are not immune to desperate situations where we might lose hope. Be it a huge financial predicament, a divorce or the loss of a family member, there are times when we forget that there is something called faith, perseverance or living hope.

However, this song will help you find back the hope which was once lost. It will wipe away your tears and remind you that it’s not over yet. It’s not the end. The world will fade away, but God’s word remains forever


JoyHonestly, I have never been able to sit and listen to this song. I was always on my feet; jumping, bouncing and shouting to the Lord.

Maybe it’s the gleam in the voice of the singers. The energizing music. Or, the unexpected amount of happiness and comfort in the lyrics. But, I promise the song, and along with it, that fit of happiness will take you by surprise.

I Need You

I Need YouUntil this song, there has never been a time in my life when I felt the urge to say, “Lord, I need you, more than words can say, more than life itself.”

Listen to this song and you will feel Him close. Very close to you, wiping your tears and lifting you up in His arms.