5 Lessons Every DJ Should Know

When you decide to take on Dj-ing as a career there will be days when you will be invited to play at big parties and others in small ones. There is little chance that you will become a very famous DJ making world tours- not that I am judging but the number of DJs that made it there are very few.

Do not get me wrong, you will be able to play at some big parties with a big crowd. As you mature in the sphere you will learn a lot of things- and today I will share with you what I had learn and the tips and tricks that I still use to this day.

1. A Good Track Beats A Good Mix

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When we think about Deejaying, we automatically think about mixing- but to be a good DJ you need to know the good tracks out there first. When you mix bad tracks it remains bad tracks, so everything starts with the tracks that you will be choosing first. A good DJ will accomplish a good transition but a great DJ will choose a good piece of music first.

So this can be considered step one of being a good DJ. As a DJ you should not have ego or pride, you are here to make people have fun dancing so if they are requesting a song, even if you are not a big fan I recommend you share it with them.

2. Occasional Mistake

It is important that you have a high standard as a DJ, remember this is an art. But it will take you years to tweak everything down and to be the smoothest DJ. You should be able to recognize every one of your mistakes so that you know where you should improve. Keep in mind that it’s okay to make mistakes and it will definitely happen. Take it as a chance to learn.

3. It Is Your Job

Most people do not see Djing as being a job until they have to do it themselves, so you should always be reminding yourself that this is your job. It can seem glamorous, you are always partying, but this is not really the truth. It is not always as glamorous as it seems.

The working hours can be quite hard at times, working conditions can be hazardous- you are expected to do various jobs at the same time and believe me you do not have that much time to enjoy yourself. So, you should be paid for what you are doing do not accept drinks or foods as ‘wages’ – they are part of what they should be given to you when you are performing.

Make it clear this is part of the job- this should be given to you but if it is not, this should be already discussed beforehand.

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4. Not Always About Music

Being a DJ will require you a lot of skills. Most of the time your audience will be under alcohol influence, so you should master the skills of handling people coming around you drunk. You should be able to master politeness and charm even if you really don’t want to be. You should be able to talk to your drunk patrons and make negotiations.

5. It’s Supposed To Be Fun

Sure, it will not be a fairytale from the beginning to the end, but it should not be a nightmare too. There are a lot of complications that you will have to face, too many requests or bringing the wrong USB but you should know that Djing is one of the terrible fun ways to spend your time.

Whether you meet the upper level or not- you are a DJ. There is no other job like yours and you should be proud of that. There are many things that you need to learn as a DJ, and this can be done through courses available at Rakoon Sound Studios. This is a great way to start as they provide you with fully-equipped studios, music masters to accompany you, and also cozy and popular locations. So do not wait any longer and contact Rakoon Sound Studios.






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