Trampoline: The Ideal Accessory To Keep Fit

The trampoline was born in 1930. Since then, the number of players has not stopped growing. It has even found its place in the Olympic Games. The evolution of trampoline does not stop there; it is currently associated with weight loss. Yes, it is possible to stay in shape while having fun with rebounding. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about trampolines.

Why does trampolining help with weight loss?


To feel energized, there is nothing better than adopting a fun and effective method. The benefits of trampolining to tone up are proven. That is why many gyms and fitness centers offer it to the general public. Physical therapists first used it to rehabilitate patients. Sometime later, gyms and salons adopted this practice.



Using the trampoline to keep your figure is a great idea because it allows you to get the weight you want. Simply because jumping on a mini-trampoline offers an impressive array of benefits. With or without the help of a professional, you can practice a targeted workout with this tool. Whether you train alone or in a group, you can lose weight while having fun bouncing.

Another reason is that repeating jumps on a trampoline can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. That’s the equivalent of one hour of running. Jumping on a trampoline is not harmful to your joints because the shock absorption is up to 80%. On the other hand, the tendons and ligaments work at full power. Rebounding also allows you to:

    • Gain flexibility
    • Burn fat
    • Build muscle in a harmonious way
    • Work on balance and endurance
    • Limit injuries
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Work on your cardiovascular system.

Limitations of trampoline activities


It is not recommended for pregnant women to practice this sport. This rule also applies to people who suffer from incontinence and organ descent. It is also wise to ask your doctor’s advice before practicing this activity for people with weaknesses or pain in the cervical, lumbar, ankle, and knee areas. Do you think that people in their fifties are not allowed to rebound on such equipment? Think again; rebounding even has benefits for their backs, joints, bones, eyes, and morale.

Most accidents are due to collisions, which is why it is imperative to respect the safety zone around the trampoline. It is strongly recommended that only one person use the trampoline at a time. The user must be in socks or bare feet. No objects should be present inside the safety net, which must be closed during use. Somersaults are dangerous and strictly forbidden. Do not use the trampoline in bad weather or if the jumping mat is wet.

What are the exercises to do to lose weight with a trampoline?


Like any sports activity, regularity and discipline are the keys. A daily practice of half an hour allows you to obtain a tangible result. Jumping is good for your health. If you jump with style, you’ll have even more fun. So, to lose weight, there are several easy exercises to do on the trampoline.

Are you a beginner? Jump naturally with your feet together; the fun is there. Lie down on the trampoline and do a sit-up. While jumping, make sure to bring your knee up to your hips. You can also jump from left to right and back and forth.

Are you a regular exerciser? As you jump, spread your legs outward and raise your arms to the sky. Bring your feet and hands up against your body on the second jump. It is also possible to do squats during your workout. In addition to the knee-chest, practice heel-and-butt exercises as well.

To do this, you need to follow the instructions of the fitness coaches and get the right equipment. This will motivate you to practice mini-trampoline jumping regularly.

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