Photography: It’s More Than Just an Image

According to Wikipedia, photography is “the set of techniques, processes, and equipment that record a subject in a still image.” In other words, photography is a field of its own.

According to the same source, “the term photography also refers to the image obtained. Moreover, apart from its technical definition, photography can be much more than just an image. To learn more, read this article!

Photography: It’s Art

Art can be defined as the result of a human activity that aims to attract attention, arouse emotion, send a message, etc. However, the perception of the message and feelings about the same artwork can change from one viewer to another.

Photography and drawing, and painting are included in the visual arts category. In addition, to make an artistic photograph, the artist photographer usually proceeds differently than for an illustrative picture.

Also known as “representational photography” or “realistic photography”, illustrative photography is intended solely to reflect, report, or account for reality or a scene. Therefore, the photographer will capture the present moment without having to add a personal artistic touch. This field of photography concerns, among others, photojournalism and paparazzi.

On the other hand, artistic photography is both unique and aesthetic. Indeed, the talent and creativity of the photographer are essential. This is why the professional in this field of photography is called a “photo artist”.

Using Photography to Tell a Story

If the writer uses words to tell a story, the photographer uses the photos he has captured. To do this, he brings out in each image the emotions he perceives at a specific moment, during a particular event such as a birthday party, the arrival of a newborn, a wedding, etc.

A little advice:

Use the services of a professional photographer to capture the best moments of your life and record images worthy of your memories. In other words, a critical moment deserves excellent image quality.

On the other hand, you can take pictures of what most people consider to be the details of everyday life. These can be your baby’s first steps, your child’s first day of school, the first time your child loses a baby tooth, a missed meal, etc.

In short, since life is a gift, it is not only the great moments that deserve to be told. It is full of surprises; all we have to do is enjoy them. Photography is there to help us recall our memories and tell the stories or anecdotes behind each image.

Photography Allows Us to Assert Ourselves or to Invent a Life

Photography is also more than a simple image because it can allow everyone to assert themselves, to show their personality, their tastes, their religious and/or political opinions, their origins, etc.

Moreover, an image can speak for itself since the colors, the background, the framing, the pose, and the clothes of the person being photographed, as well as his or her look, contribute to defining the message it seeks to convey.

For all these reasons, photography allows us to invent life.

In short, whatever the motive, every detail contained in the photograph is essential.






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