Are books becoming obsolete?

I love reading, and I read virtually anything, from graphic novels to manga to new adult romance books, I’ve been reading since the age of five, and it is my way to escape my problem. So, naturally, I did a degree, and master’s in English and linguistics, and if it were up to me, then I would never let physical copies of books die out. Currently, I have around 500 books in my personal library, and while some are purely for academia, others are just for fun, and I pride myself on my graphic novel collection. With digitalization, screens have become our real companion. And we wonder if the book still has its place in our time.

The continuity of book sales


In spite of the development of digital screens, the sale of paper books resists. Obviously, a decline has been noted in the number of sales according to the national union of publishing. It recorded a decrease of 2.52% between the years 2017 and 2018. Yet, the price has not been revised downwards since the book keeps for a very long time, while electronic consoles can be damaged with all the data. In addition, the sale of books has been improved to attract the attention of readers. Thus, there are currently different paper books formats, such as the pocket format and the use of online sales.

The number of bookstore shoppers


Although the Internet can answer all our questions, the use of the library is inevitable. Indeed, paper books have been meticulously worked and approved, especially in the bookstore. They have gone through certain formalities before being exposed to the general public. Thus, the veracity of the information is irrefutable. Similarly, reading paper books remain a trustworthy source of reliable and relevant information for students and researchers. As for the Internet, some information out there is not always credible. Indeed, anyone can publish what they want without having been subjected to a legal test.

Moreover, with the modernization, the bookstore has been changed into a real living space by integrating several services. So, on the spot, you can drink coffee and take some things to eat. This stimulates your concentration even more. Moreover, to better serve you, some owners set up a digital console that will facilitate the search for a book.

Maintaining good habits


A library in the heart of a house is always appreciated despite the advance in technology. Some people make it an interior decoration, which translates into increased book sales. Others are truly passionate about reading and are proud of their home library. In addition, there are people who like to collect books and make them a treasure. Not only at home, but also in a school, the presence of a library shows that books still have an important place in society. Finally, reading is also a leisure activity. Thus, many people are used to reading in their free time, as it has a relaxing effect. Also, some people read to get back to sleep quickly.

The ebook and its formats


Digitization seduces many people since its use provides more comfort. Faced with this, the production of the ebook has been set up to follow the digital trend. The ebook adapts to different high-end technological devices ranging from laptops to the IPAD through tablets. Moreover, it can be declined in several formats such as PDF (Portable Document Publication), epub (electronic publication), epub Fixed Layout, etc. In terms of sales, a study conducted in 2018-2019 found that the sale of the digital-book constitutes 8.42% of the turnover of book producing companies.

The organization of writing competitions and the proliferation of professions related to reading


The passion for books can be seen through the distribution of prizes during writing contests. Indeed, only book lovers manage to get the stars. Schools always organize this type of contest to promote reading among young people. Besides the librarian, the journalist, and the bookseller, the web solicits in part the creativity of book lovers. The web editor, the graphic designer, and the proofreader are examples. These jobs consist in arousing the interest of Internet users for the launch of products through the websites of companies.

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