The Best Romance Novels of Nora Roberts to Get You in the Mood

The Best Romance Novels of Nora Roberts to Get You in the Mood

Whether you are single (or not) or married and unhappy (or happy), you would still identify with Nora Roberts. As one of the best-selling fiction authors of all time, Nora Roberts’ books offer a pleasurable escape from the daily stresses of life. So, here are some of the best romance novels of Nora.

High Noon

High NoonThis romantic novel mixes together two of the favorite things I love with Nora Roberts’s books: strong working female leads and sweet yet sexy romance.

The powerful beginning is what would make you pick up the book and read it till the end. The scene opens with hostage negotiator Lt. Phoebe McNamara as she walks right in the middle of a suicide attempt by Joe, an ex-employee of attractive Duncan Swift. As she offers beer to the suicidal man and coaxes him to get down from the roof ledge, the charming employer who was on the scene falls hard for Phoebe. In the aftermath of the peaceful resolution, Duncan goes to the police station and offers to buy her a drink, clearly indicating his intention to pursue her.

As a divorcee and single mother of the cute Carly, Phoebe is a compassionate and understanding FBI-trained negotiator. With a combination of steely courage and devotion, Phoebe has always almost managed to defuse powderkeg situations. However, life takes a turn when suspended Arnie Meeks, a misogynist cop, attacks her brutally and handcuffs her in the staircase of her precinct –all because he couldn’t take orders from a female officer.

Eventually, she heals by demanding on the charming Duncan –both emotionally and physically. Her blossoming relationship with Duncan is also approved by her agoraphobic mother, sweet daughter Carly and her brother Carter. However, the story takes another turn for the worse when she receives threatening messages, along with dead animals, on her doorstep.

The romance between the leads, Phoebe’s sweet family, the creepy happenings and the suspense will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Sea Swept (Chesapeake Bay Sage #1)

Sea Swept (Chesapeake Bay Sage #1)Nora Roberts has a wide range of sagas, trilogies and legacies and each offers characters and stories that you’d fall in love with. However, when it comes to “Sea Swept”, everything is just perfect!

Nora Robers has an incredible talent for writing characters that makes you want to meet them and be their friends –or lovers, if you prefer. The same goes for Cameron Quinn!

Cameron is not just a champion boat racer, but he is also a playboy. His whole life has been spent on traveling, competing and celebrating with both champagne and women. However, life comes to a halt when he learns that his father is dying and the only thing he is leaving behind is a troubled young boy for Cam to handle.

As his life changes overnight, Cameron tries to adjust and learn to live with his “new brother.” Of course, Seth isn’t your regular sibling and he doesn’t make Cameron’s new life easier. While Cameron struggles with cleaning, cooking and caring for a hard-stoned boy, he crosses paths with the beautiful Anna Spinelli. Anna is Seth’s case worker and as she starts investigating the Quinn household, she finds herself falling hard for Cam.

What Nora does with this story is unparalleled. She doesn’t only introduce us to two different Quinn brothers, but also helps us explore the development of a warm and tending male bonding.

The Next Always (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #1)

The Next Always (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #1)The contemporary romance genre is everyone’s favorite subset of the vast romance genre. So, if you want to enjoy a nice contemporary romance novel, “The Next Always” would be a perfect choice!

The book is set in the cozy and charming BoonsBoro and follows the life of Beckett Montgomery and his two brothers as they try to remodel a historic building and turn it into a nice bed and breakfast. As the architect of the trio, Beckett is always busy with plans. However, as soon as Clare Brewster appears in front of him, he is distracted. Clare is a widow, the mother of three little devils and the high-school crush of Beckett Montgomery.

As the grand opening of the B&B inches closer, Beckett takes the opportunity to give Claire a private tour and that marks the start of a slow-burn romance.







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