Top 8 Good Reasons To Do An Escape Room With Colleagues 

Among the new trendy leisure activities, a game has taken an important dimension these last years. You can now find escape games everywhere in the United States and of all kinds. The goal is to escape from a room in less than 60 minutes by following the different clues, generally in order to solve a story.

In teams, players are plunged into fantasy or science fiction worlds. The phenomenon has become so widespread that companies are now interested in this game to improve cohesion between employees. We are going to list the 8 good reasons to play an escape game with your colleagues.

1. Get to know your partners


At work, everyone is focused on his activity in order to be productive. You have to be focused and get results to avoid being fired. Interactions between colleagues are, therefore, friendly but professional. Everyone is respectful but doesn’t display all the characteristics of their personality on a daily basis. In the end, you don’t know the people you work with.

2. Discover the personality of your colleagues or collaborators

Outside of work, people are more likely to discover and share their personalities with each other. All the more so in an environment of intellectual stimulation and fun. An escape game is perfect for team building because it can allow you to know the affinities of each person and to reveal yourself to others in a different light. You will be able to detect different profiles, such as the one with the soul of a leader or the funny one of the group.

3. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each person


In addition to each participant’s personality, an escape game is a good way to discover hidden skills and qualities. Your job may not show all your skills. However, in a game like this one, you will be able to highlight them and see how others adapt to the situation. Especially since many themes are addressed during an escape game: adventure, horror, and action … (more details on the website Escape game The Game).

Some may have an eagle eye, while others will be the kings of riddles and mental calculation. Playing an escape game with colleagues also allows you to compensate for each other’s weaknesses with a more intimate approach to human relations.

4. Improve group cohesion

Escape games also have the ability to improve group cohesion and morale. Like a seminar, a group of employees get to know each other and develop affinities that have an impact on the quality of their understanding in the professional context.

5. Increased communication


Communication is key to successfully completing the challenge in any escape game mission. Failure to communicate is almost synonymous with defeat for the group. Participants must share everything so that nothing is left to chance. Something you may have thought was unnecessary turns out to be important by talking about it with your teammates. This will improve communication in work projects, increasing everyone’s productivity.

6. The collective at the heart of the game

The escape game is also a solution to forge a solid and united group. The group becomes one to solve the puzzles by outdoing each other. Everyone helps each other to advance until victory (or defeat). Participants experience the same emotions. Everyone brings their piece to the puzzle to share a good time. Colleagues will be more united than ever in the escape game as in the professional world.

7. Soothe conflicts and socialize


It is possible that there is a tense atmosphere in your office. Some colleagues can’t stand each other because of a project. Others stay on the fringe of the group and can’t integrate properly. The escape game is a solution to these problems. People can learn to participate directly in the group. No one can be left out. Conflicts can also be solved around the discovery of a common clue.

8. Relaxation and fun

Of course, the escape game is, above all, a way to relax and enjoy your time off. This leisure activity will brighten up a good afternoon with lively discussions about your experience as well as strong emotions during the game. Not everything is work-related. You may find your new best friend among your colleagues. You need to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Moreover, participating in an escape game can also boost morale and improve self-confidence. A victory is always appreciated and gives a positive ego boost. You and your colleagues will be able to recall the best moments of the game, from the hilarious joke to the stressful part. All these reasons make that playing a leisure activity between colleagues allows increasing productivity and the bonds in a work team. The escape game is an ideal activity for all types of people, with themes that can satisfy any imagination.

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