Top 4 BL series That You Ought To Watch

As a queer person, I tend to search for queer media, and this is how I stumbled on BL when I was 16 and was discovering my sexuality. BL is an abbreviation for boys love, and it is a genre of tv-series/movies that focuses on the queer male relationship, and it has a growing fan base out there. Having said this, there are a plethora of BL out there of all genres and hailing from many countries. There is something for everyone out there.

Let’s be honest, this is a list that I created, and it is my recommendation, and this isn’t a comprehensive list of what BL you should or should not watch. But as an avid BL watcher, I have watched my fair share of queer movies/series, and this list is some of my recommendations. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the BL series/movies that you ought to watch at least once.

1. Your Name Engraved herein



This is one of my favorite movies ever, but fair warning, it isn’t for everyone; if you don’t like sad or ambiguous endings, then you should pass this one. As a queer person, this movie hits close to home, which is why I resonated so much with it. My best friend and I watched this movie over 5 times at this point, and we cry every time because of it. And yes, you can stream it on Netflix.

Set in Taiwan after the reversal of Marshal law, Your name engraved Herein follows the story of two teenagers, Jia-hand and Birdie. Follow them as they discover their sexuality and learn how they could or don’t with this. Prepare for the waterworks and grab a box of tissue in preparation for this movie. If you want to read more about this, and here I rave about this movie, click here.

2. Bad buddy


If you are a fiend for the trope enemies-to-lovers, then this movie is for you. It follows Par and Pran, two neighbors whose parents are in constant rivalry with each other and teach their kids to hate each other. But, the kids stray from their parents, befriend each other, and ultimately fall in love. This is a series that you can watch on YouTube, and you will definitely love it.

Bud Buddy’s creator said that they wanted to create the best Bl series ever and let me tell you, they didn’t underdeliver on their promise. It is a delightful romantic comedy. It stars two heartthrobs at the head, and this is what makes it a top-tier bl. It also strays and dismantles popular BL tropes that can at times be offensive, and this is why this series is up there for me. This series is a breeze of fresh air if you ask us, which is why it is a must-watch.

3. Kinnporshce


Okay, this series is not over yet, but it is one of those series that everyone should watch. If you love mafia drama and gay things, then this is the drama for you. You can stream it for free on one31 and watch the uncensored version on IQIYI (we recommend you support the series through this, and you can watch exclusive content here). This series has a 21+ rating and delivers on all that the spicy scenes in the series are of high quality.

Some of my favorite characters from the show are Pete, Tankhun, Vegas, Macau, Arm, and Pol. Come watch the series for the main couple (Kinnporsche) but stay for the second couple (VegasPete) and all the shenanigan that follows. The series is not only a mafia series, but we also get peaks of comedy thanks to characters like Tankhun and his bodyguards (Pete, Pol, and Arm). So, give this series a go and tell you if you are obsessed with these characters like us.

4. A Tale Of Thousand Stars



This is another series you can watch on YouTube, and it is another phenomenal series you ought to watch. Every single episode will have you in your feelings, and this is one of the most phenomenal Bls out there, both in terms of cinematography and acting; Earth and Mixx play their parts to the T. This BL will make you smile ear to ear and cry from one scene to the next.

It is an action pack series with a lot of drama and action and is filled with emotions and adrenaline, and it features some pretty powerful scenes. All the characters feel authentic, and their relationship does not solely define them, and this is why it sets this show apart from others. Both leads are rounded characters and live well-rounded lives, and they come from different backgrounds, and their stories and backstories are explored in depth.

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