BTS “Smooth Like Butter” Habits

BTS “Smooth Like Butter” Habits

Are they “smooth like butter?” Oh. Of course!

Are they “hot like summer, making you sweat like that?” I’d say beyond the shadow of a doubt (Oh, can someone please turn up the AC?)

Do they have that “superstar glow?” They are everlastingly incandescent!

And, finally, do you think they are “Hotter? Sweeter? Cooler? Butter?” Not hundred times. But thousand times, yes, they are absolutely!

But, what really tears at our heartstrings is their adorable and sometimes weird habits.

So, let’s start with the world’s best leader:

#1. Kim Nam-Joon

Kim Nam-Joon

The Earth-Quack Snoring

Apparently, RM snores when he sleeps. But, that’s not all. It seems like every once in a while the members can get surprised by the loud noise. The first time the young members heard his snoring, they thought a “tank” was passing by.

However, recently, it was reported that Namjoon had a corrective surgery for sleep apnea and since then, no one really mentioned his snoring habit.

Covering His Face

Warning! Dangerous, really dangerous stuff ahead!

Who said Namjoon is not good at aegyo?

Well, I’d say his hiding is even cuter.

And, he doesn’t cover his face only after doing aegyo, but also when he is embarrassed.

Aww…what a cutiepie he is!

Namjoon and Knife

The precious leader of BTS can be sometimes quite…clumsy.

To be honest, I was laughing my ass off when he confessed how the members always tell him not to drive or cook for the sake of world peace.

Indeed, when RM is holding a knife, his IQ, I don’t know why, seems to be a bit lower.

I guess you would truly understand why the members always warn him not to cook if you watched the live broadcast where you can see Jin’s quick and adorable response when RM was holding the knife upside down.

But, no worries. When he puts the knife down, RM is back to his true self.

When He Transforms Into a Bunny

What do you do when you are filled with excitement?

Don’t know for you, but RM bounces and bounces…just like a bunny.

Hop, hop, there goes BTS’s leader.

#2. Kim Seok-Jin

Kim Seok-Jin

Now, let’s move over to our princess. Oops, I meant prince.

Blinking Habit

Any BLINKS out here?

No, it’s not just you. The worldwide handsome does blink a lot…too often.

He did mention a few times why he does that.

I think he said once how the eye contacts are not comfortable at all and bother him so much. Maybe he also said (if I’m not wrong) he winks when he is nervous.

Why doesn’t he simply wear glasses?

Simple: He feels insecure wearing them. Not that he looks ugly with them. Instead, I’d say every time he fixes his glass by twirling his writs, it touches a chord in my heart.

Taking Huge Bites When He Eats

We are all aware of how handsome this fellow is.

But, have you ever noticed how cute and attractive he becomes when he is on “eating” mode?

The star has a habit of always taking gigantic bites out of his food. And, when I said gigantic, I meant it.

He is not among those who bother cutting their steaks into small, bite-sized pieces. No sir. He will just chomp it down.

No matter how merciless this food vacuum machine might seem, his unusual eating habit is actually interesting and adorable. I’ll even say that he’ll make anything looks delicious and anyone hungry, especially with his cute puffed cheeks packed with supersized bites.

Plushies Are His Companions

One thing that fans have noticed is how he is always carrying plushies with him. He was even caught with one while being on his way to the airport.

A certified cutie, isn’t he?

If reading these quirky habits awakened that rising flame of love for BTS, you definitely need to come back for the second part. And, you know who’s next on my list: none other than our swag boy and sunshine hope.





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