Funtime Making Halloween Decorations!

Funtime Making Halloween Decorations!

Funtime Making Halloween Decorations!


 – Make a floating ghost

 – Make a Halloween candle jar

 – Make toppers to garnish dishes

 Halloween is coming… Have your kids float a ghost around your house and hang bats everywhere!

 This handy post will show you how to make simple Halloween decorations.

 Make a floating ghost

Funtime Making Halloween Decorations!

 Materials needed

 To make a floating ghost, you will need the following:

 – a bottle;

 – a pair of wire cutters;

 – an inflatable balloon;

 – wire;

 – tape;

 – 80 x 80 cm of butter cloth;

 – a can of starch and some black cardboard.

 Making a floating ghost

 – With a pair of wire cutters, cut 80 cm of wire.

 – Shape it as desired and stick it into the bottle.

 – Inflate the balloon (not to the maximum) and fix it in the neck of the bottle with tape.

 – Drape the butter cloth over the whole thing.

 – Spray liberally with the spray starch.

 – Let dry.

 – Glue on two black cardboard eyes.

 Remove the bottle, wireframe, and balloon… your ghost will magically float!

 Make a Halloween candle jar

Funtime Making Halloween Decorations!

 Materials needed

 You will need the following:

 – a jam jar;

 – tracing paper;

 – thin black cardboard;

 – scissors;

 – a white coloured pencil;

 – glue;

 – scotch tape;

 – and a tea light.

 Making your Halloween candle jar


 – Cut a piece of tracing paper slightly taller than the jam jar and long enough to wrap around it.

 – Draw bat silhouettes on a sheet of paper. Remember to vary the sizes to get a perspective effect.

 – Cut out these silhouettes.

 – Apply them to the black cardboard.

 – Draw their outlines with a white pencil.

 – Cut out the silhouettes from the black cardboard, following the contours of the design.

 – Glue the silhouettes to the tracing paper.

 – Wrap the tracing paper around the jam jar (silhouettes inside, jar side) and tape it down.

 Place a tea light in the jar and watch the bats fly!

 Make toppers for the dishes

 Materials needed

 You will need the following:

 – black cardboard;

 – white crayon;

 – toothpicks or wooden skewers

 – scissors;

 – and glue.

 Making the toppers

 – Draw a bat silhouette.

 – Cut it out with a pair of scissors.

 – Apply it to a piece of black cardboard.

 – Draw the outline with a white pencil.

 – Cut out, following the contours of the design.

 – Repeat to make two identical silhouettes.

 – Coat one of the two silhouettes with glue.

 – Place a toothpick or wooden skewer on top.

 – Glue the second silhouette on top.

 Stick these toppers on your dishes and desserts at the table next to each guest.

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