How to Make Your Curtains

How to Make Your Curtains

How to Make Your Curtains


    – Choose the suitable fabric

    – Step 1: Cut the fabric

    – Step 2: Make the hem

    – Step 3: Cut the openings for the grommets

    – Step 4: Clip the grommets

Curtains add a decorative touch and help personalize a room. It is tempting to choose the fabric for your curtains and make them so that they are original and in harmony with your furniture.

Many stores offer the necessary fabrics and accessories. Curtains, double curtains, or curtains can make everything from home simply by following these tips.

This operation requires basic sewing skills and the use of a sewing machine.

Here is a step-by-step guide to making curtains yourself.

Choose the suitable fabric

You must choose your fabric according to the atmosphere you want to create in the room. To not make a mistake, go to a specialty store that will offer a wide range of fabrics, materials, and colours:

    – For interior curtains, choose cotton, nylon, organdy, or synthetic blend fabrics.

    – For double curtains, thicker fabrics in cotton or velvet will be your preference.

    – For single curtains, choose medium thickness cotton fabrics.

Colour is a matter of taste, and the harmony and concordance of colours play an essential role. Some colours are considered cold: blue, white, green water, gray, black. Others are warmer: yellow, orange, red, dark green, mauve.

When choosing the fabric, also think about the type of installation to support it. For example, for simple interior curtains, a bar with eyelets is preferred.

1. Cut the fabric

Be sure to cut the fabric according to the dimensions of your window:

    – For the height of your fabric, measure your window, including the frame. To be sure you have enough fabric, add at least 5 cm for the rod.

    – For the width of your fabric, measure the width of your window frame. Doubling the width of the window will give you a nice fold.

2. Make the hem

When making curtains, you must hem the bottom of the fabric yourself so that it does not fray:

    – Fold a portion of the fabric inward (seam side) and run the iron to mark the fold.

    – You have two options:

        ◦ make a hem with a sewing machine;

        ◦ use iron-on tape to hold the hem.

    – Depending on the fabric chosen, reproduce the same operation for the sides of the curtain.

A specific sheet explains how to make a hem; please refer to it.

3. Cut the openings for the eyelets

How to Make Your Curtains

Once your hems are made, you must place the eyelets, a kind of small ring, which will allow your curtain to slide along the rod. Remember to buy your eyelets according to the diameter of your rod!

    – Keep about 10 cm of the top hem to receive the eyelets, reserving a margin of 1 cm above and below each. Adjust this measurement to the diameter of your eyelets.

    – Mark these marks with chalk.

    – The 2 outer eyelets will be placed about 6 cm from each edge of the curtain and 2 cm from the top edge. Allow a distance of about 15 cm between each eyelet. Make a blank to distribute them well.

    – Take measurements with a tape measure or a ruler. Mark these marks with chalk.

    – Place the grommets on the markers.

    – Chalk the inside diameter of each eyelet on the fabric.

    – Fold the centreline where the grommets are located, overlapping each half circle.

    – With scissors, carefully cut over the chalk marks.

4. Clip the grommets

    – Each eyelet should be separated into 2 parts.

    – You should slide the part with the spikes under the fabric.

    – Match the edges of the opening with the edges of the eyelet.

    – Press the pins through the fabric and out to clip the eyelets.

    – Place and press the second part of the grommet onto the fabric so that it fits snugly.

Be careful: the cut edge of the fabric must fit slightly into the eyelet.

Materials needed to make a blackout curtain

Sewing machine

From $160 or $5 a day for rental

Sewing scissors

Starting at $15

Strong polyester thread

About $4

Box of pins

Starting at $7


Starting at $1


From $12





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