7 Good Reasons to Start Doing Crafts

7 Good Reasons to Start Doing Crafts

7 Good Reasons to Start Doing Crafts

Lack of time, practice and patience soon relegate crafts to the back burner. But getting back to basics by making something by hand won’t waste your time or your face! Here’s why in 7 lessons.

1. To meet people.

Signing up for a hobby class allows you to meet people with whom you share a passion. Each week:

    – You go to a neutral place, outside of work and outside of the family.

    – You exchange with different people, in a good mood.

    – You share the taste of the activity you practice.

Good to know: most people who practice activity in a group are beginners. So don’t be ashamed to start.

2. To feel good about yourself.

When a person accomplishes something, alone or in a group, they often feel like they’re growing wings. The organization and success of an event, the finishing of an object, and the completion of weeks (or even months) of a task can help build a good self-image.

Building something with one’s own hands by putting heart, patience and energy into it is good for the ego! However, self-esteem (without excess) is a partner in well-being.

Good to know: in the professional world, too, self-esteem is essential. If you don’t feel sufficiently valued at work, it may be that your job doesn’t suit you.

3. To save on expenses.

7 Good Reasons to Start Doing Crafts
7 Good Reasons to Start Doing Crafts

Creative leisure activities will allow you to learn how to make everyday objects. Thanks to the recycling and the know-how you will quickly acquire, you will soon not need to buy certain things.

    – You can save on certain gifts (Christmas, birthdays).

    – You can make furniture, frames, lamps or any jewelry.

    – You can make your decorations or your outfit for the holidays or a wedding!

4. To get out of work.

Are you tired of your stressful boss? Want something new? Why not change your job?

Thanks to creative leisure activities, you feel like an artist or a craftsman. You can finally exercise your creativity and earn a living doing what you love! So go ahead; you can:

    – Create or take over a company.

    – Start a sewing or repair business.

    – Become a furniture designer, painter or sculptor.

    – Sell your creations on the market, on the Internet or at an exhibitor.

5. To stimulate your brain.

7 Good Reasons to Start Doing Crafts
7 Good Reasons to Start Doing Crafts

As we age, our brain cells become depleted. There is only one approach to remedy this: training! Creative hobbies permanently solicit the two cerebral hemispheres:

    – The left hemisphere analyzes the construction to be made.

    – The right hemisphere creates new ideas to make the object original, beautiful and unique.

Good to know: creative leisure activities are excellent for improving memory capacity.

6. To fight against premature ageing.

Hobbies help you to fight against premature ageing:

    – Creative hobbies stimulate social life, allow laughing and feeling good about yourself.

    – They require concentration.

    – They strengthen the memory.

    – They stimulate the brain and delay possible dementia related to old age.

Good to know: practicing 1 hour of sport per week limits the appearance of wrinkles!

7. To learn a lot of things.

General knowledge is not just for students! It is acquired throughout one’s life.

Personal enrichment is also achieved through:

    – the appropriation of new techniques, new know-how, whether or not they are handicrafts;

    – resourcefulness and imagination.

Good to know: if you like to read, a reading group allows you to integrate the information you read permanently. This way, you will finally keep in mind the novels you read for many years!

Some creative ideas:

    – Try your hand at glass painting.

    – Try your hand at making cardboard furniture.

    – Make a hat out of sisal.

    – Make your decorative candles.

Creative hobbies also go hand in hand with recycling and recovery!

Hope this post will help you figure out which hobbies you would be interested in. Remember to tell us about your experience in the comment section below.


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