Christmas Ornaments

How to Make Christmas Ornaments


How to Make Christmas Ornaments


Sparkling, shimmering, magical baubles are the must-have ornament for any self-respecting Christmas tree. However, we get tired of using the same ones repeatedly. If you feel like a change, don’t hesitate: make your baubles to match your Christmas theme of the year!

This post gives you some ideas on making Christmas ornaments and explains how to proceed.

Case 1: Make Christmas ornaments out of string

These aerial ornaments are also fun to make, even if the work is messy… Kids will love it!


For this project, you will need:

– an inflatable balloon;

– Vaseline;

– wallpaper paste;

– disposable gloves;

– string;

– a cup;

– a salad bowl;

– glue varnish;

– a needle;

– and glitter.

Inflate a small balloon until it reaches the size of an orange. Tie the end well.

Coat the balloon with petroleum jelly or fatty cream (which will make it easier to peel off the string later).

Mix wallpaper paste in a bowl.

Protect yourself with disposable gloves.

Soak a long string length (not too thick or thin) in the glue.

Starting at the top of the balloon (knotted end), glue string to the balloon, forming an airy mesh around it.

Let it dry in a cup until the string net is rigid (24 hours minimum).

Pierce the balloon with a needle and remove it from its net (this operation is made easier by the Vaseline).

Optional: To make your ball of string shine, spray it with glue varnish, sprinkle it with glitter powder (in hobby stores) and shake the excess over a plate. It’s especially magical if you glitter a ball of white string this way.

 Case 2: Garnish clear balls

Get transparent balls that open in half (in hobby stores) and decorate them as you like:

Styrofoam balls (sold at hobby stores) and a few dry branch trimmings or holly sprigs.

Styrofoam balls and a miniature tree, or a piece of tree branch placed vertically.

Styrofoam balls and an elf, a miniature Santa Claus, mini mushrooms or mini Yule log decorations.

White or coloured feathers.

Silver sugar beads.

Artificial flowers, etc.

Another technique: open the ball and spray the inside with glue varnish from a can. Sprinkle the glaze with powdered glitter, shake the excess over a plate and close the ball.

 Case 3: Make Styrofoam balls sparkle


For this project, you will need:

– Styrofoam balls;

– Sequins;

– Pins;

– Ribbon.


Get polystyrene balls (in hobby stores) of the diameter of your choice.

Get sequins with a hole in the middle.

Attach a sequin by pushing the pin into the Styrofoam with a regular pin.

Attach a second sequin slightly overlapping the first, and so on until the ball is completely covered, leaving a small space at the end. You can make a plain ball or decorate it with patterns you like.

Cut 8 cm of 2 mm wide ribbon. Form a loop and pin the base of the loop securely to the space in the ball.

Finish masking the space with a few last sequins and pins.

 Case 4: Transforming old balls with fabric


For this project, you will need:

– fabric;

– old Christmas ornaments;

– scissors and scalloped scissors;

– 2 mm wide assorted ribbon;

– 8 mm wide matching ribbon.

Obtain yardage of fabric:

e.g. plain, or better crinkled, polyester taffeta: this is both an inexpensive and shimmery material;

or lightweight printed cotton, such as stripes, polka dots, or a Christmas theme.

Gather your Christmas ornaments from previous years.

Christmas Ornaments

Cut a square from the fabric large enough for each bauble to enclose the bauble completely.

Place the ball in the middle of the square.

Cut 10 cm of 2 mm wide ribbon.

Wrap the ball as tightly as possible with the fabric, arranging the folds that form harmoniously.

Tie the fabric at the top of the ball securely with the ribbon, trapping a branch of greenery or a small decoration (flower…) if you wish.

Tie the two ends of the ribbon together to form the ball attachment.

If possible, trim the excess fabric with a pair of serrated scissors, which will prevent the material from fraying and finish the ball nicely.

With a larger piece of ribbon (8 mm), form a pretty bow around the ball.

The advantage of this method is that you can customize your baubles next year in a different way at little cost.

 Case 5: Transform your old balls with a snow effect


For this project, you will need:

– Styrofoam balls;

– acrylic paint;

– a paintbrush;

– glue varnish in a spray can.


This technique is to be used with old, chipped or faded balls.

If you are in a hurry, spray them with artificial snow and, if you want a more refined result, make them sparkle by sticking some rhinestones on them.

If you want more original customization, coat your balls with polystyrene balls (in hobby stores):

Either paint the ball with white acrylic paint or leave it as is (you will see its original colour, not entirely camouflaged by the polystyrene balls).

Fill a bowl with Styrofoam balls

Spray the entire surface of the ball with spray glue.

Holding the ball by its attachment, dip it into the bowl until it is completely covered with the Styrofoam beads, using a spoon if necessary.

Let the ball dry.

Note: you can customize white Styrofoam balls in the same way.

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