Hobbies | Growing Mushrooms

Hobbies | Growing Mushrooms


    – Method 1: Grow button mushrooms from a culture kit

    – Method 2: Grow mushrooms from mycelium

In recent years, growing mushrooms at home has become very fashionable! If you want to try it, it may be a good idea to start with a commercially available kit. After that, there is nothing to stop you from getting more ambitious, just by buying some mycelium.

This post explains how to grow button mushrooms with or without a kit.

Method 1: Grow button mushrooms from a growing kit

Provided you have good temperature conditions at home, it is straightforward and rewarding to grow button mushrooms using a ready-to-use production kit.

This type of kit includes:

    – a growing box containing compost and mushroom mycelium;

    – a carefully designed lid;

    – a bag of potting soil.

Instructions for use vary from kit to kit but generally follow this schema:

    – Moisten the potting soil, then pour it into the growing box over the compost/mycelium layer.

    – Place the box with its lid in a room where the temperature is between 20 and 25 °C.

    – Leave it for a week, spraying the potting soil several times with a little water.

    – Then, put the lid on differently (according to the instructions provided), and put the box in a cooler room (between 16 and 18 °C), spraying the potting soil with a little water several times.

Good to know: some kits offer a cover designed to be a water reservoir that provides a humid atmosphere.

After 15-18 days, you will harvest your first mushrooms. More will grow after that in successive waves.

Method 2: Grow mushrooms from mycelium


To grow button mushrooms without starting from a kit, a minimum of materials are required. Gather:

    – a wooden or plastic crate;

    – garden soil or peat moss

    – mycelium;

    – compost, which will be the growing medium, the ideal being composted horse manure.

Good to know: coffee grounds are also suitable, but you need to gather enough of them.

Start by seeding the substrate:

    – Fill the box with compost, then with a small stick, make holes 10 cm deep.

    – Place the mycelium at the bottom of the holes, using the syringe provided for this purpose.

Good to know: the mycelium is always sold with a syringe and instructions for use.

Place the box in a suitable place:

    – Choose an airy place, without direct sunlight, with a constant temperature of 18 to 20 °C, or even slightly higher.

    – Moisten the substrate without excess, twice a day, with a spray bottle, until the mycelium starts to spread in spots on the substrate.

    – If you can, set the box at a temperature at least 2 degrees lower than before.

    – Cover the substrate with a layer (2 cm) of finely crumbled garden soil or peat.

    – Continue to moisten the soil regularly once a day.

The first mushrooms will start to appear about 3 weeks after planting.

Materials needed to grow mushrooms.

Wooden box Scrap material
Compost About $8 per 50-litre bag or homemade
Sprayer From $2 onwards
Peat $5 the 6 L approximately

This blog is based on fun times and hobbies. The aim is to reduce stress by keeping you occupied with something you enjoy. Hobbies allow you to divert your attention away from the worries of ordinary life. They allow you to unwind and enjoy activities that aren’t related to work, chores, or other obligations. In addition, hobbies might assist you in becoming more patient.

Hope this article helps you find a new hobby or helps you grow mushrooms better. If you have further tips, please, remember to share them in the comment section below. 


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