Advent Wreath

5 Steps for Making an Advent Wreath

5 Steps for Making an Advent Wreath


    – Step 1: Form the base

    – Step 2: Prepare the salt dough

    – Step 3: Cover the wreath

    – Step 4: Decorate the wreath

    – Step 5: Bake the wreath and comb it

Advent wreaths have become a must-have item and add the finishing touch to your Christmas decorations. All fantasies and materials are allowed, so why not use salt dough this year?

Here is a step-by-step guide to making an advent wreath.

Note: in salt dough, the advent wreath will prefer to stay indoors, placed on a table or the fireplace. Putting it on the front door is not recommended, as the humidity outside will eventually soften it.

1. Form the base

    – Crumple up some aluminum foil.

    – Shape it into a crown.

2. Prepare the salt dough

    – Mix 1 glass of fine salt and 2 glasses of flour in a bowl.

    – Gradually add 1 glass of water.

    – Work the mixture by hand until a smooth dough sticks to your fingers.

    – Roll out with a rolling pin until the dough is about 1 cm thick.

3. Cover the wreath

Advent Wreath

    – Cut out strips of salt dough.

    – Cover the entire ring with these strips of salt dough.

    – Take the baking sheet out of the oven and cover it with aluminum foil.

    – Place the wreath on top.

4. Decorate the wreath

    – Form small balls of dough of different sizes.

    – Form as many different shapes as possible, using your choice of knife blade, spoon curve, or fork tip, such as:

        ◦ ribbed leaves; holly leaves;

        ◦ twigs;

        ◦ fruits, pine cones;

        ◦ ribbons, hearts, stars;

        ◦ animals;

        ◦ vegetables;

        ◦ candle holders (dig a ball by sticking a candle in it, enlarge the hole slightly, as the dough shrinks a bit when baking).

    – No limit to your creativity; try to pick one theme and stick to it, and your work will be all the more successful.

    – Arrange your objects all around the wreath.

    – Glue them together or on the wreath with a bit of water if necessary.

    – Feel free to overlap or intertwine them.

    – Consider using spices as decorations (cloves, star anise, coffee beans) to highlight the outline of a flower or fruit, the eyes of an elf, or the heart of a star…

5. Bake the wreath and comb it

    – Bake in your oven.

    – Bake for about 2 hours at 150°C.

    – Wait for the wreath to cool completely.

    – If you wish, paint with acrylic or gold for a better effect.

    – Use different-sized brushes for a better effect.

Materials to make an advent wreath

Aluminum foil

Wheat flour

Fine salt

Rolling pin

Salad bowl

Acrylic paint 

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