Can Anyone Learn Embroidery?

Chain stitch, cross stitch… we’re talking about embroidery of course. Many people think that embroidery is reserved for grandmothers. However, it is a fascinating activity allowing the realization of many beautiful things.

Indeed, considered an art, embroidery can be used to decorate household linens such as sheets, curtains, tablecloths, and even clothing. In fact, more and more people are interested in this activity, whether they are driven by passion or simply want to learn something new. Embroidery is indeed accessible to everyone, even to toddlers.

Some stitches are precise and can be more challenging to achieve by children. Nonetheless, it is possible to make beautiful designs using the simplest stitches. In this article, you will find the guide to start learning embroidery.

Embroidery consists of reproducing a design or a pattern drawn on a support (most often a fabric) simply by using a needle and thread. Depending on the technique and threads used, it is possible to bring out original or more personalized results. There are indeed different styles of embroidery. There is the traditional one which is the easiest to learn. It simply consists in following the holes traced on the support to bring out the design.

There is also the more complex cross stitch. This embroidery style, also called counted stitch, is worked in rows from left to right. Traditional embroidery is the most used for beginners. In addition, it is possible to trace the design on the canvas to make it easier for them. Once you are more accustomed, you can continue with the two-movement technique. This method requires using an embroidery drum since it requires more precision.

What Materials Should I Get To Start Embroidering?

If you want to start embroidering, you must have the essential materials.


These are the essential elements of embroidery. There are several varieties, but the most used are those of the brand DMC. You can easily find them in haberdasheries and hobby stores. Embroidery threads are available in many colors. However, if you want a more original look or want to start customizing, choose more modern colors like metallic threads.

Felt pens

Embroidery consists in reproducing a pattern on a piece of fabric. To do this, you must create your own design or copy patterns you have downloaded. To reproduce the design on canvas or fabric, use felt pens that can be easily washed off with water.

An embroidery drum

The embroidery drum is an essential piece of equipment if you want to learn to embroider. It comes in several sizes. Therefore choose according to the size of the fabric you are going to embroider. The embroidery drum is used to stretch the fabric. That’s why it has an adjustable tension system according to the desired tension.

Where can I learn embroidery?

With the remarkable evolution of technology, everything can be learned today on the internet. Indeed, you can quickly learn how to do embroidery by following tutorials on the net. On the other hand, if you want to specialize in it and make it a profession or work in companies, there are training centers that offer training sessions where a diploma will be issued at the end of your course.





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