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  • Can Anyone Learn Embroidery?

    Can Anyone Learn Embroidery?

    Chain stitch, cross stitch… we’re talking about embroidery of course. Many people think that embroidery is reserved for grandmothers. However, it is a fascinating activity allowing the realization of many beautiful things. Indeed, considered an art, embroidery can be used to decorate household linens such as sheets, curtains, tablecloths, and even clothing. In fact, more…

  • Embroidery: It’s an Art

    Embroidery: It’s an Art

    Embroidery, or the art of thread, has become an essential decoration style. Embroidery is a know-how, ancestral in some countries or acquired during a long apprenticeship, in others. Although embroidery is contemporary art in its own right, it is not necessary to be an experienced artist to practice it. Indeed, like any art, it is…