Why Is Handmade Pottery So Successful?

Most people are reluctant to talk about handmade pottery, thinking that it is an inaccessible activity intended for professionals. If you have the same reasoning, think again! Indeed, this practice is more and more widespread nowadays. Moreover, it is a worldwide success thanks to its advantages and its value.

A multitude of objects is made from handmade pottery.


The objects made from handmade pottery are very decorative and can be used in everyday life. Here are some examples of accessories that can be made:

    • Bottle
    • Hanging lamp
    • Amphora
    • Candleholders
    • Pots
    • Vases
    • Dishes and plates
    • Cutting board
    • Candles
    • Essential oil diffusers, etc

Handmade pottery soothes stress.

While kneading the clay, you will feel that you are handling a stress ball. This technique provides a calming effect and manifests calm. Moreover, pottery work requires concentration for several hours. It allows you to forget your worries by disconnecting from the world while focusing on the present moment.

Pottery promotes self-esteem


You can be proud of yourself by proving to those around you that your hands are capable of making authentic objects. Your need for appreciation and recognition from those close to you can be satisfied. These people will follow your evolution. Therefore, you must succeed in impressing them each time so that they are eager to discover your next achievements. You just need to bring out the best in yourself and trust yourself to achieve your goals.

It is a practice accessible to all.

A few practice sessions are enough to flourish in this field. In other words, no prior knowledge is required to take a pottery class, regardless of your age. Indeed, the materials to be used are easy to model, like earthenware and stoneware. As long as the object is not fired, you have the possibility to start over again and again until you are satisfied with the result.

You can learn the techniques at home.


If you don’t have time to attend the various workshops, you can learn pottery at home at any time. Practice with the tutorials on the Internet to acquire the basics. Just to give you an idea, here are some tips to get you started:

    • Choose self-hardening clay or clay suitable for the traditional kiln
    • Ask a potter for the right equipment
    • Alternate the technique of pottery in columns and the modeling by hand

It is a know-how with an international scope.

Each continent has its own vision of handmade pottery and develops its own technique. Here are some examples.

In Africa


Beninese and Nigerian pottery is made from clay. The potters use a pellet instead of a wheel to assemble the pieces. Sometimes they add designs immediately after mounting before the piece hardens.

In North America

More specifically, in Canada, ceramic objects are characterized by their artistic aspect. Potters use pottery to tell a story. Each piece is designed to convey messages and express emotions.

In Asia


The Bonsai pots of Tokoname in Japan stand out because they are made from an orange-colored terracotta, resulting from a concentration of iron. To make them, potters have the choice between the molding method and the plate gluing method. An authentic Bonsai pot is characterized by the presence of a seal at the base of the pot.

Whenever I think or hear pottery, I think of that one particular scene from Ghost, and for me, pottery is a sensual art, and getting or giving someone one of your own homemade pottery creations can be a great birthday gift. It is not a canned gift that everyone can give them, and you get a bonus point because you made it yourself. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you want to read more about pottery.





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