Turning Heartbreak Into Art- 19 Modern Illustrations For A Broken Heart

Turning Heartbreak Into Art- 19 Modern Illustrations For A Broken Heart

Like photographs, illustrations can convey real emotions that lurk deep within our hearts. It may seem impossible, but sometimes some pictures can reflect exactly what we feel, especially if we have suffered from a broken heart. These modern portraits of female faces interrupted by elements of nature convey strong emotions. Each face is a different emotion than how painful it can be to lose someone. With the latest technological advances, creating or remaking a portrait is more precise and faster, achieving that realistic result of true human faces and emotions, but with a very artistic twist.


#1. Disconsolation


The arrival of digital illustrations has facilitated the work of several designers and illustrators, allowing them to accurately capture every detail and emotion in each of the pieces created.


#2. Duality


Sometimes talking about our emotions is very complicated due to the internal struggles that we prefer to hide, and these drawings reflect this very precisely.


#3. Pain


Artists and illustrators develop their unique style to capture those enigmatic feelings that haunt us when our hearts break for someone or something.


#4. Disappointment


The disappointment becomes so great that there is no choice but to accept it, becoming indifferent and cold to the situations.


#5. Expectation


Artists like Aykut Aydoğdu recreates those incomprehensible feelings that leave us waiting for a long time as if something were going to change, and in fact, our interior does.


#6. Ghost

For those ghosts that haunt us and have caused us pain – modern digital illustrations can convey all those emotions that we have so hard to explain. Aykut knows very well what it feels like to have a broken heart and shows it to us with her beautiful illustrations.


#7. Transformation


Each illustration shows us the interaction of people with the elements of nature, creating that more dramatic but authentic effect.


#8. Words


Because many times the words are not enough, or they are simply shortened for everything we think and want to say.


#9. Fly Heart

Fly heart

It is not easy at all to let our hearts fly, and Aykut knows how painful it can be to love someone without knowing what to expect.


#10. Tears Rain

Tears rain

Sometimes it hurts so much that an internal natural disaster is created that we cannot control or fight, and the tears are released like rain on a lonely night.


#11. Disconnection


Pretending for a long time to well become exhausting because it comes from the root affecting our entire body and emotions, until we completely disconnect from our lives, almost as if we were paused. 


#12. Deaf Ears

Deaf ears

Digital illustrations offer broader tools or options to create incredible images like these that look so real that they manage to affect us emotionally.


#13. Blooms

Even when we are broken into pieces, we must find a way to heal and flourish little by little to live again without torment or pain.


#14. Fear

We often prefer not to open our eyes for fear of what is really happening, and we are trapped in a dark room that seems to have no way out.


#15. In Space

Talking about what we feel is complicated because there is no way to explain them and less when we feel lost and floating in space.


#16. Piercing

Loving the wrong person so hard is heartbreaking, but it can heal and flourish in time if we want to. Letting go is good at times.


#17. Collapse

Like the houses, we, too, are collapsing under constant blows. Emotions can affect us positively and negatively.


#18. Tears

Stopping tears is even more painful; removing that knot that keeps us silent and scared is better.


#19. Blindly Walking

Because sometimes, we walk blindly without knowing where we will follow and listen to our hearts. You have to let go of the roots to let go completely.


It is almost impossible to see these illustrations and not identify with at least one of them. Each of them is full of symbolic elements that say more than a thousand words.






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