Top 5 Reasons To Start Swedish Gym

Gymnastics can be really rewarding, but it is a sport that far too many people overlook these days. The beginning of the school year is an ideal time to decide to start exercising. We recommend calisthenics because the benefits of this sport are numerous. Are you planning for the upcoming school year and still hesitating to take up sports? Don’t hesitate any longer and sign up for calisthenics. Very fashionable these last years, this discipline combines good mood and intense physical activity. Not convinced? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the good reasons to start calisthenics.

1. Calisthenics is good for your health


Like all physical activities, calisthenics is excellent for your health. In particular, it allows you to stimulate your cardiovascular system efficiently because it is practiced with music. This discipline is very dynamic: it will allow you to obtain muscular reinforcement and better flexibility.

The movements that are proposed during the Swedish gym sessions are studied to respect the joints. This sport session is all the more effective because it is not painful. It’s sporty but joyful enough that the time passes much faster than in a gym.

2. Swedish gymnastics helps you get your figure back

Did you overindulge in aperitifs during the summer? Swedish calisthenics will help you get back in shape. Obviously, it all depends on how many sessions you decide to do each week. If you practice calisthenics 2 hours a week, you will see results very quickly: your body will be more sculpted, and your skin will be firmer.

In fact, during a one-hour session, you have time to do a series of floor exercises such as crunches, planks, and push-ups, but also cardio exercises, dance, and aerobics. The session ends with flexibility, stretching, and relaxation.

3. The Swedish gym puts you in a good mood


As mentioned above, calisthenics is very dynamic. Moving to lively music gives a festive feeling that has a direct impact on our mood. What more could you ask for than to let off steam to music while taking care of your figure? The principle of group classes also allows you not to get discouraged. Driven by the music and by the members of the group, it is difficult to find this sport boring.

Not to mention the fact that the classes follow each other but are not the same. In the same week, you can practice very different and invigorating movements. After an hour of calisthenics, you’ll be tired but feel good.

4. Calisthenics is a stress reliever

Many sports allow you to relax, but this is even more true with calisthenics. Many people practice this discipline to release the stress and tension of the day. Dancing and letting your mind focus on the movements helps to chase away the anxieties that plague your daily life.

Endorphins are released by the brain after practicing sports. Regular physical activity is, therefore, a natural anti-stress treatment. These hormones have beneficial effects against anxiety and depression. It is said that endorphins are the pleasure hormone. You have to discover it.

5. Swedish gymnastics is accessible to all


To practice calisthenics, you don’t have to be a great athlete. The movements are accessible to everyone, regardless of physical shape or age. You can choose different levels of difficulty. As far as equipment is concerned, you will not need any particular material: a classic sports outfit, running shoes, and a bra for women. Finally, the price is still very affordable. On average, count around 10 dollars per session, knowing that if you subscribe for a year, the prices will be even more attractive.

Looking for help?

Mark Rendell, the CEO of Gymnastics Australia, believes that gymnastics is an excellent sport for boys, girls, and non-binary kids of all ages. With the recent increase in the profile of women’s sports overall, there is no more exciting time than now to watch the continued growth of gymnastics in Australia.

So if you or your children are looking to get involved in a sport, visit Gymnastics Unlimited Australia, whether in Caroline Springs or Kealba. You can even take advantage of a 50% off registration by booking your free trial. So what are you waiting for? Let your kid explore new horizons with gymnastics!





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