The Art of Sewing: 5 Tips For Beginners

Are you interested in learning to sew? Before you go to sewing school and start practicing, you need to get a little information. In this guide, we’ll explain what you need to know and learn to sew things such as accessories, bags, cushions, or even clothes, skirts, and blouses. It may be challenging to learn to sew independently without a minimum of knowledge, but it doesn’t have to be.

1) Take a Sewing Class

If you want to sew quickly and well, we suggest taking a live sewing course. Ideally, after you have learned the basics, you can try hand sewing something you like. There are many courses on different methods, but the result is the same no matter which course you take. Our advice is to know what kind of sewing course to take before spending unnecessary money. Not because the course isn’t valid, but you need to understand which course is most suitable for you.

To give a practical example, a person who has absolutely no interest in sewing clothes and has never held a needle before does not need to bother taking a professional tailor’s course. Unless they have a strong desire to do so, a sewing course that starts with the basics and provides hands-on practice in cutting and sewing is all needed.

Kit De Couture, Fil, Les Ciseaux, Nécessaire À Couture
Scissors, Sewing Thread

2) Buy a Sewing Book

If you are not an expert in sewing but know the field rather than a true beginner, a sewing book can help. Always have the instructions at hand so you can experiment without any problems. Start by practicing with inexpensive fabrics.

If you have to start with the basics, then we suggest you buy a book for beginners. It is very easy to understand, and best of all, it covers the subject right from the start, with lots of illustrations and photos to help you understand the different steps.

To become familiar with fabric and scissors, it is best to learn to sew by hand first, then use a sewing machine to make simple pieces, always using inexpensive or leftover fabric.

3) Learn to Sew With Sewing Instructional Videos

There are many video tutorials on the Internet to help you learn how to sew. Start with a simple project like a straight skirt. Watching video tutorials can be a great help as you can see firsthand what needs to be done. Video tutorials will also help you if you get stuck and have no idea how to proceed.

Sewing machine
Sewing Machine

4) A Sewing Machine

Sewing by hand is helpful, but it is equally limiting. You can hem a skirt or pants, sew on a button or shorten a pair of pants, but if this isn’t your only purpose, you will need a sewing machine. If you haven’t already purchased a sewing machine, look into it to understand which machine is best suited for you and your sewing needs. There are all kinds of sewing machines out there, mechanical, electronic, overlock, etc. If you have to learn to sew, buy a good quality machine and not complicated to use.

5) Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes and Try Again

Learning to sew means making mistakes and starting over. That’s normal. That’s why we recommend doing a lot of sewing tests with cheap fabrics and leftovers. That way, if you make a mistake, you don’t have to waste your money on buying good material.

You will spend days trying out different stitches and understanding how to adjust the speed of the machine and increase/decrease the thread tension, etc. Once this is done, you may start sewing small things before moving on to more complicated things.

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