The 5 Best Urban Leisure Activities In Vogue

City entertainment provides residents with a variety of everyday activities, and any city dweller can participate. It is up to you to choose the fun games or activities during your free time. Many leisure activities can be practised in teams or alone, indoors or outdoors. Discover here the 5 leisure activities that are in vogue.

1. Escape rooms


Escapes games are done in groups, and everyone can participate to have fun and enjoy themselves. These “life-size escape” games will make your head spin with your team of players. So don’t leave any empty moments during each course.

To create more atmosphere during the escape games, follow a tutorial before you start, and solve all the obstacles by playing together. This technique will help you win every session.

There are many types of virtual games, but you should play the ones that don’t cause physical and mental damage.

2. Adventure, puzzle and action games

From adventure to adventure, these types of games are the most popular in all cities like Paris, New York or even Milan. For example, in a french centre like Koezio, there are plenty of missions of the highest importance that you will never get tired of.

As for the puzzle and action games, overcome all the steps of the game in order to decipher the riddles, find the clues and validate your progress. However, this type of game is not recommended for anyone who is sensitive to vertigo and exercise.

The treasure hunt is part of the city’s leisure activities because it is a reflection game. It helps young and old to develop psychically by discovering the mysteries. It is an opportunity to explore the neighbourhoods with originality.

3. Walks, jogging or running


Walking around the city or in quiet places stimulates brain development by discovering many fun things. In fact, there are many ways to get out on the street or in other places: the gyropode segway, the bike or rollerblading.

The segway gyro pod is a mini single-seater vehicle with two wheels like the electric bike. It allows you to move around while standing upright until you arrive. Thanks to this ecological means of transportation, you can ride in any part of the city or even by the sea.

The electric bike is a fun way to get around in a short time. You can enjoy your time walking around wherever you want.

As for rollerblades, they are much more convenient than bicycles. Moreover, they do not take up much space when not in use. By using these space-saving accessories, you can get to all those hard-to-reach places. Have fun, but avoid speeding and obey traffic rules to avoid accidents.

4. Enology

This is a winemaking course that both amateurs and connoisseurs can participate in. The participants have to follow some training sessions in order to reach the ideal level. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to taste wines, and learn how to pair them with dishes. This is the perfect hobby for people who love wine, like me and is a great gift to offer someone for their birthday.

5. The flight simulation or free fall


Learning to fly in a helicopter or a small plane is an engaging activity that will enliven your free time. The flight simulation is ideal not only for flight trainees but also for private amateurs. But before you start, use the same equipment as professionals: equip yourself with protective accessories to avoid all risks of accidents.

Living in a city can sometimes be a hassle, not only because of the traffic but also because you tend to be far from nature. But as a full-fledged city dweller, this doesn’t bother me anymore, and I don’t see myself living anywhere except for New York. I run in the gym like most people do these days, and I read and watch movies for fun, and I can do these two virtually anywhere if I have a book or my phone with me. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what your favourite hobby is.






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