Restoring Old Pinball Machines: Benefits And Cost (Part 2)

A pinball machine is an electromechanical game that consists of directing a metal ball on a board while trying to score points. These devices have been around since the 1900s and were present in many bars and casinos, but also homes. If you have an old one in your home, here’s why you should repair it and how much it could cost you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about the restoration of a pinball machine.

The benefits of restoring an old pinball machine


Pinball machines have had their moments of glory and were hugely popular in their day. So there are huge benefits to restoring this machine.

For fun times at home

The first benefit of repairing your old pinball machine is that you can enjoy it at home. This machine was known to gather a large crowd in its time. Are there many who love this game and the thrill it can provide? You can still find them today in some casinos, where they hold important positions in the ranking of the most popular games. You can have this pleasure at home by restoring your old pinball machine. It’s also a great way to bring a lot of friends into your home.

Bargains to be had

Another advantage that you have in restoring your old pinball machine is that it offers you the opportunity to make good deals. You can take advantage of this device by setting up a small game room that would be open to the public. This will generate good profits in the long run and will allow you to recoup your investment in restoration.

On the other hand, you can easily find a buyer who would offer you a good price for your pinball machine. These are devices that have been greatly reduced in production since the proliferation of all kinds of games. This gives value to the old pinball machines that nowadays have no trouble finding takers.

The cost of restoring an old pinball machine

The cost of restoring an old pinball machine varies depending on the type of restoration you are considering. Restoration can be either partial or complete.

Cost of a partial restoration

It is important to know that restoring a pinball machine is quite expensive, just as buying a brand-new one is not cheap. Partial restoration of an old pinball machine consists of cleaning the board and making some adjustments. This will involve waxing the top to correct wear and tear and to make the gameplay faster.

Plastic ramps also need to be cleaned. Usually, the partial cleaning also includes the replacement of defective lamps. It is important to remember that lamps are very important for the pinball machine. For a job like this, you won’t get a huge bill. It will just take into account the various materials to be purchased in addition to a fairly small amount of labor.

Cost of a complete restoration


As far as a complete cleaning followed by probable repairs, this is the one that will cost you a tiny bit more considering all the work that will have to be done. Complete restoration will affect the battery or the battery of your old pinball machine. A change is necessary to prevent the battery or battery leak from damaging the circuit board.

Then, cleaning off the sticky parts will also be needed, and also the replacement of the metal sleeves to allow the pinball machine to become more flexible. The purchase of these various parts will add to the cost of your old pinball machine restoration. If you want a quote to know the exact cost of the repair, it is necessary to contact a repairman who will proceed to a diagnosis to give you a quote.

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