Playing Golf: What Equipment Is Essential?

Want to take up golf? Find out what equipment you’ll need below!

Basic Equipment

The following equipment can be rented if you plan to play golf occasionally.

Golf clubs

There are 3 main categories of clubs:

Fairway woods: used for long distance shots from the hole or fairway. They have titanium or composite head. They are available in different sizes (from 1 to 9), the best known being the “driver”, a size 1 wood. For beginners, a size 5 wood is recommended. However, if you’re a seasoned golfer, you’ll want to consider a 3 or 4 wood.

Irons: These are clubs that are used to reach shorter distances. They come in three levels: short, medium, and long, and have different lofts. Their heads are made of steel.

The putter: used to propel the ball onto the green. It also falls into the category of irons.

Other clubs such as wedges, hybrids, shafts, grips, sandwedges, pitches, etc. can be used for more technical shots.

The Balls

Balls are an essential accessory and are essential for playing golf. Initially, they were made of wood, then leather. Nowadays, rubber balls are the most common on the market. Depending on your budget, you will be offered entry-level balls of basic construction or those of superior quality. For your first few rounds of golf, you may want to consider the inexpensive entry-level option. When purchasing, be sure to check the diameter and weight of the ball. A minimum diameter of 42 mm and a maximum weight of 45 g are required.

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The Tees

These are small accessories designed to raise the ball a few centimeters from the ground to facilitate its propulsion. They are used at the start of the game, i.e., at the beginning of the course. They allow protection of the ground during the shots. Made of plastic or wood, tees come in several heights to suit the golfer’s style of play and the club used. The plastic model is preferred because of its longevity.

Pitch Relief

Every responsible golfer should have a pitch lifter. As its name suggests, this accessory is used to raise the pitches on the greens. During a shot, a hole is formed on the golf course. It is then necessary to level it to avoid a late remodeling.

Additional Accessories

In addition to the essential equipment, some accessories are helpful during golf:

The Golf Net

Also known as a “ball catcher”, the golf landing net is an accessory that makes it easy to retrieve a ball from an inaccessible spot. Golfers generally use it when playing on a course with several water hazards or high rough. Available in various shapes, the models on the market are equipped with an adjustable fiberglass shaft that makes them easier to handle.

Scorers and Counters

These are efficient devices for counting strokes during a game. Attached to the flap of the glove, to the golf bag or to the handle, the scorekeeper is designed to allow the golfer to play without impeding their movements. At the touch of a button, the stroke counter starts counting the score. In addition, this tool has a metal hook and is powered by a battery or batteries.

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