Most Common Hobbies that Can Make You Rich (Part One)

Doing something you love with dedication during your free time is simply know as a hobby. There are a multitude of hobbies that you can try around the world, from the most basic ones to the wackiest. Yet some hobbies, even if done only by passion, could be a great way to make money. Want to learn more?

In this article, we’ve compiled some hobbies that can literally make you rich. Keep reading!

Paper Molding

Starting with the age-old art of origami, learning to fold paper will allow you to create almost anything, from jewelry to diaries and notebooks.

The best would be to start with the creation of paper: just take newspaper and scraps of any type of cellulose, macerate them in a bowl filled with water and let them sit for a long time.

As soon as the paper has dissolved, creating a soft paste, you will need to mix everything and then spread the resulting mixture on a special frame.

Once the sheet is dry, you will have a page of recycled craft paper that will be beautiful (and virtuous because eco-sustainable). You can add flower petals, seeds, scents, and dyes to personalize the sheets however you like.

Creative Recycling

From an apple box that turns into a creative shelf for books and trinkets to a pallet that changes function and becomes an outdoor chair, anything can be reinterpreted in a recycled fashion.

To indulge in this hobby, you need a good dose of innate creativity. And above all, to know how to look beyond appearances: if you see a vase for flowers in an old colander, then you will have a knack for creative recycling.

Your artwork will be welcome at flea markets as well as on any site selling handmade products for the home.

Nail Art

nail art

From the rainbow color very unicorn to seasonal trends like animal, polka dots or marine stripes, on the nails you can give free rein to all decorations. If you have a steady hand, a good talent and a lot of patience, then absolutely cultivate this hobby.

Experiment with fake nails, stones, plastic surfaces, etc. Or use your friends as “guinea pigs”. When you get really good at it, they’ll be lining up to get your nail artist’s dedication on their hands.


There are two ways to make soap: a strong one, from grease and caustic soda a la Fight Club, and a mild one.

From a pre-existing base, i.e. pieces of neutral Marseille soap, you just have to scrape it into flakes to recreate a soap totally customized in fragrances, colors and added emollients.

So you can make a soap with honey, extra virgin olive oil or shea butter. You can also add coffee beans, cocoa powder, ground almonds/ Depending on the properties and function you want to assign to this soap (exfoliating with oats, moisturizing with milk, etc.), you can choose “many” combinations and variations.

Markets and artisanal trade applications will welcome your scented loot with open arms.

Cake Decorations

In the past, cake decorations were mostly for the little ones, but now everyone is in love with them.

From the now-famous cupcakes to cookies, from colorful Homer Simpson-style doughnuts to multi-layered cakes that look like they were carved and sculpted by Donatello, cake design has indeed become an artistic branch.

Those who are familiar with the kitchen and never neglect their visual sense in favor of taste are certainly potential cake designers.

This hobby is a little less easy to make money from, because selling food products requires hygiene certifications and not so simple procedures. However, if you discover a crazy talent then it is worth taking the path of marketing.

You now know the hobbies you can do that bring money. How about you? What is your favorite hobby? Is it part of the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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