Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Song Lyrics

It’s difficult to write the ideal tune. What exactly is “perfect”? What is the one thing that all of the most popular songs have in common? The finest songs in history feature smart rhyming schemes and syllabic patterns in their lyrics, a story-like narrative, personal yet relatable subjects, and a memorable hook. You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to write the next big smash. It may seem hard to write the next huge hit, but there are a few methods you may employ to improve your chances of success.

Here are mistakes to avoid when writing lyrics:

#1) Too Much Rhyming

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Song Lyrics
Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Song Lyrics

While rhyming is a typical compositional technique for popular songs, too much of it might come across as childlike. Rhyming is employed delicately in some of the finest lyrics in history, and it does not detract from the song’s core theme.

Instead of being employed just for rhyming, rhyming should be used to call attention to certain words. The song’s smart rhyme system, captivating melody, and sheer skill of Journey’s members have created “Don’t Stop Believin”, a timeless classic that few will forget.

#2) No Coherent Story

Your music lyrics, much like an essay, novel, or poetry, should convey a story. Your thoughts must emerge in a way that makes sense to your audience as the song unfolds. Try and answer the following questions if you’re having trouble writing a song with a clear message:

What’s the narrative I’d want to tell?

What do I want my audience to think when they hear the song?

Rather than singing about a recent vacation to Europe and then switching to completely other topics, such as a childhood buddy, keep the song’s theme consistent throughout. This will make it easier for your listeners to connect with the music.

#3) Writing Disingenuous Lyrics

So many songs on the radio seem like a computer wrote them only to make money. If you’re a genuine songwriter, you understand that music is so much more. While keeping up with current events and incorporating them into your songs would almost certainly increase your fame, being dishonest with your lyrics will almost certainly lead to failure. We all know how difficult it is to warm up to someone we suspect is dishonest or deceitful. Similarly, if your listeners don’t believe the lyrics reflect your actual personality, they will find it difficult to warm up to your music.

If you’re not a romantic, a politician, or anything else, don’t try to sound like one. Disingenuous lyrics will sound like that very soon, and it’s a great way to lose your audience. If you want your lyrics to stand out and come across as authentic, they must be tied to you in some manner, regardless of the concept or idea of your song. If you don’t, your lyrics will be stale because they lack conviction.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Song Lyrics
Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Song Lyrics

#4) There’s No Hook

Every popular song necessitates the use of a hook. A good song must not only contain a hook, but it must also position that hook in a strategic location. The hook should be at the beginning, much as in television advertising. Catchy tunes are utilized to take hold of our ears in the same way that vibrant advertisements do. After you’ve established your melody, make sure the content of what you’re saying serves as a hook as well. You won’t come off as the cutting-edge musician you want to be if you write a love song and utilize hackneyed statements about “your heart” and how difficult it is to be “separated.”

Keep in mind that your hook will be what attracts your listeners more than anything else, so don’t hurry it.

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