How to Make Waffles?

Everyone loves to consume pastries. Indeed, they produce a delicious taste in the mouth and can be prepared in different flavours. A little different from cakes, waffles also offer an incredible flavor to their fans. Would you like to know how to prepare it? Here you go!

Gather the Right Ingredients

Like other recipes, you must use the right ingredients to make good waffles. So, to get started, you’ll need to buy salt, milk, sugar, flour, eggs, and butter. To ensure the organoleptic quality of the waffles, try to use healthy ingredients. To do this, check if the eggs are fresh. This advantage allows you to improve the texture of the batter (waffle) and give it a good flavor. Also, always look at the expiration date of the milk you paid for. By respecting this condition, you will be able to preserve the health of the consumers of your waffle.

Check the quality of the sugar, salt, and flour that you will have to use. To avoid inconvenience, you can pay for these ingredients in reputable shopping centers in your area. By using quality products, you have a better chance of making good waffles.

Mix the Ingredients in the Right Proportion

The secret to successful waffles lies in the mix of ingredients. So, if you want to make great-tasting waffles, mix the different components properly. Put 200 g of flour in a bowl and add sugar (30 g), egg yolks (3), and slightly softened butter. These proportions must be carefully respected to give the finished product a good flavor. Once the bowl is full, gradually dilute the contents and add the milk (25 cl), avoiding lumps in the bowl. The formation of bubbles does not give the waffles a good appearance.

This condition is enough to make consumers skeptical. Then, to finish this step, you will need to put the egg whites in another container and add salt. After that, you will need to beat the egg whites to snow, that is, with a whisk at high speed. After this step, you can gently add this mixture to the one in the bowl. When you have made up such a mixture in the right proportions, you have already made 60% of your waffle.

Cook the Prepared Batter Well

Cooking is the last and most crucial step in making your waffles. You will need an excellent waffle iron to cook your waffles properly. Indeed, a good batter is not enough to have beautiful waffles. For this purpose, choose waffle irons that have cast iron plates. This feature lets you capture the heat well and cook your waffles quickly without burning them. In addition, your waffle irons should be equipped with a non-stick coating. This way, they can prevent the batter from sticking to the plates. This allows you to form beautiful waffles.

If you are a beginner, you can also take waffle irons equipped with thermostats or indicator lights. These accessories can better assist you in cooking. For example, the waffle iron can turn itself off with a thermostat if the cooking is done. This way, you avoid burning your waffles. Once it is cooked, you can enjoy your waffles!

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