How To Develop a Passion for Reading?

According to scientists, reading brings several benefits to the brain and the reader’s health. On the one hand, it develops intelligence and enriches knowledge. On the other hand, it brings pleasure, reduces stress and improves sleep. Thus, it is essential to create a passion for reading in every human being. But how can we achieve this? This article will give you some answers to this question.

Introduce Reading to Your Children From an Early Age

There is no ideal age to cultivate the taste for reading. But it’s best to do it from a child’s earliest age, even before they start school. To get your child excited about reading, combine reading with their interests. For example, if your child is interested in video games, suggest a book related to that world. Furthermore, your child should see reading as a pleasure and not a necessity for his development. For this reason, let them choose their books.

Moreover, culture is easily acquired and difficult to forget when it has been part of our daily lives since early childhood. Indeed, the childhood period is an excellent time to make reading a habit because reading feeds their vocabulary and their imaginary world. It also helps them to be autonomous and creative in life.

Cultivate a Love of Reading in Your Family

Reading should be incorporated into the family because it is the first environment that forges our personality.

To do so, reading must be part of the family rituals, such as a daily reading session, out loud and at fixed times, like before bedtime. Each family can also adopt a reading tradition, such as giving books to each other as Christmas gifts or doing book exchanges.

Everyone in the family should know the benefits of reading and share them.

Encourage Reading in the School Setting

Reading is associated with education and schooling. Every school should plan times for reading, whether guided reading, shared reading, independent reading, or reading to oneself. It must also make texts available and accessible. In addition, every school must create a supportive environment for reading, such as a reading corner in the classroom.

Visit a Bookstore and Library Regularly

While reading in any location (public transportation, public places, etc.) is possible, the most suitable areas are bookstores, libraries, and resource centers. In these places, you can easily access (sometimes for free) all the books you want.

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Choose the Books That Suit You

For you to feel like reading, take books adapted to your age and your interests. In general, you can choose from: French and foreign literature, history, social sciences, novels, comic books, magazines, bibliographies, instruction manuals, poetry, etc.

Build on the Media You Have Available

Paper is the medium par excellence. However, we are in the digital age, and you can take advantage of the various electronic media (computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.), digital books, the library, and the online media library.

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Attend the Various Animations Related To Reading

The animations related to reading are: the book clubs, the literary coffee breaks, the literary meetings, and the animations around books.

A book club is a group of readers who read the same book and then discuss it.

A literary coffee break is a brief suspension of activities to give space to literary culture.

The literary meeting is an appointment through which you can know, discover and hear the authors. It is an event where there is the possibility of attending a dialogue with journalists and literary critics.

The animation around a book consists of reading some essential extracts of the book, not the summary, and allowing the audience to enter the book and to give them the desire to read it.





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