Horseback Riding: Physical & Mental Benefits

Riding is more than just a sport; it is a passion, an escape, a moment shared by rider and horse. The rider can discover new and intense sensations through the unique interaction with the ponies and horses. This physical activity requires rigor and humility. Find out more about all the beauty and benefits of this sport/hobby here!

Keeps You Fit

Horseback riding, like many other sports, is physical. It uses your body and stimulates your skills and physical movements, working your hips and legs and your core and many different muscles.

Walking, trotting, and galloping for an hour will burn about 250 calories. And if you do more strenuous exercises such as reining, you’ll be heading towards 400 calories per hour in no time!

Immune System

As a horse lover, you spend a relatively large amount of time outdoors, which is good for your immune system. If you have a horse, you need to ride it regularly no matter the weather. Even if it’s raining, windy, freezing, or +30 degrees, you can still ride. Riders are often exposed to manure, animal hair, hay, (grass) pollen, mud, and other encounters that strengthen our bodies.


Perhaps the most important aspect of riding is confidence. To master riding, we need to trust each other. The athlete or rider must trust the horse 100%, but the horse must also trust you. If you yourself are frightened, anxious, or doubtful, your horse will feel this and will negatively impact your relationship. You must also be able to provide him with this feeling. When you believe in yourself and can control your horse with your strength, it will give you a new confidence that will feed you next time. This is because being mentally strong and controlling possible fears and anxieties is necessary for successful riding.


Horseback riding is actually both a sport and a form of relaxation. Spending time with a horse can have a very positive effect on the mind of many people. When you are not feeling well, spending time with animals can be very effective. Even just riding comfortably in nature or cleaning the stable and cuddling with the animals can change your mind and help you get away from the daily grind.

Besides, this sport or hobby can also help people relax while riding. Strangely enough, the smooth movement that one feels when sitting on a horse’s back relaxes one’s mind. To sit comfortably and correctly in the saddle, you have to release the tension in your body, but the natural shape of the movement ensures that you relax. Additionally, since you will be doing a lot of riding outdoors, you will naturally experience a relaxing effect.

Woman, Horseback Riding, Field, Horse, Jockey, Pasture
Woman, Horseback Riding, Field, Horse, Jockey, Pasture


You can also learn a lot from riding and experience very great self-development. The more you know about the horse, the more you understand why it does what it does, and the better you can respond to it.

The more you ride, the more you learn about yourself and your horse. Self-discipline and patience, in particular, are essential qualities that can be learned well through riding. Respect for the horse is also an essential factor.

This sport is about physical strength, speed, agility, emotional and mental strength, and bonding with the animal. You will learn to communicate your feelings to your horse by doing so. If you are very nervous and busy, the horse will absorb it, and perhaps the riding will not go as smoothly as when you are radiating peace and security. It takes a body and a mind to “lead” a horse properly.

Horseback riding is also suitable for young children, as they can learn early on the responsibility of taking care of the horse and cleaning the stable. Horseback riding is also often very social. People of all ages come together, and joint activities are regularly held. Therefore, horseback riding is often good for you socially as well.

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