Hobbies: Express Yourself in Unique Ways (Part One)

Whether it’s called a hobby, a pastime or an interest, most everyone has one. And if they don’t, they’d like to have one. Hobbies are a way to rest and relax, which reduces stress. A hobby also provides a special time for enjoyment, either alone or with someone else. Hobbies help us form friendships and express ourselves in unique ways.


In a time when we are all so busy, it can be difficult to fit a hobby into our busy schedule. In this article, we’ll help you find out if you already have a hobby and identify it. We’ll also help you discover your passion by providing a list of interests that can become a hobby. In addition, we have a list of hobbies for men and a list of hobbies for women. We conclude the article with cool hobbies and some inexpensive hobbies if finances are necessary.


List of Interests


You may already have a hobby and not realize it. Anything you do or have that gives pleasure can be called a hobby. A hobby is defined as any interest or activity that is regularly pursued for relaxation or enjoyment. If you garden, watch sports or collect anything, you already have a hobby. We’ve started this article with a list of interests to help you discover if you have a hobby, but you’re not aware of it. Remember that something you do is often not a hobby if it doesn’t give you pleasure.


To define your hobby, you first need to look at what you are interested in doing, seeing or saving. Hobbies and interests vary greatly from person to person and can even change depending on your age and how much time you can indulge your interest.


Many people are lucky enough to turn their hobby or interest into a full-time job and earn a living. Often this happens completely by accident. One starts collecting something or spending time with a particular interest and suddenly finds themselves spending almost all of their time and money doing it while earning their life they both enjoy and feel they are fulfilling.

To determine if you have an interest that fits a hobby, list everything you do and then underline the activities you enjoy the most. See if any of the activities you’ve highlighted fit together. For example, you may enjoy cooking and also listed coupons. These two activities can be combined into one coupon hobby to save money on unique foods you want to cook.

Many of the interests on this list have the potential to provide income. Many ‘professional’ cooks started out cooking as their hobby. Some of the items produced with hobbies, such as refinished furniture, blogs and creative writing can be shared with others or sold for additional income.

Read through the categories and lists of interests that follow to help you find a hobby you will truly enjoy!


Nature Interests

If you love the outdoors, but strenuous physical activity is not your thing, choose an activity that promotes environmental awareness and allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature. Gardening, bird watching and animal care all fall into this category. Consider the following:


Flower or Vegetable Gardening

You don’t need a large area to indulge your love of growing beautiful flowers or your own food. Any small plot or flower bed will work, or you can plant containers if your space is severely limited.


Feeding and Observing Local Birds

Our feathered friends need help finding food and water, especially during cold weather or dry, hot summers. Provide both and your garden will become a haven for birds and provide hours of enjoyment.


Raising or Fostering Animals

Love horses? Want to have your own fresh eggs? Worried about abandoned puppies finding their forever homes? All of these can become hobbies if you enjoy the pleasure of fostering or raising one or more animals.


Consider joining a group if you don’t have the space, but you still want an outdoor activity.


Volunteer at a local garden or animal shelter. Remember that hobbies involving animals require a commitment. Birds become dependent on the food and water you provide, so you’re making a long-term commitment when you start providing sustenance. Also consider the expense and space requirements of an animal. You may also need to check local zoning laws if you want chickens or a larger animal like a goat or horse.


Artistic Interests

Creative people find joy and personal expression in hobbies with their unique talents. Consider one of the following hobbies if you have artistic ability:


Painting, Drawing or Sculpture

Remember that the definition of a hobby is an activity that gives you pleasure. You may not be at a professional level with your painting, drawing or sculpture, but the important thing is that you enjoy it.



You can start taking photos with an inexpensive camera or even use your smart phone. As your skills improve, you may want better equipment. Feed or share your favourite photos online or create scrapbooks.


Blowing Ceramics or Glass

Check local community colleges or museums to see if they offer classes to get started with ceramics or glassblowing. One hobby shop makes marbles and another makes small glass animals.


Jewellery Making

The fun of jewelry is that you can wear and share your creations with friends.



Create a comfortable living space for every room in your home. You can completely change the look with paint and new fabric covers for existing furniture.

Creative Writing

They say everyone has a novel they could write. Consider writing yours. You might like to write poetry or funny verse, such as limericks or haiku.

Singing, Composing or Dancing

Musical hobbies include playing an instrument in addition to singing, composing and dancing. Many communities have bands, orchestras or a choir in which you can participate. Ballroom dancing and square dancing are options for those who love to dance.

In this first part, we’ve look at a list of several hobbies. Do you want to learn more? Come back to read the second part. Until then, have you already find something interesting? Let us know in the comments below.






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