Enjoy the Difference of a Good Wood Fire Cooking

Summer is finally here. It’s the season for walks, sunbathing, and barbecues. And why not spend a lovely afternoon with family and friends on the terrace for a barbecue party? Enjoy good food, including grilled meats, chickens, seafood, etc. Moreover, to make life easier, there are currently different models of barbecues (gas, electric, etc.), which provide great convenience, especially if you plan to bring them during your vacations or your little escapades in the mountains. However, wood-fired models are still the most popular and widespread.

 Why Choose a Wood-fired Barbecue?

Although there are more innovative and cleaner barbecue models, charcoal barbecues are still the most popular. This is due to the particular flavor of the food cooked on it. Indeed, under the effect of the flame and the embers, the meats carbonize more quickly, which has the effect of preserving their nutritional content and taste.

The type of wood used is also essential to the success of a barbecue. People usually use smoking wood because it gives the meat a more smoky, grilled taste. In fact, the smoking technique was used to preserve food in the past. This stops the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the meat. To make more smoke, it is recommended to soak the wood chips in water for half an hour or an hour before using them. Place them under the grill once the fire is well started.

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How To Cook Successfully in a Wood Fire?

Cooking over a wood fire is a more or less complex technique. Unlike gas or electric hobs, the intensity of the heat is not constant. In fact, you have to wait a few minutes for the fire to get going. That’s why you have to light it about an hour beforehand. This way, the fire will be ready when the guests arrive for your barbecue party.

Cooking over a wood fire also takes longer and must be constantly monitored. In the meantime, the embers will become less fiery, slowing down the cooking even more. Therefore, to ensure that the heat produced is evenly distributed, you must add wood or charcoal from time to time.

The cooking time will not be the same for all foods. Some cook quickly, and others do not. Therefore, start with those that take longer to cook, such as red meat and large pieces. For vegetables, wait until the fire is less hot to avoid burning them.

However, wood-fired barbecues are polluting. It generates smoke and fumes. To prevent the smoke from spreading, use a cover, especially if the cooking time is longer. It is also recommended to place the barbecue far from the house to avoid dirtying the walls and prevent odors from reaching the house. Choose a location that does not interfere with the comings and goings. If there are children at the party, keep a close eye on them to avoid accidents. Also, remember to turn off the fire when you’re done using it. Throw a paper towel soaked in water over the coals or wood. This will quickly put out the fire without making smoke.

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