Different Types of Ice Cream You Can Make at Home

It’s summer, and every year it only gets hotter. Heat waves lengthen, droughts increase and daylight hours lengthen. There are pros and cons to this. Ice cream definitely belongs to the first group. It comes in all shapes and flavors, and there is nothing more refreshing than ice cream on a hot day. Here are some tips and tricks to make ice cream at home!

Types of Ice Cream

First, let’s look at a few types of ice cream. Scoops of ice cream, synonymous with gelato, are the most well-known type to most people. It is the easiest type of ice cream to make, and its preparation has become a culinary art in several countries. For example, “gelato” is the national specialty of Italy. Gelato also includes other types of ice cream made with dairy products, such as milk ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Another well-known type of ice cream is ice cream with water, sorbet, or fruit juice added. This type of ice cream contains (usually) no cream or milk, and its base is either water or (fruit juice). These ice creams are very easy to make.

Soft serve ice cream is the third most well-known type of ice cream. This type of ice cream is based on ice cream, and its smoother texture is achieved by shortening the freezing time.

Finally, the most recent type of ice cream is also known as “shaved ice” in Japan. This type of ice cream is made of flaky ice topped with syrup and other toppings. It is an airy type of ice cream that melts quickly.

Making Ice Cream

Ice cream can be made at home without needing a commercial machine. The secret to making good ice cream lies mainly in stirring it while it is frozen. Take enough time and stir the ice cream at least once every two hours. It won’t be as good as ice cream made in a real ice cream maker, but the taste will undoubtedly be better. Plus, you can experiment with flavors to your own liking. For example, how about a delicious Oreo ice cream or yogurt and melon ice cream?

Making Sorbet Ice Cream

Sorbet ice cream is easy to make at home and is often healthier than ice cream. It’s made with a base of water or fruit juice and flavored with syrups, sugar, and herbs. Then all you have to do is freeze it and stir it regularly.

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Making Fruit Ice Cream

By this category, we mean something even healthier. After all, you can make ice cream with fruits that contain a lot of water. For example, cut watermelon or apples into triangles, stick them on sticks and freeze them. Delicious, healthy, and refreshing! Another variation of fruit ice cream is to use fresh fruit juice. If you have apple juice or orange juice, you can make one calippo in no time!

Of course, you will need a suitable mold for the calippo, but it’s not hard to find countless shapes to make fun ice cream.

Healthy Ice Cream

To be clear, ice cream doesn’t have to be unhealthy! We’ve already talked about ice cream made with juice, but you can also make gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan ice cream.

Herb and Vegetable Ice Cream

If you want to try something different, try using herbs and vegetables in your ice cream. In fact, just as vegetables and herbs are suitable for many desserts, they can also be used in ice cream. For example, ice cream with lemon and fennel is delicious.

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