Cycling : A Healthy Hobby

Temperatures are rising, the sun is occasionally peeking through the clouds, the nights are getting longer, and we are spending more time outdoors. It’s time to get out the bike!

But why should you make cycling a hobby? Let’s find out together!

1) Cycling Helps Prevent Diseases

Cycling reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Besides, cycling has a positive effect on the blood. The composition of the blood changes and flows faster with cycling and increased heart rate. Blood vessels become more flexible, stronger and less likely to clog.

2) Cycling Helps You Sleep Better

Studies have shown that a little bit of cycling every day helps us sleep better: just 30 minutes of cycling a day can put us to sleep faster and even an hour longer. Being outdoors and getting more sunlight helps people find their natural sleep rhythms. In addition, sunlight reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which contributes to good sleep.

3) Cycling Has a “Brain Effect”

Cycling benefits not only the body but the brain as well. Cycling increases blood flow to the brain, meaning more oxygen reaches the brain. As a result, more proteins are produced to build new brain cells. In addition, cycling allows different brain parts to communicate better with each other, enhancing cognitive abilities. In other words, it improves intuitive skills related to the human mind, intelligence, and cognition.

4) A Good Social Activity

Of course, cycling alone is great, but cycling with friends is also very nice. You can chat, laugh, and listen to each other while cycling. In this regard, cycling with a friend can help! For instance, cycling together quickly creates a bond despite the wind and weather, and social contact is vital for emotional well-being.

5) Cycling Is Relaxing and a Good Stress Management Tool

While cycling, you can think about other things for a while. Long rides relax the mind. It works on the whole body and the senses: it gives your body and breathing a rest, as well as your head. Cycling helps relieve stress, and substances such as endorphins and serotonin are produced during cycling. These substances provide a sense of well-being.

6) Cycling Is Effective in Combating Obesity

Cycling is a great way to lose excess weight; did you know that 10 minutes of cycling can burn about 97 calories? Cycling is an exercise that is not hard on the joints. The movements are fluid and regular. If you already have a little weight, cycling is also a great option. There is no strain on your knees and ankles since most of your weight is on the saddle.

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7) Cycling Promotes Muscle Development

Cycling involves more than just using your legs and feet to turn the pedals. It also uses many other muscles for maneuvering, balancing, supporting the body, and putting in the extra effort. Regular pedaling does a lot of work in building muscles; just 30 minutes or an hour of pedaling a day is already enough to build good condition and strong muscles.

8) Cycling Is Anytime, Anywhere

Cycling is super accessible. The ease of use gets you on your bike even faster. You can even get on your bike when you plan to go out, so you can still exercise without wasting time. Also, you can get to more places by bicycle than by car. Besides, there are many places that many people have yet to discover, and they can do so by bike!

Do you enjoy cycling? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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