Christian Music: The Rise and Rise of Planethakers

Christian Music: The Rise and Rise of Planethakers

We are surrounded by different cultures that are each defined by different traditions, customs, dress codes and lifestyles. But, music is the only universal language that can have the same effect on everyone, irrespective of their cultures, social class backgrounds and age. Even if dopamine is what triggers your happy vibes when you listen to music, nothing compares to this great source of pleasure and contentment.

When you listen to music, you experience all those good things you have been deprived of in real life. Even with your empty pockets, music has the power to make you feel rich. Without being in a relationship, music can help you understand the meaning of love. And, with just a few sheet notes of music, you can travel to the future and back to the past without a time machine. The list of wonders of music is endless…

I’m sure you already have your preference of music and songs that can instantly positively influence your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. But, what if I told you that there is a music that goes way above all these? A music that’s more than emotive, mesmerizing, comforting, calming and motivational. A music that can go deep in your heart and touch your inner soul. A music that can turn your mourning into dancing and your sorrow into joy. That’s Christian music.

Growing up in a Christian home doesn’t explain my love for Christian music. But, that’s an entirely different story and for now, we’ll focus on my current obsession: Planetshakers!

Who Are They?

Who Are They?Have you ever laughed when all you wanted was to cry? Have you ever genuinely prayed for someone you’ve been hating all your life?

Well, that’s the effect the songs of Planetshakers have on me!

Created from an Australian Christian Conference, Planetshakers Church is one of the fastest-growing evangelical Christian Pentecostal churches established in Melbourne, Australia. After a transformational experience with God, Russell and Sam Evans founded this church in 1997. However, more than anything else, it was the passionate praise and worship of the church that stirred the spiritual hunger in many youngsters, led to many close encounters with God and released the outbreak of signs, wonders and miracles over the Australian nation.

Passionate, powerful, vibrant and willing, Planetshakers is now a contemporary worship band born from this megachurch. Driven by a deep desire to see more people saved and to help many believers find their healings, breakthroughs and blessings through Christian music, Planetshakers have created over 30 albums which have been well received in UK, US, Europe, Asia, South Africa and of course, Australia.

I’m sure you want to know what is so special and so unique about their music. Let me talk about that through the songs that I’ve personally felt connected with.

Saved The Day

Saved The DayHopeless is a really horrible feeling.

We might be Christians. We might have been driven out of the darkness and called to God’s light. But, we are not immune to desperate situations where we might lose hope. Be it a huge financial predicament, a divorce or the loss of a family member, there are times when we forget that there is something called faith, perseverance or living hope.

However, this song will help you find back the hope which was once lost. It will wipe away your tears and remind you that it’s not over yet. It’s not the end. The world will fade away, but God’s word remains forever


JoyHonestly, I have never been able to sit and listen to this song. I was always on my feet; jumping, bouncing and shouting to the Lord.

Maybe it’s the gleam in the voice of the singers. The energizing music. Or, the unexpected amount of happiness and comfort in the lyrics. But, I promise the song, and along with it, that fit of happiness will take you by surprise.

I Need You

I Need YouUntil this song, there has never been a time in my life when I felt the urge to say, “Lord, I need you, more than words can say, more than life itself.”

Listen to this song and you will feel Him close. Very close to you, wiping your tears and lifting you up in His arms.






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