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Chess as a Hobby

Chess is an ancient game that goes back 1500 years. That is much further back than urbanity, the Middle Age and its precursor. In a sense, chess is the world’s oldest “surviving” game and it survives for a reason. It is a beautifully designed strategy game with endless approaches to it. World tournaments and careers have been built from it and it is often used to determine a person’s intelligence. Anyone can play and master chess, regardless of age, gender or creed.

Chess has a lot of benefits. We will mention them below; check each one out and decide whether chess is for you.

  1. It is Popular

    Chess clubs still exist and so do people interested in the game. Like we mentioned above, there are no barriers to entry in chess. You can have 14-year-olds play against 70-year-olds, and men and women can compete against one another.

    Another great thing about chess is that the rules are universal, whether you play in Russia, India, Canada or somewhere in Africa. What does this mean? It is an excellent way to develop a community and the focal point is a game that stimulates the mind.

  2. Chess Teaches You Problem-Solving


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    It helps you solve problems while under pressure. How? If you play timed games, you can practice making complex decisions on the fly. You learn how to think critically and direct resources when it gets tricky. This is a skill you can translate to your everyday life. You can apply it to your work, school, planning or dealing with emergencies.

  3. Good Collector’s Hobby

    You can even collect chess sets and pieces. Some people are collectors, which is an excellent substitute for gathering bottle caps and stamps – even though there is no shame in doing those either.

    Collect enough unique pieces and you can make your own unique set. You can use that to play or for decoration. Many chess sets are designed specifically for collection. Their pieces are beautifully carved, using expensive wood like mahogany. In some special editions, you might even be surprised to find that expensive metals are used. However, this is only for hardcore collectors.

  4. Chess Helps to Develop Creativity

    They say an individual’s personality comes out in their chess game. A shy and passive person might play more reservedly while an outgoing and social person might be a bold attacker. The wonderful part of chess is that there is room for everyone’s styles and personalities. In your own personal way, you can show your creativity in the type of moves, plans and tactics that you come up with at the board.

  5. Chess is a Civil Game

    You will not hear kids screaming on your TeamSpeak. The group that plays chess is usually sober-minded and serious people. They are individuals who use chess to sharpen their minds which means you hang out with the right crowd. You will pick up many good habits from other players. You will learn calmness under pressure, respecting opponents and being objective.

  6. It is Fun

    No game survives long if it loses its fun. Also, chess is fun because it is unpredictable. You will never know what goes in a person’s head or how they plan to maneuver. In fact, you never know how a game can pan out, even after you watch multiple moves. This unpredictability leaves room for thought and always keeps players, as well as watchers, hooked.

If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding hobby that will keep you occupied while providing you with a range of great benefits, don’t wait: start looking for chess sets to add to your collection and embrace the hobby today.

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