Cake Decorating Courses: Are They Worth It?

For those interested in the pastry chef profession/hobby, several cake decorating courses are now offered. Courses include introductory, advanced, corporate, and specialized courses in specific areas of expertise.

Here are some of taking a cake decorating course:

1) Develop Your Cake Decorating Skills

If you don’t have a natural ability to decorate cakes, the only two ways to gain expertise in this area are cookbooks and cake decorating courses. While the basics of cake making can be learned from cookbooks, cake decorating is more challenging. Cake decorating requires special skills that the instructor must demonstrate and practice. That’s where courses come in.

2) Learn More Decorating Tips and Techniques

Even if you have learned the basics of cake decorating, you can attend a cake decorating course. With courses, you can learn special tips and new techniques that you have never tried before. It is also possible to venture into specialized areas yet to be explored.

For example, if you are already good at decorating birthday cakes, you can improve on more complex wedding cake decorating by taking a wedding cake decorating course. You can also learn specialized skills such as 3D modeling, fondant cake decorating, airbrush painting, string methods, and gum paste art.

3) Turn a Hobby Into a Profitable Business

There are cake decorating courses that will teach you how to make money through your passion for sweets and cake decorating. In these courses, you can learn how to create a business plan, identify markets and develop particular skills to give you an edge. You’ll also build a network of contacts you can use, thanks to your tutors and colleagues. In addition, class projects can be used as a personal portfolio.

 4) Feedback and Encouragement During the Learning Process

A sincere instructor and encouraging classmates are invaluable when learning cake decorating. You can improve when an instructor gives you advice on how to do things better.

5) Give Vent to Your Creativity

Surrounding yourself with instructors and cake-decorating enthusiasts will boost your creativity. This way, you can come up with more cake-decorating ideas. You can also exchange ideas with your classmates and learn from each other.

6) Get In Touch With People Who Share Your Interests

It can be very frustrating to have an interest in something you can’t share with family or friends. What about when you want to share your successes or when you want to get excited about inventing a new style of decorating? In these situations, having a friend who is into cake decorating can be helpful.

7) Pursue Your Passion From Home

There are many online cake decorating courses available nowadays. Hands-on training is preferred, but you can start with an online course.

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8) Unlimited Possibilities

The amount of money you can earn as a cake decorator is unlimited. The more entrepreneurial you are and energy/time you devote to your career, the more you earn.

9) No Qualifications Needed

Becoming a cake decorator requires little experience and no specific certificates or qualifications. To be successful, you need to work hard, be determined, and have the desire to achieve great things!

10) It Calms the Mind and Body

Cake decorating will help you learn the right rhythm – From measuring out the necessary ingredients to the sound of the mixer, cake decorating is known to bring nourishment and peace of mind. It is also useful when you are feeling down. It is a soothing way to calm the mind and body, especially when you are too stressed or sad at work.


Have you ever been to cake-decorating classes? Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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