Bringing Painting to Your Life: 7 Benefits of Adopting This Art as a Hobby

As Albert Einstein said, “art is the expression of the deepest feelings in the simplest way”. Art can indeed be used to resolve conflicts, communication problems, speech difficulties and many other psychological aspects, such as perception, emotion, memory, thought and language.

The beneficial effects of art in helping those with behavioral or socialization problems, or in interacting with the outside world, are well known. For art in all its expressions (painting, dance, music, writing, theater, etc.) frees the subjectivity of the person and helps him or her to find himself or herself.

Painting, in particular, is a beautiful way to express oneself, to express feelings and thoughts. When there is a need to communicate them, and when one does not know how to do it. It is a type of alternative and natural therapy that can have multiple benefits. But what are those exact benefits? Well that’s what we will look at below.

1.Increases Your Focus

Devoting yourself to painting, or other forms of art, requires concentration. Painting can be a meticulous job that allows you to forget about the outside world and let loose. You spend time without realizing it. And even when it becomes gestural and instinctive, concentration remains a fundamental part of the work.

2.Stimulates the Entire Brain

Both the left and right hemispheres of the brain are stimulated by drawing and painting. The left hemisphere is linked to the logical and rational aspect. While the right hemisphere is linked to creativity and emotions. This synergy allows to free the imagination and to let it fly. So that even the deepest thoughts, which have remained dormant, can be expressed.

3.Relieves Stress

Painters are able to step into their own universe when they are painting, allowing them – however unconsciously – to disconnect from the pressures and stresses of everyday life. No bank loans, no office politics – simply hues and shadows, and questions like ” what can I do to make these gorgeous daisies and terracotta roofs look beautiful”, instead.

4.Motor Skills are Recovered

Just as when we play an instrument, or even with painting, by manipulating a brush or a pencil, we learn to regulate the movements of the hand and develop brain connections related to this skill.

5.Communication Improves

At first, people are shy and reserved. And they find it difficult to communicate with others. However, with painting, shy people are able to overcome the communication wall and unleash their creativity, to the point of expressing their feelings and emotions.

6.Emotions Flow Freely

Emotions are a very important part of creativity. With painting, it is possible to let them flow and experience happiness, sadness, love, pain, empathy and inner peace. The feeling of relaxation obtained through painting helps to achieve a harmonious balance between the mind and the heart.

7.Self-Esteem is Enhanced

When painting is practiced in a non-competitive, relaxing and enjoyable environment, great personal goals can be achieved. And it builds self-esteem. This is important for people with addiction problems who need to increase their independence and learn to love and value themselves.

Now that you know all the benefits that come with this hobby, you can let a wind of painting blow through your life. And like the famous painter Paul Cézanne said, “It is not a question of painting life, it is a question of bringing painting to life.”

Maybe you still don’t want to practice it? No problem! A painting can also be a therapy, the simple fact of seeing it, discussing it, studying it and analyzing it in the production of other artists will bring you well-being and mental health. And also cultural!

So what do you decide? Let us know in the comments below!


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