Binge-worthy: The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries is one of the best decisions of my life (okay, I may be overreacting). I love TVD, if you cannot say already. If you are an adult, you may ask yourself why you want to indulge in a ‘teenage-like TV show. Let me explain to you why and I can guarantee you that you will want to binge-watch the show after reading this article.

Like every show, The Vampire Diaries has its bottom point, where you may feel bored, but you will be so attached to the character that you won’t feel the boredom of some episodes.

The Characters

Damon & Elena - "I Love You " Vampire Diaries Fan Art Wall… | Flickr
The Characters.

If you are like me and you love complicated characters, you have found your salvation. The show revolves around Elena, Stefan and Damon. I will make sure not to spoil you through my analysis, but this is a love triangle thing; long story short.

So you know the drill, a lot of crying, screaming and jealousy. The film is a journey of every these characters and other characters linked to them. Their conflicting nature, the level of toxicity and the ever-changing personalities of the characters will excite you.

Damon is seen as the ‘bad-boy’ since the pilot, as the vampires abstain from killing. Damon is always doing a carnage to demonstrate his level of viciousness.


One of the most compelling elements of this show is romance. If you are a hopeless romantic, I got you. Every character has a partner at one time or another. While our main concern remains the love triangle, there are other romantic partnerships that you will be fond of.

You will be heartbroken when your favourite characters will fall out of love and even form a couple in your head. It will demonstrate your implication into the TV show. I can recall every question I was asking myself when I started watching the show, and you will have tons … between love at sight and fights, you will be served.

The forever-loved Ian Somerhalder alias Damon Salvatore.

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Damon Salvatore.

Yes, Ian Somerhalder is a reason to watch The Vampire Diaries. Let set the point straight, Damon was written as the villain, but the creators had to rethink the character as TVD fans could not help but love him.

The creators even wrote in things that should be unforgivable to be able to bring back Damon as the hated character, but they loved him even more (nice try, though). There is a time where Damon is known as the lovable villain, just to inform you that you will love him.


Family is also a prominent theme in TVD. There are two main families; the Salvatore and the Originals. We can see that these two families are both very dysfunctional. Episode four of the first season is called ‘Family Ties’, where we see the sibling rivalry between the Salvatore brothers. I want to tell you more about how conflictual the relationship can get in these families, but this will only spoil the show.


You should know that you will be surprised during the show. Things won’t turn up how you expect, there is a lot of twists, and I can tell that this will get on your nerves, but this is what keeps the show going and make it even more interesting.

Compare to other shows where you can figure out the end, but analysing the characters, TVD will leave you shaken up (even hating the creators at the time), but I guess that’s how they kept a high audience during eight seasons.

The Vampire Diaries is trending again, and we love it. I advise you to watch what you won’t regret (or you will). Would you please let us know in the comments if you are willing to go through 8 seasons of this TV show?


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