Amazing Fun Games For Office Lunchtime

Do you play fun games during your office lunchtime too? I just love the ambiance at my workplace during my free time! This is because we always organize interesting games to play together! Also, if you play fun games with your colleagues, then you can easily connect socially! And when you are bored, fun games are the perfect solutions to refresh and get yourself going! I use this as a technique for team building at work!


There are numerous benefits to playing fun games at the workplace, and the most important ones are listed below:

  • Enhances collaboration between employees

  • Improves communication among employees

  • Minimizes stress and anxiety

  • Boosts innovation and productivity

  • Increases confidence level

  • Stimulates creativity

  • Becoming better problem-solvers

Which interesting and relaxing games can you play during lunchtime?

Lights, Camera, Action game

Lights, Camera, and Action is a fun game that you can play in your leisure time. This game teaches you about time management and boosts your creative skills simultaneously.

How to play Lights, Camera, Action Game?

Step 1: Gather 10 to 30 participants.
Step 2: Divide the total number of participants into small groups of 4 to 6 people.
Step 3: Write different themes on a small piece of paper.
Step 4: Ask them to select a theme.
Step 5: Once all the teams select their theme, you can allocate the time for them to present their short movie. Give them a minimum of 1 hour to create a film.

Finally, all the office staff can gather in the hall and watch the movie made by each team. The judges will decide the winner based on team creativity, acting, camera work, and editing skill. Ready? Okay then! Lights, camera, action!



It improves your leadership and communication skills and also your concentration power.

How to Play Charades?

Step 1: Select themes like food items, movies, music, or even office themes.
Step 2: Teams write names or phrases related to the theme; at least three team members should know the word or phrase.
Step 3: Each group member picks the slip in turn and mimes the words before their team.
The team who can guess the exact word more than others wins the game.

Cook off game

The cook-off game is a great way to build good relations and enhance your performance. You can organize “cook offs” in different ways, for they can be judged based on time, skill, presentation, and, most importantly, taste. You can also make the challenge more fun by having it between managers and subordinates!

How to Play Cook-Off Game?

Step 1: Assign teams to cook specific food items.
Step 2: When the participants are done cooking, non-participants employees should taste the food and rate their cooking skills.

This game is perfect for you if you are a food lover like me!


Would you rather game

The would you rather game helps you to improve your communication skills and encourages you to freely express your viewpoint. The game requires 3 to 10 people to make it exciting and fun!

How to Play Would You Rather Game?

Step 1: Prepare a list of questions.
Step 2: Teammates ask slightly difficult questions to everyone in turn.

This is so educational and refreshing!

Powerpoint karaoke game

PowerPoint Karaoke will lighten your mood by creating a fun environment! I found remarkable improvements in my presentation skills with this game!

How to Play PowerPoint karaoke Game?

Step 1: Prepare presentation slides that participants have not seen before.
Step 2: Give each participant some presentation slides, and give them three minutes to present the slide.
You will be judged based on your confidence, presentation flow, and the audience’s response. May the best player win!

Trivia Night game

This game tests your general knowledge and concentration power. It also improves team members’ relationships and identifies office issues.

How to Play Trivia Night Game?

Step 1: Select a theme you want for the quiz.
For example, If you choose a building for a theme, you need to ask questions related to popular architectural structures. A quiz is available to anyone interested in or knowledgeable about your chosen theme.
Step 2: Create teams of 2 to 8 people.
Step 3: Create
different types of questions for each round.
To make the game more fun,
select a theme that is understood by most of you.


Scavenger hunt game

This game improves your time management skills, problem-solving skills and also your team spirit!

How to Play Office Scavenger Hunt Game?

You can play the game individually or in groups. If you play the game in a group, you can create a group of three to five people.

Step 1: Hide some specific items in different places.
Step 2: The participants search and gather all the hidden objects.
The team that collects
the most items wins the game. You can even separate the points based on the game’s difficulty level. For example, the items that are easy to find score fewer points, and difficult items to find score more points. Ready for the hunt, teammates?

Playing fun games during my lunch break makes me focused and productive at work! I feel at ease with my colleagues and superiors and collaborate better with them! Furthermore, I feel motivated to go to work every day! Are you ready to take a break from the mundane office hours? I chose the Trivia night game for this Friday! Which one did you like? Please share your comments below!





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