8 Reasons Why Traveling is Good For You

We all feel it, don’t we? We have been inside for so long that we just want to get out again, go places, fly, relax, and have fun. Fortunately, the world is opening up, and many look forward to their next trip.

In recent years, several studies have shown a clear and proven link between travel and vacations and mental well-being and physical health. How do holidays and travel make us happier? Read on to find out!

1) Traveling is Relaxing

On a lounge on the beach, sipping cocktails on a terrace, or in the silence of a secluded mountain. Everyone has their own way of relaxing. And relaxation, the escape from stress, is crucial. Besides, a study shows that vacationers have lower stress levels after just three to four days.

2) Travel Brings Surprises

Many people travel in search of new experiences. Unknown cultures, meeting new people, beautiful landscapes. The brain becomes more agile with new experiences and can divert attention from the twisted thoughts that sometimes dominate our thinking. It is freed from mental ballast. The ability to wonder has been shown in more than 30 publications from 1962 to 2016 to lead to creativity and mental growth. We never cease to be amazed.

3) Traveling Gives Us Confidence

Doing things you wouldn’t normally do, organizing things that need to be organized, meeting new people, making new friends, etc, when traveling, you make your own decisions, you are “in charge”. After you have been alone for a while, you stand up for yourself and realize the effects of your actions. You can deal with the whole world.

4) Travel Creates Space

When stress increases, the part of the brain responsible for memory, consciousness, and attention is more likely to malfunction. If you don’t check your e-mail for a few days, read a book or have a conversation, you are already psychologically refreshed. Before the Corona crisis, ‘burnout’ seemed to be one of the main ailments of many workers. Holidays and travel are practical solutions to this problem.

5) Holidays Allow People to Devote More Time to Others

One can devote more time and attention to others on holidays and when traveling. They spend time together, have fun, and engage in activities together. This interaction with the traveler, whoever the other person is, also strengthens the relationship between you and the traveler. And it continues to work when you return. You can carry that shared memory with you forever.

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6) Travel Enriches

It broadens your horizons and allows you to see, smell, and feel, in other words, to experience things you never have. It enriches us as people. We gain a deeper understanding of the world and a more tremendous respect for people.

7) You Are Recharged After the Holidays

Studies have shown that we really need time to let our bodies and brains recover from the adverse effects of work, such as stress and tension. In fact, there is a clear negative relationship between not taking vacations and health and life expectancy. The study shows that physical distance from the workplace is very important.

Therefore, traveling while on vacation is the best way to recover and return to work recharged after your vacation fully!

8) You Learn To Appreciate the Little Things in Life

One of the things we learn from travel is to appreciate the things we normally take for granted. For instance, when you visit a local village in Botswana or Vietnam, you will quickly realize that you are very fortunate. Sitting on your couch at home, it may be hard to imagine.

All of these things contribute to the well-being of your life. So keep your dreams alive and travel further afield. Do you also love traveling? Let us know in the comments below!





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